Thursday, June 30, 2011

gold rush california 1849

images california gold rush 1849. gold rush california 1849. Before the Gold Rush in 1849,
  • Before the Gold Rush in 1849,

  • samuel5028
    03-06 11:57 PM
    Go to nearby embassy and inform about your situation. Make sure to keep all the documents and all also duplicate copy of your visa. Hopefully everything will be fine.

    wallpaper Before the Gold Rush in 1849, gold rush california 1849. 1849 California gold rush map
  • 1849 California gold rush map

  • shanthik
    11-17 12:34 PM
    I said that as the LCA results will be out in 9 months or less according to the current scenario which gives me time for filing the I-140 before July 2011. Shouldn't I be having a 3 yr extension then? The Talent services Manager at my office said so..

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  • A new gold rush is in full

  • pou-pou
    04-14 08:17 AM
    have to love that first one :love:

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  • $125; quot;Sutters Fort 1849.

  • gparr
    October 17th, 2005, 09:43 PM
    It took me two hours of failed attempts to arrive at this composition (No laughing allowed, Queen). Critiques appreciated, but be gentle. I'm an absolute Photoshop novice.


    gold rush california 1849. The Gold Rush of 1849 led
  • The Gold Rush of 1849 led

  • sgupta33
    01-18 03:33 PM
    Is there anyway we could include EB immigration relief in the Economic Stumilus Package by bringing up creative pointers such as more greencards, more = small businesses, more greencards = more home buyers etcetera ? I see a faint chance here. With the urgency to kick start the economy, if we can get something on the bill, it will pass and will become a law fast.

    Am I out of my mind or is this feasible.

    I don't think that this is an option based on what I know of the the package. If you want to help your situation, PLEASE participate in IV's letter campaign if you haven't already done so. It will take 10 minutes of your time (as IV has provided various templates you can use, you don't have to write anything, just insert your information where appropriate) and $0.82 in cost (for stamps). This is one way we can all help ourselves.


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  • California Gold Rush Transport

  • singhv_1980
    01-29 05:47 PM
    I should have elaborated this more. I read that ppl applying for H1B stamping were asked about this. They were actually issued 221 G and were asked to furnish extra documents and this was one of them.

    I have no clue what is this and if this applies to everyone. I even found that ppl were asked to furnish notarized list of employees along with tax returns of the company. I hope this is not valid for every case.


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  • California Novelty Money 1849

  • Anders �stberg
    December 25th, 2003, 04:12 AM
    I like both, initially perhaps the color version a bit more. If you can touch up the slight red-eye problem. The faded border works better with the b&w though, so all in all I'd finally go with the b&w. Cute girls!


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  • webm
    06-10 11:22 AM
    This is really a good news!! :)

    BTW,what about AP??

    Mine was approved recently..UH just missed the boat this yr :(

    I'm also pleased to announce that we will be extending the validity period of the employment authorization documents that we issue to individuals who are waiting adjustment of status to lawful permit residenture or in colloquial phrase, the green card.

    Currently, adjustment applications are granted employment authorization documents with only a one year maximum validity. Beginning later this month, we'll start issuing these documents with a two-year validity period for aliens who are waiting adjustment of status if their application is expected to be pending for more than a year.

    This, again, is eliminating a persistent source of frustration for workers who are here, who have a pending adjustment application but have to go and renew their employment documents every single year. It's going to cut the paperwork there.


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  • from the Gold Rush to the

  • rkumar18
    06-26 02:19 AM
    I'm in kind of a tricky situation.
    I currently work for a consulting company who is sponsoring my GC.Our client has offered me a full time position and I was planning to use AC21 to switch over but better sense prevailed over me to continue with my current employer to avoid any issues in GC processing.Now my client is not willing to extend my contract.Given the current job market, I think it might take atleast a month or two for my employer to find me another project.
    Just in case my I485 gets approved, can anyone please let me know if it is ok to be without pay (employer will not pay between projects) after the GC gets approved?Please advise.


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  • California gold rush

  • anandrajesh
    05-30 04:10 PM
    I am trying to figure out if it is possible to sponsor (legal sponsorship support letter) my cousin back in India who is trying for higher studies in Canada (the letter to be shown to the Canada consulate). I am an Indian on H1B in US with Perm just filed.

    I heard that being a resident alien myself (as opposed to permanent resident) I cannot sponsor him? Is that true?

    If I can in fact sponsor him -- will that have any affect/complication whatsoever on my (i) Perm (ii) Tax application etc etc?

    He is an 18 yr old Indian.

    Thanks a lot for any advice!

    I am currently on a H1 & I sponsored my Brother's education in US last year and i think it is possible. It doesnt matter whether you are a Resident Alien or a Permanent Resident. All they want to see is whether there is an ability to pay the tution fees and support his living expenses. There shouldnt be any problem. Let me know if you need more info.


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  • A. Gold Rush, 1849-1855

  • reddymjm
    05-15 06:34 AM
    If your I-140 gets approved when you are already in the sixth year, can you still seek the 3 year extension?
    Yes U can.

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  • 1849 california gold rush. the

  • anjans
    07-09 02:44 PM
    Of course you can start PERM in your 6th year. Make sure you do it soon and file for I-140 promptly so that once that is approved you can get 3 yr H1 approval


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  • 1848-1849 California#39;s Gold

  • DSLStart
    01-02 01:33 PM
    It should be applied at the service center where your 485 is pending currently. Attach copy of 485 transfer notice with other required documents.

    Can Gurus please help me with this:

    Where do I mail out the packets for EAD and AP renewal (paper extensions)? Can you please tell me whether the packet should be mailed to a service center where previous EAD and AP were approved or whether it depends on the state I live in?
    Please note, my original EAD, AP and I-485 were sent to NSC which were transferred to TSC internally (by USCIS) and now my I-485 is pending in TSC.

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • 1849 AD California - The Gold

  • askreddy
    01-25 10:54 AM
    Hi Gurus,

    Any suggestions..



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  • the California Gold Rush

  • sury
    02-07 06:27 PM
    I am planning to own a franchise on EAD along with my friend who is on H-1b. Please let me know if I can do it or not.

    We are planning to register a LLC and run the franchise on the company. Let me know if I have to take any precautions before buying the franchise..

    Also let me know if my friend can be my partner on H1.b..

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  • The California Gold rush and

  • a_yaja
    11-08 02:37 PM
    Hi there.
    I plan to go on vacation in Dec to Peru.
    I also need to get my h1 stamped.
    Has anyone stamped from Peru or some South American country?

    Can you let me know if any issues.
    The embassy has a number that gives access to a service where I can schedule an appointment .. but does not allow me to speak to anyone.

    My understanding is that you can apply for H1B stamping only in Canada, Mexico, your country of residence or your home country. If your home country is not Peru or your country of residence is not Peru, you cannot apply for H1B stamping in Peru. I tried to do something similar and wanted to get my H1B stamped in Germany - but my lawyer told me that I could not do that.


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  • All for California. Gold is

  • Morty
    07-09 07:46 PM
    Thanks Sixburgh...

    VFS site mentions that whole of Andhra falls under HYD jurisdiction. Probably it means that applicant if he/she going for visa first time, may not take appointment at other consulates.

    Also, SF Indian consulate clearly mentions that they do not provide any services to short term visitors that includes visitors....

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  • pappu
    05-22 03:33 PM
    This is not related to IV agenda and legislative updates section.

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  • to California in 1849.

  • sgorla
    02-23 01:49 PM
    Yes, unfortunately that is true. You can not use the experience that you gained with the current sponsoring emplloyer for your permanent residency application.

    Hi, guys,

    I'm having a little trouble with counting the years of experience for my EB2 petition. My attorney said I can only count the number of years I worked before joining the current sponsoring company!! The situation is, I jointed this company in Jan 2004. But my petition (Labor) appliction only started at the end of 2006. My attorney says that the three years of working experience (04, 05 & 06) can not be counted!

    Is he correct on this?


    11-15 01:14 PM
    Too many times such stuff has been said and always proved to be hot gas from from some politicians mouth.
    All this while EB suffers.
    An illegal is still going to do a $8/hr job, whether you give him a green card or not. He is still not going to pay taxes because he will get paid in cash. All that will change is that the illegal will be able to send sponsorship for his 50,000 cousins and uncles.
    EB will continue to always.

    illegals often pay tax actually. They work with fake (made up) ssn numbers and the tax
    is sent to IRS under that SSN. Lately in bush 2nd term and now Obama they are sending no match letters because the sin umber and the date of birth and name that is reported to IRS does not match with what they have in their system.

    However CIR is an impossible task in 2010. Other that some political show by Hispanic Caucus, it has no purpose.

    07-08 10:51 PM
    My wife got her H1B in Oct 2008. But could not work until date.
    We want to get her H1B transferred back to H4. There are NO pay stubs for her.

    I am on H1B with job. And I have my pay stubs.

    Will there be any problem in her H1B to H4 transfer without her pay stubs ?

    Thank you.

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