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  • sunofeast_gc
    11-17 12:48 PM
    BTW, the easiest way to get back to H4 status is by reentering the country using H4 visa. For which, you will have to maintain H1 status, if you want her to have H4 status in the future.

    I think she/he can change status from EAD to H4 without reentering the country...There is something like change of status ....I am not sure about it...Experts can comments further...

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  • wandmaker
    04-26 03:58 PM
    My friend's on her 6th year H1B and it will expire on Sept 10, 2010. A PERM labor was filed and the Labor went into an audit, responses were sent immediately.

    If she transfer her H1B to new company.
    1. Can she ask for 1 year extension based on her pending labor ? Does she need to wait till the labor gets approved ?
    2. Can she use Premium Processing for H1 transfer?

    #1 - Yes, as long as the PERM is pending and at least 365 days old at the time of filing H1B extension
    #2 - Yes, Premium processing available at the additional cost of $1000

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  • nat23
    12-15 08:49 AM
    In very simple terms : Progressive experience means your job responsibilities increase with time.

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  • neeshpal
    07-12 03:07 PM
    Is it true that labor approval has a six months expiration date on it after which it'll expire. My lawyer has communicated this to me.



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  • eb3retro
    03-01 01:44 PM
    I applied for H1b visa transferred in Nov 08 inspite of not having recent pay stubs. After applying transfer, I started working for new employer.
    Last week I got query from USCIS asking my latest pay stubs (Oct 08) and yesterday I got Laid off from my new job after working for 4 months (till Feb 09).

    My husband is on L1B visa.
    In my case
    1. Shall I consider transferring to L2? for this do I need to go to my home country (India) for L2 stamp?
    2. If COS to L2 is approved, Can I work on my old H1B again if I find an employer who is ready for transfer?
    3. If I travel to my home country(India), will my H1B visa be cancelled? as currently i don't have any H1B approval.
    4. Whether the Request For Evidence(REF) on my H1B transfer will have any implication on L2 stamping?

    Please help ..
    Regards ...

    how abt updating your profile first.

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  • bigboy007
    11-06 12:21 PM
    I have efiled my 765/131 i have some questions :

    1. some ppl have mentioned NOT to send Photos is this true ? Doesnt AP or EAD require pics ?


    nate dogg funeral pics. Nate Dogg#39;s Funeral
  • Nate Dogg#39;s Funeral

  • coronapup
    07-24 09:02 PM
    To be on the safe side, she still wants to file the application if it doesn't affect the 485.
    Anyone file COS to H4 lately? Which center I need to send my package? :) THANKS A LOT

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  • lonedesi
    07-27 01:59 PM
    Thank you WeShallOvercome for the link. I happened to overlook the FAQs which USCIS released few days back.


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  • Nate Dogg#39;s funeral will be

  • billvor
    10-13 10:00 AM
    Question closed.
    Yesterday my wife got six email with acceptance confirmation and case numbers (though I am principal applicant and we did file six forms with three G-1145 each with different email)

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  • realist
    12-07 10:35 AM
    The DREAM Act could come up for a cloture vote as early as this week, but faces tough opposition from Republicans -- including a few who, like McCain, previously supported the bill.

    Some will likely vote against the DREAM Act citing timing. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) plans to bring up the bill for a cloture vote as early as Wednesday, but all 42 Republican senators have said they would filibuster any bills not related to tax cuts.

    As the Senate struggles to come to agreement on the tax cuts and other issues, the DREAM Act could lose its few Republican supporters. Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act, would vote against the bill if it came up this week, spokesman Mark Helmke said.

    "You have to handle the spending bills, tax legislation and START first," Helmke said. "If we get those three things, he's willing to stay in and take up the DREAM Act."
    Others Republican senators oppose the bill on its substance, even those who supported previous iterations of the bill. McCain now supports increased border enforcement and argues the border should be secured before the Senate can take up immigration issues such as the DREAM Act. Buchanan, his spokeswoman, attributed McCain's change in position to the increase in drug cartel violence in Mexico near the United States border.

    Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) was an original sponsor of the bill in 2001. Earlier in the year, he seemed supportive of the DREAM Act when he was asked about the bill at a town hall meeting.


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  • viswanadh73
    12-10 10:32 AM
    congratulations on approval of I-140. which center did you applyed for and what is the PD?

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  • yabadaba
    10-03 03:35 PM
    EB1 -C
    EB2 - China June 2006 India Oct 2005
    Eb3 - no idea/ no prediction


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  • saketkapur
    01-23 07:43 PM
    So now they have a backlog for updating processing

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  • Dilemma
    10-22 05:42 PM
    Hello -

    I am in sort of big dilemma. My Background:
    - Single (not married)
    - Currently on H1-B valid until Dec 2011.
    - PD July 2007. Company A
    - I140 & AOS filed concurrently in Aug 2007. Approved I140 (June 2008) & AOS pending. EAD & AP since Dec 2007.

    I am currently working (full-time) for company A who started my GC process since last 3+ yrs. And lately I am realizing that my growth opportunity in terms of salary (more importantly) & career is very limited & been looking out lately. To an extent that I feel so frustrated that it has started to affect my social behavior.

    Recently, couple of other employers have shown interest in me which align completely with my future goals. But, the problem is the following:

    - they dont do H1-B & willing to hire me on EAD. Hopefully, AC21 should not be a problem as the prospective job will be in the same area.
    - I am currently single planning to get married in a year or so. I want my spouse to have an option to be my dependent ie H4.

    So, I have following questions to experts here which will help me decide what option to take:

    1) Shall I go ahead with new employer & start using EAD ?

    2) My GC doesn't seem to get approved for another year or so. Is it worthwhile to keep the option of my spouse being on H4 open & get myself frustrated & spoil my career in current company?

    3) Can I move to EAD -> H1-B later? Maybe once I move out of this company A & join company B on EAD either company B or some other company may be ready to file H1-B petition ? This is just to open up the option of my spouse get H4.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance...


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  • lostinbeta
    10-07 12:26 PM
    And lips :P Defacing your girlfriend...tisk tisk....

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  • tipsvizag
    05-15 06:57 PM
    I first came to USA in April 2005 and have H1B valid till 2011 April.

    I worked with company 'X' since 2005 on H1B status on permanent position, during this tenure with company 'X' i was filed for PERM during Feb 2009. Later in October 2009, I had moved out of company 'X' to Company 'Y' due to budget cuts at the clients place and not having any positions with in the Company 'X'`s other clients. Moved to Company 'Y and Company 'Y' had filed new HIB visa, Got approved in few weeks.started working for Company 'Y" since November 2009.

    During January 2010 my PERM (LABOR) filed by Company 'X' got approved by uscis. I moved back to Company 'X' got started the next stage of the process of filing I-140 within the timeframe. Company 'X' filed my I-140 and also filed again for H1B and H4 for dependends in march and got approved in April with Priority date (PD) as april 2009 as my PERM was initiated during that period and H1B visa Validity date as May 2011.

    Surprisingly and unfortunatly the assigment which was supposed to be a long term is getting completed by end of this May month 2010. Now that in Company 'X' the project got completed within two months and i am asked to move to their onsite project and can be brought back when there exists a position at any of the their clients locations.

    Now the H1B status with Company 'X' is valid till May 2011 and with Company 'Y' the visa validity is till April 2011.

    Can i move back to Company 'Y' as they had the same position that i worked with them and file for H1B visa extension which is due in 2011 April/May(as per new validity from Company 'X') based on the approved I-140 or PD. Company 'Y had also initiated the process of filling for PERM(Labour) got the clearence for LC.

    Please suggest me the various options that are availabe to me to continue stay in here and get the H1B extension and as well continue my green card process.[/SIZE]


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  • gcformeornot
    12-19 03:47 PM
    Does anybody know if original first passport needs to be sent.


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  • directory_guy
    04-11 04:43 AM
    Match in what aspects? Their looks, profile or some thing else?

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  • saileshdude
    10-15 07:57 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I had recently changed jobs and my new employers attorney were going to file AC21. But my company was acquired by another large corporation and the attorneys have changed. The merger company's attorneys are Pappas and Lenzo. Does anyone have experience with this firm , in terms of h1 filing, I-140/I-485 related cases and other GC stuff like AC21, etc.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.


    04-22 04:35 PM

    Hi All,

    Would request any answers or any practical experiences in regards to my queries:

    My wife and my infant daughter originally came to the US in 2004 on H4 and my wife got her H1-B also in 2004.
    In Oct 2007 I and my wife got our EAD (The GC processing is through my company). Also since our arrival to the US in 2004 we did not go to India . But we are planning to go this summer.

    My queries: We are planning to use AP to enter US

    What will be my status once I come back from India. Can I maintain H1B Status without going for stamping since I changed my company. to enter US

    My wife has no H1-B stamp on her passport (since she came on h4). Can she come back on H1B, without going for stamping? Or is it advisable to go for stamping of her H1 and come on H1-B?
    My daughter has H4 visa based on my H1-B, can she come on H4?

    Appreciate your response.

    07-06 04:25 PM
    07/06/2007: SPECIAL ALERT: U.S. Visa Posts Will Continue to Issue Immigrant Visas in July for July Interview Scheduled EB Applicants?

    AILA has reported a very interesting or confusing DOS LegalNet Office letter which one of the members received towards the fact that the consular posts had already been allocated their numbers for the month of July prior to EB visa numbers becoming unavailable on July 2 and that the posts may continue to use their July allocations of EB numbers, and continue to issue Immigrant Visas for the rest of this month, July, for those applicants who were scheduled for IV interviews in July. Hm.....................................
    It thus appears that those who are scheduled for IV interviews should keep the schedule of interviews in July regardless of the current Visa BullEtin fiasco. Readers may also ignore our previous message on the consular processing. It is an extremely confusing time. Please check the visa interview appointment letters from your American consulate. Please stay tuned to this website for further information on the IV consular processing.

    Source : Mattew Oh

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