Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • royus77
    06-22 03:44 PM
    I'm in same boat, upgraded to PP on June 1. your new status of I140 will be "We received request for PP".

    For H1's Ext its the same receipt number . I think for 140 it will be the same .I subscribed to the notification of case status and i received an update oon the case saying the Premium processing requested for the petition

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  • FinalGC
    11-03 11:58 AM
    I believe it should be okay.

    Make sure you get a copy of the advertisement and a copy of the link that it points to which has all the details. Make sure when you print it, it has the website link printed in the footer or header.

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  • ghudhud
    08-25 11:23 AM
    I took my citizenship exam one week before having 5 years pass on green card, I passed the test but the officer told me that I have to wait until I complete 5 years holding the green card, then I should receive a letter informing me with the oath ceremony�s date. It�s been a month and I have not received any letter. I am starting to get worried because I know some people who had that process stretched by couple of years. Does anyone know the duration between the citizenship test and the oath ceremony?

    Note: I live in northern Virginia.

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  • jcrajput
    10-03 11:15 AM
    I need to re-file my I-485 application which was rejected due to USCIS error (they could not find I-140).

    Can anybody tell me what is the logic behind writing "DO NOT OPEN IN THE MAIL ROOM" on envelope while re-submitting I-485 appplication?

    I will need to send to USCIS today. Please let me know ASAP.

    Thanks a lot.


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  • jatinr
    06-19 08:50 PM
    Thanks Panky72, where should I file the EAD

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  • prom2
    07-26 01:48 PM
    Let's start a thread with Jun-Jul-Aug I-485 receipts information.

    Please share your experiences with receipts.

    If you call USCIS asking for receipts, please post the info you got.

    If your checks were cashed, please post it.

    If you have any update, please share it.


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  • waitforgc1
    06-05 04:40 PM
    Thanks!!! For providing this information.

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  • floridasun
    02-13 10:53 AM
    Hi everyone
    started following IV after my friend told me about it. got some useful info and really admire the time members put to answer queries. this is my post and I hope I get some info here. my hubby is looking to relocate to south FL so we both can live and work in same place. he did get couple offers - one from a insurance firm and another from a software company - Citrix. looks like first one will only do EB-3 although the position requires 5+ years exp. does anyone know if Citrix does GC under EB-2 ?

    welcome to IV !
    for what it helps, I have a friend who works for Citrix and he was filed under EB-3. dont know if this is same for everyone over there. I work for a different company which has a policy to file under EB-3 for everyone.


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  • gc28262
    12-30 02:42 PM
    Please see my answers below.

    Hi - I am on 7th Year of my H1. My I-140 has been approved. My I-485 is pending for while plus my PD is not current as of Jan 09. In this case...

    a) Am I eligible to apply for H1 extension (I don't want to use EAD)?

    Yes, you can apply for H1 extension when I-485 is pending

    b) If Yes, will I get 1 Year or 3 Years?

    Once I-140 is approved, you will get an extension for 3 years.

    Thanks for your help...

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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-10 07:50 PM
    Can anybody please let me know what are the documents needed to file for 485. If I do not have any immunization record, how can I show that immunization record?
    Somebody with experience please post. It has been answered earlier elsewhere, but I could not find it through search.
    Thank you

    Your question is answered in this thread: on page 1 by "arnet".



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  • here4gc
    07-24 12:12 PM
    IV..i140 is such a black hole that people are indiscriminately (or discriminated and ) stuck there...there is no order in processing..people who filed in 2008 are getting approvals whereas people who filed in July-2007 have not even had their fingerprints taken..

    I had a petition going a few months back, it was sent in with about 100 signatures, I can send a text of the petition if IV wants to use this and talk to CIS.

    The petition was sent to Ombudsman, Sen Lofgren and USCIS Director..

    Please help..because many many people with current PD will lose their chances, they need to speed things up now - like they did during June last year..why can't they bring the same momentum..??

    It used to take 2-4 months for I140 in 2006/early 2007 - even if they received double the number of cases, its been over 1 year plus...and so many people don't even have LUD..this is a grave concern and if IV can do something about it, it will be appreciated by the MASSES - because this help will go a lonnng way - longer than even the reforms - which - until the new government comes in are meaningless....

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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-13 10:08 AM
    same with me.
    No issues..entered on AP (2nd time use)

    yes..I was sent inside for 2nd checking (which is common for AP)

    infact officer sympathized for AOS it depends.


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  • pappu
    01-10 10:37 AM
    It is a good opportunity for state chapters. Unfortunately not many state chapters are yet formed despite having 8000+ members. We have members from every state but only a handful state members are actively working. Unless we all ourselves take responsibility and actively organize and participate in state chapters it is tough to use the grassroots level strength of this organization. We have more than a thousand members coming everyday to this site and posting ideas, opinions and what IV should do and what IV should not do. We all can achieve everything easily if everyone actively makes their state chapters alive and participate. If you feel that there is nobody in your chapter, then take a lead role and organize it. If you find that few members have signed up, and nothing is happening, then PM all those that are signed up and start working on action items.

    pls use this link to sign up and start taking active role in your state chapter today

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  • logiclife
    04-20 07:07 PM
    Thank you very very much for your contributions.

    Total contributions so far have been around 88K. See the "Action Alerts" menu on the homepage. Its updated every 1-2 days.


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  • claudia255
    10-24 01:42 PM
    Are you kidding me - why are there no stop gap measures/short term fixes asked for all the high skilled folks stuck in retrogression for the very reasons outlined in this letter. This is politics at its best -

    I think that's what they mean with "bringing the supply of employment based green cards in line with the need of US employers".

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  • Navkcl
    10-09 01:21 PM
    I'm in the same boat...765 checks not cashed yet, rest got cashed on 9/20 and got the receipt numbers for 485/AP.
    But still waiting on 765(EAD) cehcks to be cashed and receipt number.


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  • ameryki
    04-27 04:58 PM
    I'm off to London for my H1B stamping. I was working for an Investment Bank that folded and I took up a job with a bank that has not taken TARP funds (not a US bank)

    My I-129 was approved, however, it was approved before the new I-129 that asks whether the company accessed covered funds.

    I just wanted to know whether I need to ask counsel in my firm to update the I-129 or should I just go ahead with the stamping?

    Any other important documents I should take along? I was thinking of

    a) letter from employer stating salary, start-date, position etc
    b) letter from company stating that they did not receive TARP

    anyone else on the same boat?

    not in the same boat but in my opinion if you don't have to travel then lay local for a while given the restrictions being put in place with h-1 visas for financial institutions as a whole.

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  • samcam
    05-24 11:46 AM
    As of now we have 3997 members and 111 guests. We need 3 more guests to register so that we can reach the milestone of 4000 members...

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  • GCwaitforever
    02-02 06:10 PM
    I will ask my friend in DC to join the team, if it is possible.

    11-13 07:37 AM

    We are closing our physical office and going to have a virtual with PO box,. Please let me know how it will impact current and future H1s, Greencard filings and L1s and Business visas.
    Is it very important to have a physcial address in the US,

    Thanks in advance.

    01-14 11:33 AM
    My wife came to USA in 2002 on H4.She changed from H4 to H1 in 2004 Nov.Since then she worked continuously till now (Jan 2009).Now she's planning to take a break and change back to H4.If she wants to work again sometime in future maybe after a couple of years will she come under quota?Does she have to apply for a new H1 or can she work the remaining 2 yrs left on her H1?We missed the bus and could not apply for 485 in July.

    Thanks to any suggestions.

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