Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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  • ivgclive
    10-17 05:51 AM
    Hi All,

    My son was born last month and applied for US passport. Once I get the passport I am planning to apply for PIO card in Texas. Can you please let me know if I need to send my son's original passport and the processing time. Can you please also let me know if anyone recently applied?


    Q: What are the requirements for applying a PIO card by a person who was not born in India and never had an Indian passport?
    (b) A notarised copy each of his/her birth certificate , his/her parent's latest Indian passports (either expired or not yet expired ) and his/her current US/Foreign passport and a copy of the parent's valid passport.

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  • whiteStallion
    10-10 01:24 PM
    Happy columbus day to you all... Too bad we do not get a holiday in CA on this auspicious occassion :p

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  • chanduv23
    10-04 10:21 PM
    Now I am definitely in! :D Haven't still heard back from the travel coordinator but requested the flight to be moved to Saturday. So you will have representation from Louisiana!

    Most welcome :) see u there

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  • terriblething
    06-12 10:13 AM
    tell me this is a joke..:D... if join the que .life sucks in the GC lane

    It is not joke, that's my unbelievable terrible start since this March. When we look back, still think it like a nightmare. And one neigbour told cop she heard my wife shout "Help me, he is gonna kill me." But you knew we even don't speak English at home. Where that ridiculous words from? BTW, when cops come, they firstly mis-arrest my another neigbour, as they also have some argue. Probably that is where it from.... But now that everything we have to explain on the court and convince the jury. Fortunately my wife always stand on my side.

    Anyone could tell me what impact to my 485 approval if damn jury find guilty in my case? Thanks a lot!!!!!!


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  • s416504
    02-10 04:26 PM
    Do you mean 30 credits with 3 year degree from India to complete MS?
    $15K for 30 credits means $500 for 1 credit?

    I did online MS degree and it took 3 years, although I could have completed it in 2.5 years. First year I completed only 1 course per sem, then I started doing 2 per sem. I took non-thesis option and the total cost was aprx 15K from ISU. Thye charge flat rate fee per subject ( aprx 3 credits) irrespective of residency requirements (you can actually do this course from anywhere in the world and it would cost the same) . This degree requires 30 total credits (one of them must be a project, so technically only 9 subjects/courses to take).

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  • eb3retro
    05-17 12:13 PM
    am not able to be there these days as I am travelling for work during this time. Also, I have 10k United miles with me, and I would be more than happy to donate it to someone who can travel. But I am not sure if 10k is enough for a round trip. If some one has any inputs on this, I am happy to be of some use at atleast by giving away these miles.


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  • lost_in_migration
    09-20 09:40 AM
    GooblyWoobly seems to have 'disapproved' gc_chahiye and my post. We both have lost One GREEN each from our reputation :)

    singhsa3 I absolutely agree with you. Undeserving people like GooblyWoobly will be benefited by active members hard work. And the disheartening part is these people will take the benefit and on top of that shamelessly show their ungratefulness on this forum :mad:

    I fully resonate with gc_chahiye;169769 . People like GooblyWoobly are good for nothing. They have no right to pick on one of our distinguish ,well respected and an active member. The Rally have been quite successful and have made people think about our issue.
    Unfortunately, people like GooblyWoobly will also be benefited by the hard work of people like Franklin.

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  • Hassan11
    02-08 03:44 PM
    I am in a similar situation. I applied for my first LC based on Skilled employee (Category 3) because my first job financial analyst only required a bechelor degree even though I have a masters degree then I filed for the I-140 (priority date May 2005). then I got a promotion to a senior financial analyst which requires a masters degree. so I automatically could apply file a second LC to file under (category 2 which is current). however my cecond LC was denied because the DOL thinks that there is no difference between the 1 job (financial analyst) and the second job (senior financial analyst) with the same company. so I checked with my lawyer and he said that I can file for appeal so the DOL will review their decision and realize that it was wrong. I did file for appeal in Sep 2006 and I ve been waiting since then. does anybody know or have any idea how long the appeal normally takes so they can make a decision on my case?? please advise. Thank you


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  • swamy
    05-13 04:17 PM
    Following the rules as they are doesn't imply there's no injustice or congress can just shut shop and go home. Giving unused visas from EB1 to EB2 is just following rules as they are - just as giving preference to Non-Indian's first is. I get to meet plenty of EB1 & EB2s who are just plain retards so its not 'obvious' that they're going to 'benefit' the greater society at large though the rules were framed hoping that would be the case. Also, EB3s def. have to be labor certfied so they're not displacing anyone - the whole system is such a mess and is being abused so much that things that ought to be obvious & taken granted for have to be reiterated again & again so its just dumb to say 'EB3 is the least qualified of the three and is also the most likely candidate to displace an American'! And if theres a sudden glut in the labor force and plenty of native born well qualified work force is available, there shouldnt be anyone in the GC queue to begin with so there'd be no reason to do away with any quotas - unless one presumes people will be abusing the system all the time.

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  • akgind
    11-01 08:22 PM
    You should fill out a form with the Ombudsman. Just google for it. They should help you with your case.

    Is your NC cleared? Have you taken an infopass to confirm your biometrics and NC is all clear? There have been cases where fingerprinting was done but it wasn't reflected in the case status.

    I was very disappointed at infopass five months ago for 140. The person did not even know the difference between EB2 and EB3. So, I am reluctant to waste any further time. My job keeps me traveling out of town 3 days a week.

    Fingerprinting for my EAD was in June08, spouse and daughter in Sep07. Is there a separate Biometrics required for 485? How do I find out about NC clearance? Thanks for your help.


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  • cse_us
    08-13 06:55 PM
    Efiled @ NSC on may 19th.
    FP on july 3rd, still no approval.
    My current EAD expires Aug 30th.

    1) Requested expedited processing via phone.
    Received email saying to wait for next 30 days.

    2) Called NSC, agent gave a fax number and asked me to provide Emp letter.
    Faxed the Emp letter and also a covering letter.

    3) 2 weeks passed, still no reply, called up NSC again, explained situation that I wld lose my job if i dont get EAD extension by this month end. She opened a Expedited request and told me to wait for 10 days.

    4) As a back up, I also took infopass appoint for next monday (90 days will be over by then)

    Believe me, its not easy going thru these phases.
    I do not know how to reach my congressman/senator, Anyone here, pls let me know. I am from fremont, CA.


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  • PavanV
    10-11 01:01 AM

    Looks like we are in minority :), I guess people need to be educated about legalities of the immigration system, just because one applies for a green card , or one gets a Green card, he/she does not become part of the country.
    Please remember this folks, till you become citizens you are still representing your home country :), and BharatPremi mentioned US of A only expects that you don't indulge in any activities that the government lists as against the US of A, after all we are all here only because the country allowed us in because they perceive there is a need for high skilled labor, letting us contribute and at the same time benefit from this huge economy,we are at their discretion legally, and they can show us the door just as the way it was opened to let us in, just because you are here does not mean you can demand rights :) and call this your home country, that is what the illegals do. I am sorry for sounding so depressing, I witnessed a mass layoff at my company and a lot of my friends (Americans) who are very senior folks were let go, I was spared, somehow that is hurting my conscience, and I am not in a position either to voluntarily give up my job.I want everybody to be happy, and prosper, layoffs reflect the ugly side of capitalism, the weak and old are exploited.

    All the best in your immigration process folks, you will need all the luck to stay here.
    Sarve jano sukhino bava (Let everybody be happy)

    Can you please provide us any link or legal constitutional document from any legal organization in India and USA which states that Patriotic Indian ( For the sake of argument Indian) should not apply for US Green Card ( Permanent residency)? Or for that matter can you legally proove that not applying for US GC is the barometer of patriotism towards India for an Indian?

    Do you have any reading comprehension capabilities?

    Read the first sentence of following link and let me know what do you comprehend?

    Your lesson for US immigration starts from here.

    USCIS - Green Card ( D&vgnextchannel=ae853ad15c673210VgnVCM100000082ca60a RCRD)

    Best Luck.


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  • gvenkat
    09-05 01:55 PM
    Recently I returned after a one month trip to India. At DC airport the CBP secondary inspection officer grilled us rough. First he called my wife and asked why did we leave US. She told that since my parents are old and not in good health we visited them. Then he started asking for documents proving it. And told us that without documents he won't let us enter. He went on to say that AP is only on humanitarian basis and unless CBP officer is satisfied with proof they cannot allow AP holder to enter. Finally after convincing him for another 30 min he let us in.
    This was a really shocking experience. Are employment based GC's AP supposed to be treated like humanitarian AP? or was the CBP officer over reacting? Gurus please throw some light.

    Tough Luck for you. I entered thro AP yesterday in chicago. Guess what the officer did not even talk a single word. He saw the document stamped and let me in. all it took was 5 minutes.

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  • chintu25
    04-01 04:38 PM


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  • she81
    09-27 02:23 PM
    I guess using our degrees to pass on a message is a fool-proof idea. That can immediately catch on with media like flowers did. If not stoppers, we can write our message in bold colors on the degrees.

    Indeed thoughtful. I'm all in for it.

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  • go_guy123
    06-30 12:43 PM
    I think once an I-485 is filed every one should be equally treated based on their category. If country qouta is based on countries interest, there should not be more applications accepted than within the sitpulated visas. That is not the case here. We have thousands of applications stuck at USCIS. Since GC processing puts certain restrictions on ones ability to shape ones career, it is not fair to ask one applicant wait for more time than other applicant purely based on country quota. We should keep in mind that gc processing effects indaviduals not their countries. So, it is discriminating to make one applicant wait while issing visa's to other person with same qualifications (except that he is from another country).

    Yes true but why would ROW people be interested in it. They have everything to loose in this change of rules. The change of rules would lead to equal distribution of misery.


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  • psaxena
    07-31 01:08 PM
    Everyone is going to get citizenship .. yes right citizenship by next year.. no GC business.

    Now everybody say "AMEN"

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  • gveerab
    09-12 02:14 AM
    I have been in USA from 2000 and have been waiting for GC from 2004. Finally last year decided to buy and bought one. When I bought my house my kid was in 3rd grade, decided not to compromise on his education and bought a house in good school district.

    All depends on personal situation. I am not considering house as an investment, just a place to live.

    exactly my thought... you almost stole words from my mind :-)

    if i have to return to my country because of the immigration bs, it's this country's loss and the lender's loss - not mine. I did everything that I could... like an ideal citizen would do... and after all that if they want to kick me out, well then goodbye.

    Also one thought (on an unrelated note, sorry!) - I see a lot of people on the forum posting about how they finally got their GC's after 10, 12, 15 years. I am really happy for them. Having said that, its not a matter a pride that people have to wait for so long to get GC. In fact it's a matter of shame! And by the way before anyone pounces on me, I take care of all action items that IV recommends :-) I am just saying that I feel bad when people have to wait for 10-15 years for their GC. My opinion is (coming back to our discussion) - I base none of my decisions on my GC process. I bought a house, decided to take a student loan to go back to school, changed my job and hopefully if all goes well, may even take a promotion pretty soon. GC my kiss my you know what. The process will go on on the side, but it won't affect my life in anyway.

    Bottom line - whateva whateva, I do what I want! (for any South Park fans here)... haha..

    Sorry about blabbering! Chao!

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  • pappu
    05-28 12:57 PM
    IV admins,

    For those who are attending the event, it would be beneficial if someone could provide some tips about moving around DC area/Capitol Hill area for these lobby days. Will there be an IV arranged transportation ?

    Appreciate if we could get more details about the planning for these three days.

    We are going to be posting FAQs soon on IV website. People who have confirmed their participation will also be contacted personally. Please also check with IV co-coordinator (Starsun) if you have specific questions or write to info at

    03-27 11:05 AM
    How about getting somebody who already got his green card, and after getting the card created jobs or did some inventions.

    In such a case, we can definitely contact some of the desi CEO's etc. I am sure that they will be sympathetic to our case ??

    07-20 03:32 PM
    Don't worry about this bill being rejected. I am pretty sure one way or the other they need to increase the EB visa number soon, else definetely USCIS will be in big trouble with thousands of applications sitting there for them, now having said that USCIS will find a way to get some bill which will have EB visa count increased passed in congress, so untill then cheer up and complete your filing.:) :) :)

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