Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • 90210
    07-19 11:30 AM
    So, you are saying change the same format so that it is addressed to me. Is that it?

    Use the format suggested by Solaris. I also got in the same format. Please fill in your company details.

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  • ameryki
    02-16 02:29 PM
    this is not consistent. I just booked appt for my in laws yesterday 54 year old but did not get 157 pop up just 156. hope this helps.

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  • rbkrao
    06-29 10:07 PM
    The victim was an immigrant like us and became a naturalized citizen here.
    No one knows the motive behind the attack, it is still being investigated.
    It was posted here to caution the immigrants of these attacks (just like in Australia).

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  • amitjoey
    04-05 04:11 PM
    I did not notice this thread, I am from Sacramento, CA


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  • acecupid
    03-13 01:58 PM
    Hi to all,
    I met with a potential client who is an illegal immigrant living in the US. She has a child who is a US citizen. The father was voluntarily deported and the mother gave him permission to take the child back to their home country to visit the grandparents. The father was supposed to make sure the child returned to the US within 3 months. It has been 6 months. If my client files an application under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, will the US Government begin deportation proceedings?

    Have you read the 'About Us' section on ImmigrationVoice ? This forum is not for helping illegal immigrants. It is meant for legal immigrants and their issues.

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  • Green_Always
    07-28 08:20 PM

    Congress may push India's IT firms to Mexico with H-1B crackdown ( H_1B_crackdown)


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  • Beta_mle
    11-30 08:20 AM
    Is there a link to the original source data, ie the government website referenced?

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  • manand24
    10-25 03:23 PM
    I think folks who applied in July are still waiting for AP approval. A few are still waiting for receipt notices. I would be surprised if August filers have received APs.


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  • nychyd
    01-05 06:01 PM
    My H1B was filled 4 years back, with 20k less than what I am making as long as i making whatever i filed in H1, I should be fine..right ?

    Since you're on H1 that might be a problem as your W2 will reflect the lwage info . You can either take a leave of absence for a month or 2 (not more than that) If there's a query during H1 extension , you can let them know that you had taken a leave. Draft a leave letter and mail it to the employer so that he has it in records.

    But if you use your EAD it doesnt matter. You dont have to worry about the 3months.

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  • raysaikat
    08-25 11:09 AM
    I've an appointment in October at Munich, Germany consulate for H1B stamping. Because of time constraints I decided to get the stamping done when I'm out there for work. I've already obtained the german visa (though had to provide plenty of explanation !). This is my 9th yr extn (MS, EB2 - 140 approved)

    - Can anyone share their experience at the Munich consulate?
    - or, should I plan going to Canada and trying rather taking the risk in Germany?


    I have experience with Frankfurt. They gave me 221(g) for security clearance. I had to wait in Germany for nearly 2 months. I think the likelihood of getting a 221(g) will be high.

    Wherever you go, be prepared for 221(g) and a lengthy wait (3-4 months). I.e., make sure you have the resources to stay for that long a time wherever you decide to go.


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  • amitjoey
    07-24 03:29 PM
    It is illegal to overstay on a visitors visa, for that matter it is illegal to stay on any expired visa.

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  • sheela
    09-10 07:14 PM
    I think it would be better idea to call them and find out their hours of operation. The address is usually given on the FP notice letter.

    All the best!

    I think: We donot have a choice. We have to show up on the day and time given on FP notice. If we can't- we have to request uscis for re-scheduling.


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  • blacktongue
    02-22 09:49 AM
    :) Only if your GC is based on marriage to a US Citizen. Otherwise all Family Based GC's also need 5 years.

    Not only Marriage. Even father, mother close relative has 3 year wait

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  • shan74
    06-07 08:26 AM
    this is related to family sponsored by citizens and green card holders.


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  • clif
    03-17 04:47 PM
    While on H1B with Employer A, can I use EAD for 2nd job with Employer B?

    Also, can I work as independent consultant/contractor (get 1099 instead of W2) while working on H1B with Employer A?

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  • ramausa
    09-04 12:14 AM
    I've got my L1A visa valid till MARCH 2010 with company A. Meanwhile my H1B VISA got approved thru company B for this year.i would like to continue in my L1(company A) for few months until i find a suitable project with the employer who processed my H1(company B).
    how long can I continue in my L1 status
    a)if it is a fresh H1B ?
    b)if the H1 is a "change of status"?
    c)what can i do if i need to retain L1A VISA status for the period after the Change of Status happens ?
    pls help.
    thanks in advance for your answers


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  • Kodi
    06-12 04:56 PM
    My company is using

    David Frankel
    Frenkel, Hershkowitz & Shafran, LLP
    16 East 34th Street
    New York, NY 10016
    (212) 679-4666

    He's really good.

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  • sroyc
    07-09 04:23 PM
    I believe that it's the date of last physical entry into the U.S.
    I'm in a similar situation and my lawyer filled that.

    Dear fellow IV members,

    I was just referring to my first application for EAD filed by my lawyer (july filer)

    For Q#12 - Date of last entry into the US - my lawyer had entered (05/10/2007) - the H1-B approval date in date of last entry in to US - is this because of the new I-94 attached to H1-B approval notice?

    But the I-94 in the passport shows my actual physical entry into US after my last visit outside the country - 08/10/2006.

    I have not traveled outside the country after renewing my H1-B.

    Which date did you guys put - the actual date of physical entry or the I-94 start date after renewal of H1-B?

    Thank you!!!

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  • diptam
    06-05 06:23 PM
    They ask you to write A# or Alien# but not the Receipt Number.

    Check out the A# in 485/EAD/AP/140 - they should be ideally in synch. If not put the A# from the 485 application because that overrides everything and is still pending....

    Hi Guys,

    In the instructions to file EAD they say to print name and alien receipt number on the back of the photos.

    What number should we write? I-485 receipt number or receipt number for last EAD?

    Can someone please respond?


    11-22 02:00 PM

    05-14 10:48 AM
    A lot of folks doing OPT from non IT fields applied for this year's H1b through IT consulting companies so that they reserve something like "H1b ticket" and are looking at getting h1b transferred to their non IT companies where they do OPT.

    Dunno how all this will work out, will IT consulting companies help these folks to get a transfer as soon as they get approval?? I was under the impression that IT consulting companies want these folks to contribute to their business and not to use it as a reservation ticket system.

    All folks trying to do this, talk to lawyers and be careful, don't believe ur IT consulting firms thinking they will give u a smooth transfer.

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