Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • natrajs
    10-01 04:29 PM
    Wow Naushit,
    Enjoy luck yet for my wife...But she got a call from USCIS office of Wash DC that it is the biometrics that is holding her approval...they are issuing a biometrics appointment....I told so far she had been issued Biometrics appointment thrice and we have not received anything.

    Also if I got approved without biom availability how come she is not....she is giving crap that our job is approving the primary applicant....I told her that none of my friends have got approval just for the principal they all got approved together.

    I told her Biom does not hold approval ...she was adamant we can't approve her w/o that.


    SOP, The moment you receive the Biom Notice, do not wait unitl the interview date, try to walk in to the service center the next day to do the Biom

    Good Luck and Best Wishes

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  • abhaykul
    01-08 10:29 AM
    Is this letter in Action Alerts ?

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  • Openarms
    03-10 04:10 PM
    This is a great idea and please continue this effort and will do for any contributions. Let us know the action item.

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  • brshankar
    08-07 02:11 PM
    What is you PD?

    I asked this earlier, may be you missed it, so, let me ask you again...
    What is your PD.



    Sunnysurya is busy trying to get people for the lawsuit. He will not reply to you.

    According to IV Tracker, his EB2 PD is Nov 2005. He has filed in Nebraska.



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  • tdasara
    06-19 09:37 AM
    Where should the EAD and AP be filed?

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  • veni001
    04-05 04:58 PM
    If I am not wrong, buffering wud be to take in new 485 applications, process them and keep them ready.

    In that context, most of the applications till 07/07 have been preadjudicated, new buffer wud require dates to be pushed to 07/07 or later.

    I would think they move to 07/07 first to see any missing demand to appear in the next month or two and then move significantly, if needed, in the final quarter!


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  • gtg506p
    01-09 08:55 AM
    I just contacted my senator's local office .working on the letters now .Thanks IV for coming up with this wonderful initiative..I hope our community gathers around and works together to make this a success , please put bickering and cynicism to rest for sometime and work pro actively on this new IV action item..

    Thanks IV. I think this is much easier for hundreds of people to participate as its easy, doesent take up too much time etc. and brings about our points across as compared to DC rally (please dont get me wrong here it was great but difficult for lot of people to attend because of various reasons). So I think we should spread out word about this as much as possible. Again, please dont get me wrong. Thank you.

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  • gc__aspirant
    05-07 11:57 AM
    It was filed in Premium processing and processed by TSC.


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  • prashantc
    01-25 02:37 AM
    Well even if you use AP, you need a passport, dont you? And the passport must be with the Consulate pending stamping. So one way to get the passport back is to withdraw the visa application.

    A question though: is'nt it abandoning your H1B1 visa tenure if you enter on AP even with a valid H1B remaining?

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  • indio0617
    05-15 09:55 PM

    Can anyone share their expert views on this scenario.

    Say, I have approved I-140 (current PD) from employer A (never worked with). Work with employer B in a different. Now if employer A applies for I-485 and after it is pending for 6 months, Can I invoke AC21 to continue the GC process while still with employer B ?

    Also is it possible to have 2 separate I-485 filed from different employers.

    I have heard the above is possible. But, I am curious as to how AC21 is interpreted. Isn't AC21 essentially an instrument to change jobs without hampering the GC process. In this case since one is not 'really switching jobs' how will this be treated or possible ?

    Thank You.


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  • CADude
    09-20 03:04 PM
    485 is your application and you have all right to ask question? hope this helps.

    I did sign G-38 (whatever that number is) for attorney. Can I still send email from my end to USCIS, congressmen and all the team requesting explanation on my application?

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  • ruby
    06-20 07:51 PM
    I'm filling I-131 form and there is a question for which i need help. It asks for "Class of Admission" (Question 3). What it is? Is it H1B?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • pani_6
    08-25 10:36 AM
    So after all this Is it flower, calls or Letter or all??..15 days counting for the next bullettin..:confused:

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  • nashim
    08-23 02:52 PM
    It�s a very good idea.


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  • SunnySurya
    11-03 03:03 PM

    This is a non issue now for all practical purpose because of recent Job Zone change for Computer Information Manager.
    The porting to begin with was unethical in our mind and we took a stand. We were challanged by several people on this forum but they did not realize the extent of our convictions.
    Unlike others with their lawsuits Ideas, in this case we did follow up on this issue by contacting DOL in early September with our greivance along with a famous lawyer on our side. Enclosed is our letter to Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao and other senior officials. We would like to think that our effort has contributed to the recent change in the Job Zones for Computer Information Manager, as that was specifically mentioned in our letter.. This was not exactly our intention as we just wanted DOL to put some more control around the labor certification process especially for the ones who already have a labor approved. Hence our apologies for the unintended consequences of this effort on the future applicants.
    Thanks to these members who actively/morally supported us.
    GCtest, abhijitrajan, Abhinaym, computer_gig, django.stone, jindhal, jonty_11, kalinga_sena, Karthikthiru, kevinkris, Leo07, newbie2020, nilendu, pmb76, prioritydate, rahulp, Still Waiting, vkannan and several others

    We have further indication that any research position may be upgraded to Zone 5.
    US educated may be viewed favorably espeicially in non IT engineering positions

    There is a difference between laws and regulations. Laws are what in INA (Immigration and Naturalization Act) and Regulations are what in CFR.
    It takes congress and senate to change laws where as it takes discretion to change regulations. And the good news is that discretion can be challenged.
    There is another thread on the issue and some of us think that we do have a case. Initial response from a certain lawyer has been positive.
    The affected parties (i.e. us) need to show damage in certain way and I do have some points that can be used. Our primary point is that the spirit of law has not been upheld.

    Following are the steps in making this a reality:
    a) Gather around 50 people
    b) Develop and finalize draft of the case. Rolling_Flood has a initial draft.
    c) Hold initial consultation with a lawyer.
    d) Decide as a team if we want to continue.
    e) File a class action suit
    Not sure what is the total cost but given the years of wait and uncertainty $500 per person should be reasonable. I will also create a yahoo group to start these discussions.

    If you already have applied in EB2 you won't be affected.
    If you have a Masters you won't be affected.

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  • l1fraud
    06-10 12:09 AM
    I am also from India but the point I am discussing here is clearly a violation of law by Outsourcing vendors including IBM (not just Indian companies), TCS, Wipro etc. I work for a medium size consulting firm based in US and on H1 visa ...and I am impacted by these violations and I think I have the right to oppose this act.... to prove my identity shud I tell you my stories in Chennai consulate... or shud I tell u abt my days in b'lore or shud I tell you all abt my 24 years in India.. you can decide :-).

    BUT regarding the L1 violation we have decided and this time the vendor is exposed to the authorities and justice is done. We have the support of good client managers who understands visa regulations.


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  • Robert Kumar
    03-31 07:04 AM
    If its an April fool Joke we should know on Apr 1st
    Otherwise we will know in 2nd week.

    Dont think so.

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  • Lasantha
    01-30 04:16 PM

    Are these delays happening in all the embassies or is it just Madras? Anybody who had their H1 visa re-stamped at other consulates in other countries can you please share your experience?

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  • mrsr
    06-27 04:44 PM
    confirmed with two lawyers ( both says same can put tin number ) rest up to you

    are you sure?

    ITINs purpose is to ONLY put it when filing taxes. And all forms clearly ask for SSN# SO I dont think your lawyer is advising correctly.

    ITIN cannot be used for anything other than filing taxes.

    08-22 06:24 PM
    We have sent 2 magicjack's to India, one at my parents and one at in-laws....they need to have a computer and high speed internet access there. For the first yr it is costing us $40 per yr each and starting 2nd year it will cost us $20 per yr each. They call us all the time now and calls are crystal clear and you can't beat $40/year price.

    11-20 02:42 PM

    Yes, it is that simple. If you just walk away from your home, bank can only touch your home and credit history. They can not go after your automobile\gold\savings\other property....anything. You are not missing anything. That is why we are seeing so many people around us just walking away from their homes. Thank God I rent but if my property's value go down 200 k in 2 years, heck I would walk away with a smile on my face. No strings attached.

    Walking away would have been difficuly had you put 20% down, i.e. involving your hard earned money in the deal. In that case you would have waited to see the market and hoped that it would revive. If put 0% down and bank has given you 100% loan, then it is the bank who has taken all the risk. You have practially no risk in that deal. Just like cloth....return it to the bank. don't have to even clean it you do in the case of apartment move. ;-)

    0% down, ARM, interest only.....when all these goodies were floating around, it was hard to resist.

    Correct me if I am wrong. If a person has a good paying job and if he decides to foreclose, isn't he responsible for the loss incurred by the bank. It is a different case if you have no income, but just because you lost money because of a wrong decision, how could you walk away free with just a dent in your credit history. Maybe I am missing something here.

    BTW, I am not judging OP in any way, just curious with how foreclosures work as they make headlines everyday now.

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