Thursday, June 23, 2011

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  • cnstudd
    07-12 07:00 PM
    Can someone please update this thread with your success with G-639 or I-824, requesting a copy of I-140 approval notice?

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  • gcnirvana
    06-18 12:36 PM
    I agree that EAD renewals will take longer than usual because of our sheer volume. And there is no interim EAD. Do you guys think its safer to be on H1B (mine is valid till 2010) rather than EAD/AP?

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  • digital2k
    07-16 07:38 PM
    Everyone knows that and should make more noise than you think can :
    Don't stop until you are heard
    Pick up phone
    Write Letters
    Act Now
    Its high time ... now is the only time ...

    Everyone - Read Please -Its for Everyone

    GreenCardRecaptureCampaign.doc ( (

    Everyone should participate
    Let us act to succeed Today

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  • ivslave
    09-11 04:11 PM
    I am thinking of buying a home without waiting for GC approval. I am EB3 I with PD 2006. No hopes of GC in near future. Just want to see the trend....

    Please vote yes if your GC is pending and you own a house.
    Please vote no if your GC is pending and you are renting.


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  • vdlrao
    01-13 03:24 PM
    vdlrao, I know you are looking at this thread. Any comments?

    By the way, Where is logiclife these days?

    Yes I am looking at the thread. I am expecting a very good forward movement(At least to 2007 Dec) in EB2 India category in the coming months.
    If you see the Visa bulletin Archive for the last three years during April - Jul range theres a sharp jump in Priority dates(more than a year and more) for EB2 category. This happened during vertical fall out (This doesnt include last year because last year its horizontal fall out). So this year I am expecting the cut off dates will move at least two years ahead for EB2 India because of the horizontal fall out. For Eb3 I am not expecting any big change unless theres some immigration reform in the new OBAMA government.

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  • h1techSlave
    01-15 12:14 PM
    I have to respectfully disagree with the point 4 you have mentioned.

    If a thug is attacking you, it is best to just obey what ever he is demanding. Under no circumstances, try to outsmart him. Us trying to outsmart a thug during a robbery will be like the thug trying to outsmart us in computer programming.

    If a thug wants the car, just give him the keys and walk away. Insurance will pay us the price of the car - deductible. The same amount we will get, if we take our chance and destroy the car trying to outsmart the guy. And who knows, may be the 'thug' is a cousin of yours trying a prank on you. And in the dark, you could not really see his face.

    Robbers charging your credit card is no big deal either. There are federal laws protecting us on incorrect credit card charges. Would you want to risk your life for just $50?

    My prayers are with the family members.

    let me quote from the news article:

    It appears that it might have been a robbery. And I feel the hospital did not do much to save his life. Since he was shot in the leg (the bullet might have hit the main artery) its still possible to stop the bleeding. I personally feel he could have been saved, unless we know the full story.

    I feel so sorry for the poor guy and their family. After all the hard work in life, he didn't deserve to die like this.

    Folks, please be extra cautious when you get into in your car.

    1) Always check the rear seat before getting in your car. A crook might be hiding there.

    2) When you get inside a car that is parked in a building ( with insufficient lighting or no people around), immediately lock the door. Thats the first thing you have to do, and then arrange the shopping bag or item that are in your hand.

    3) If some stranger is approaching you, be cautious, no matter how 'friendly' he looks. Think fast and look for exit signs and plan an exit run, should the need arise.

    4) I read long time ago, if in the worst case, say a carjacker who gained access inside your car and hiding in the back seat. And if you have not noticed anything and you just started the vehicle and are about to go, he puts a knife of gun and asks directs you to drive his way, then, JUST SPEED UP STRAIGHT AND HIT THE WALL OR PILAR AS FAST AS YOU CAN. The air bag would protect you after the collision, but the passenger(carjacker) would be thrown out or would have sever body injuries. You would have enough time to escape with minor injuries.

    5) Take precautions and don't loiter in areas that you not familiar with.

    Be safe, folks!!!


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  • thamizhan
    07-20 10:29 PM
    Guys...please spread the word to members (if you know) to kindly vote here if they have files in Nebraska Service center....this will help up to estimate the count (approx).

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  • gk_2000
    06-29 11:01 PM
    This is so obvious even to the most foolish of fools. What are they thinking?

    Perhaps there is something more to it. Nothing ever is so blatantly "obvious". Or maybe it is just my optimistic side


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  • sparklinks
    07-20 02:40 PM
    I just call USCIS , she told me to wait until Aug 2nd week to get receipt# or to see chased checks.

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  • jonty_11
    10-17 11:39 AM
    Gave in and sent PP by Fedex yesterday for Schedule A, grp 2 case.My attorney did not advise me to PP nor did a legally brain I turn to for advice. He said its likely that I would get approved even during retrogression.
    But I decided its better to know sooner than later, preferably before spouse started using EAD, and if a miracle happens (who can prevent miracles?) the 485 could also get approved concurrently with the 140.... And because I have 13 days more before retrogression hits. And because I saw people reportiing really qiuck turn around after PP. My employer was willing to pay half as well...

    Well plus I did not want to be stuck in the general EB2 pool (India) which looks like its a black hole. I have an approved labor from 2004 there.(yet to file 140 for that one) didn't see a reason to be stuck there with a 2006 PD.

    I still wonder if my reasons were sane and if my hasty action mght prevent my spouse from working -- if the 140 gets denied...Well, we'll take it as it may mean goodbye to the US or something..

    BTW as far as I know, retrogression doesn't start till November 1st.

    How did u change from EB2 to SCH A worker? wahts the basis for that?


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  • gc28262
    02-15 10:17 AM

    Now that Desi consultant companies are under scanner, i hope employees working for them get their long overdue justice.

    H1B has become synonym for visa abuse bcoz of these moron's. I hope the system comesout clean.

    FYI majority of Desi companies follow the rules as stipulated by US laws. There definitely are abuses in any law. Do you think all wallstreet firms played by rules in this financial mess.

    If there are abuses that should be enforced. No doubt about it.
    Please stop generalizing from these incidents. There are good majority of IV folks who work for good consulting companies.

    If you don't want IV to be reduced to an organization of couple of hundred members, please stop generalizing. After all that is what anti-immigrants are doing.

    Don't kill IV with your immature perspective.

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  • aadimanav
    07-16 10:55 AM
    That's good.

    I hope that this is not an automated one.. :)

    Thank you for expressing your concerns regarding the Department of State�s visa policies.

    You raise compelling points, and your argument is an illustration of why we should work to ensure our visa polices are sound, reasonable, and equitable. Until we enact comprehensive immigration reform, we are likely to be faced with similarly difficult situations. Should legislation relating to this issue come before the Senate, I will certainly keep your views in mind.

    Thank you again for contacting me.

    Sherrod Brown


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  • skd
    12-31 04:28 PM
    Nature (god) Bless You and Everyone.

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  • syzygy
    07-10 09:13 AM
    Lets not hope for results just act. If Gandhi could drive Britishers out of India using this approach, USCIS is also made of human people and sure they will do something to lessen our pains.

    I seriously hope that the Director of the USCIS understands our "Gandhigiiri".

    We dont want the Americans thinking, "hey lets keep screwing these immigrants and getting stuff like free flowers and free blood from them"


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  • oliTwist
    11-17 04:46 PM
    My god! Check this out!

    What do you think about this? Is this something related to this discussion?

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  • NKR
    01-15 11:41 AM
    Sanju, I agree. One of the news papers went a step further and their headline read "Satyam's employee shot dead in US". Shameless people, they are trying to cash in on this incident by linking with another sensational incident...


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  • cjagtap
    07-22 09:53 AM
    Approved 140
    485 Application Reached On 2 Nd July At 10:23 Am At Tsc
    No Check Cashed Yet
    No Response From Uscis Yet
    My Guess-1 More Wk
    Hope They Cash The Ckeck Before August 1 St Wk,so That We Do Not Have To Send Another Application Just To Be On A Safer Side
    Anyone Is Planning To Send Other Application If Do Not Hear Anything From Uscis?

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  • chanduv23
    10-11 04:23 PM

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  • pdakwala
    02-25 05:43 PM
    Hello everyone,

    Three people from CA team went to Livermore temple today. We have distributed approximately (650 + 250 = 900) today at livermore temple. At around 1.45 p.m. we were told to stop distributing the flyer since it is against the temple policy.

    One of the individual had his whole family working on distributing the flyers. After he left, two people did the same thing and there was not a single person or the car in the Temple who had not IV flyers.

    We have found following things:

    1. Not too many people are aware of IV.
    2. Not too many people care about the Retrogression problem because they do not know what retrogression is and how it would affect them.
    3. No body knows about the comprehensive immigration refrom bill.
    4. No body know how the bills are introduce in the senate and house.

    It is very important to spread the word about the IV and tell them to support us by contributing money.

    People wake up. It's show time.


    08-19 07:24 PM
    Who is your local Senator?

    I am from Minnesota and senators are Norm Coleman and Amy Klobuchar. The reply I got was from Amy Klobuchar.

    08-25 12:25 PM
    As a time gap arrangement see if you can get your license from your home country.

    Worst case if asked by a cop atleast you will have that.

    Yes, I am also in the same boat. Filed my 9th year extension in March, responded RFE during 1st week of August. Mine will be expiring in 3 more days. Hoping to get the extension soon.

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