Thursday, June 30, 2011

golden temple vellore

images Sripuram Golden Temple golden temple vellore. The pathway to the temple is
  • The pathway to the temple is

  • cooldudesfo
    12-25 05:11 PM
    Thanks Anil.

    wallpaper The pathway to the temple is golden temple vellore. This Hill temple has 400 steps
  • This Hill temple has 400 steps

  • bhatt
    04-02 02:21 PM
    I did it online on 3/21/09 and got approved for me and my wife on 3/31/09. 10 days total turn around! I was amazed to see USCIS's efficiency on cases filed online. I heard the opposite that if you file online it was taking long time. Mine was at NSC

    For TSC paper filing is faster than eletronic filing;).

    golden temple vellore. Sripuram Golden Temple
  • Sripuram Golden Temple

  • Blog Feeds
    11-30 03:21 AM
    People applying for tourist visas for the United States in Qatar have greater chance of accessing them than in any other GCC country. Figures released by the US Administration suggest that only 3.2 percent requests for US tourist visas made to the US embassy in Doha were turned down in the FY 2010.

    A US government website citing tourist visa (B-Visas) refusal details country-wise said the data were preliminary through September 30, 2010. As for Qatar, the data show this was the lowest percentage of tourist visa refusal in the entire GCC region. The next Gulf state with a lower percentage of rejection was Kuwait (3.6 percent). Bahrain ranked third with a 4.1 percent rejection rate while the percentage for the largest GCC state Saudi Arabia was six.

    As for Oman and the UAE, the percentages were higher-8.7 and 9.7, respectively. The GCC states ranked much above their peers in the Arab world like Egypt, Yemen, Sudan and even Iraq. The rate of B-visa rejection in these countries was more than 30 percent.

    Somalia topped the list with a rejection rate of almost 70 percent followed by Djibouti (60.2 percent), Yemen (54.3 percent), Mauritania (49.7 percent) and Iraq (42.2 percent). It is interesting to note that the next Arab country after the GCC states with lower refusal percentage was Libya (14.3 percent). Morocco with a refusal rate of 15.5 percent and Tunisia with 15.6 percent rejection ranked next.

    Among non-Arab Asian countries, China with a 13.3 percent rejection rate and India with double that percentage fared better than Pakistan (41.6 percent) and the Philippines (38 percent). Sri Lanka (28.6 percent) and Bangladesh (36.4 percent) were much better off as compared to Pakistan and the Philippines. US embassy officials were not immediately available for comment but it is understood that after Qatar Airways introduced flights to major US cities beginning June 2007, tourist visa requests from Qatari nationals as well as expatriates here have multiplied.

    More... (

    2011 This Hill temple has 400 steps golden temple vellore. Narayanee Amma Golden Temple,
  • Narayanee Amma Golden Temple,

  • gctoolong
    12-06 08:12 AM
    I am starting a new thread for guys from india with pd 2006 eb3...please do share your updates and thoughts......

    pd feb 2006 eb3 india
    i-140 nov 2006
    i-140 approval june 2007
    i-485 filed august 13th 2007
    rd october 9 2007
    ead approval oct 15th
    ap approval oct 17th
    finger printing code3 nov 21st
    name check,security clearance and background checks completed october


    golden temple vellore. vellore golden temple images.
  • vellore golden temple images.

  • gcdreamer05
    01-27 10:12 AM
    Question to you guys, how did you get your passport back ? when ur case is under processing or 221g?

    golden temple vellore. golden temple vellore
  • golden temple vellore

  • Ruta
    08-18 03:08 PM
    Hopefully Nebraska July 2nd filers can start expecting the recipts in next 14 days !!!

    And NSC -> TSC transfer dates, god knows how long the wait is


    golden temple vellore. golden temple vellore images
  • golden temple vellore images

  • buehler
    12-10 07:20 AM
    If you have been in the US for more than 1 year, you are a resident of the US and not any particular state in India. You are free to go to any Consulate in India. Even though I was previously a resident of AP, I have been able to get successful stamping in New Delhi.

    2010 Sripuram Golden Temple golden temple vellore. Sripuram Golden Temple
  • Sripuram Golden Temple

  • Carol
    03-09 01:00 PM
    I need to file for my tax refund now, but my employer is not sending me my W-2.

    I used to work in US for 3 months under a program called Work and Travel. My employer is supposed to send me my W-2 now, but they haven't. When i checked with them, they told me as they never received my social security, a W-2 was never issued under my name. But the fact is that, they sent me an email last August telling me that they sent out my social security card on 23/07/2008. However the problem is that as they did not note down the correct address, the mail was lost (Anyway i am going to the US Embassy in my country to retrieve it). So i think they were cheating.
    When i told my manager about this email, she explained saying that it was not about the social security. She said the W-2 was sent to them after i had left US, so while they never had it when my checks were issued. So it was never sent to their corporate as i am no longer working for them. And i think they are cheating me again.
    I do not really understand how this works. Is her explanation reasonable?

    What shall i do for my tax refund now?


    golden temple vellore. Sripuram Golden Temple Vellore
  • Sripuram Golden Temple Vellore

  • raysaikat
    07-08 10:39 PM
    but we sent out the application package on June 28 (Friday) and the USCIS received our package on July 1st (Based on the Fedex tracking record). There is no way that my employer can refer to the new prevailing wage databse, which is released on July 1st.

    Well, technically your employer is not supposed to set the wage based on the prevailing wage (or any other immigration related number). Your wage should be based on the job you perform.

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  • desi3933
    05-14 10:12 AM
    My PD is 2006 under EB-2 category. My family and I filed for GC on the same day. Now, I am planning to file a new I-140 under EB1. My kid is going to be 18 soon. What is the age limit for dependent to file for GC with the parents?
    Your reply is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    As per INA Sec 101(b), the definition of child is dependent who is unmarried and under 21 years old. The Child Status Protection Act (2002) provides some additional relief. This article could be useful for you -,0119-eiss.shtm


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  • hair Posted in golden temple

  • amitjoey
    04-05 04:11 PM
    I did not notice this thread, I am from Sacramento, CA

    hot vellore golden temple images. golden temple vellore. lakshmi golden temple vellore.
  • lakshmi golden temple vellore.

  • nk2006
    11-12 10:14 AM
    Hi California members,

    There is an IV action item to fight recent practice of USCIS in denying I485 applications in some AC21 cases. For more info, please visit:

    It’s a serious issue which can affect many of us, please act now and send letters (letter formats and everything else is ready in the thread quoted above). It will only take a few minutes of your time.

    State chapter leader,
    Please try to bring attention of your state members to this IV core approved effort.

    Thank you.


    house My Visit to Golden Temple golden temple vellore. Sripuram Golden Temple
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  • gcfriend65
    10-11 04:09 PM
    How much time does it take on an average to generate a FP notice from the receipt notice date and when does the actual FP take place?

    tattoo golden temple vellore golden temple vellore. golden temple vellore
  • golden temple vellore

  • nk2006
    12-11 03:31 PM
    4) Once you get 3 year H1B extension i.e. after Jan08, there are legal ways to tranfer H1B to a new company for the remaining duration but this MUST be discussed throughly with an imigration lawyer as it can be risky and very case dependent.

    Remember an employer might try to revoke the I140 in an effort to regain the underlying LC for some other employee, although a retro'ed EB3 might not be too juicy a carot for anyone nowadays.

    This may not be that difficult as you sounded. My understanding (ofcourse I am not a lawyer got to this conclusion based on my reading various posts and lawyer responses to my own and other queries) is that once you get three year extension based on approved I140, you are good to transfer. What happens if the previous employer withdraws your approved I140 - thats a grey area but most people suggest that it does not affect "H1B" status; it might affect I485 (if its applied with I140 concurrently). To be in safe side after moving to the new company immediately apply PERM/I-140.

    Also I think you can do the transfer before getting the extension, basically if you get an offer from a new employer you can apply for transfer+extension at the same time if you time it right.

    Let me know if my understanding is not right above.


    pictures golden temple vellore images golden temple vellore. Narayanee Amma Golden Temple,
  • Narayanee Amma Golden Temple,

  • jtp_redson
    02-18 11:07 PM

    I am an International Student from India currently on F1 and in the year of 2008. I was offered an internship through my thesis advisor's reference which I accepted. I worked from 15th September 2008 to 31st December 2008. Naturally as I was on F1 I did not know all about the tax, immigration and other laws. So I got an authorization from school for that internship and received a new I-20 (CPT) with that employer's info on 3rd page of it. I worked full time and I always had an impression I was an employee(trust me I did not know any difference between W2 and 1099 that time). I was working in the company and not anywhere else.

    The problem arose when in 2009 I got a 1099 MISC instead of a W2. As I did not know about it, I did not complain and I filed my taxes correctly and got my refund. If I knew, they were going to give me 1099 MISC then I would not have accepted the offer. Starting 2009 I was on payroll (W2) and this year(2010) I got W2 for 2009.

    So my question to you guys is
    1. Was I out of status during the time of 1099 MISC? (I did not intentionally engage in 1099 MISC as I was unaware of it)
    2. As the internship was authorized by DSO (in turn Department of Homeland Security) as I received a new I-20 mentioning the employer's info. Did I do anything illegal?
    3. If in future, I apply for a H1B/Greencard through an employer(same or different). Would this incident hurt me and may cause denial of I-485?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    dresses lakshmi golden temple vellore. golden temple vellore. Golden Temple Near Vellore
  • Golden Temple Near Vellore

  • GCisLottery
    10-04 12:19 PM
    A key figure ( in the latest political drama was a key figure in immigration debate ( I wish he makes way and hopefully some moderate does something for the immigrant community.


    makeup Sripuram Golden Temple Vellore golden temple vellore. My Visit to Golden Temple
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  • Ram_C
    11-02 05:49 PM
    Here's a sticky question - and appreciate "expert" advise on the matter:

    My situation:
    1. I currently work on a H1B for Company A
    2. My future greencard has been filed by Company B - recd. EAD, applied 485

    My question:
    1. Can I work on my EAD either for company A or any other company?

    Yes, you can work for any company, but with similar job description mentioned in your LC

    2. What happens if I dont join Company B ever?
    well this is a broad subject, I'll try to put it this way.
    when you applied for AOS which I suppose is employment based, your intent is to work with the sponsoring employer on a "permanent position" (at least 6 months after the GC approval) and your sponsoring employers intent is to employee you on permanent position (again atleast 6 months after GC approval), so by never joining your sponsoring employer you are violating/contradicting the primary intent of Employment based AOS application which can lead to revoking of your GC in future or it might cause problems during your naturalization

    girlfriend golden temple vellore golden temple vellore. Vellore Golden Temple: My
  • Vellore Golden Temple: My

  • Abacus101
    05-12 01:30 PM
    Thanks for the input. Do you have any publications or IRS findings that you could direct me to that could be used to substantiate the argument that the benefit is non- taxable? I have not been able to find anything that says that the green card is non-taxable.

    hairstyles hair Posted in golden temple golden temple vellore. fort vellore.jpg
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  • nileshilpa
    08-18 06:19 AM
    Hi there,

    I got my FP done yesterday in Newark,NJ ASC. But online status only shows LUD on I-485 case.. I've applied EAD and AP too, but don't see LUD on them.

    Also, in ASC they give you form to fillout, I only put my I-485 receipt number on it, should I have put all three receipt numbers?.

    Any thoughts,


    12-03 06:03 PM
    Hi, your experience with visa rules will help me make a better decision. Here's my situation,

    H1b visa on passport expired on Apr/2009. Have approval until Apr/2010. Applied for 3 year extn in Nov/2009 under PP.

    An RFE is raised against the H1b extn (which was applied in Nov/2009). I have vacation planned starting 14Dec/2009; with just 3-4 months left on approved H1b papers, is it advisable to travel to India and do the stamping in HYD? Or am I risking my return to US?

    Please advice, and thank you. - Ahjeet.

    11-17 10:31 PM
    Great Job. I left NC just a year ago. Wish I was there with you to be a part of this. But anyway I am active in my new state IV chapter.

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