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  • eastindia
    10-13 04:21 PM
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  • hebbar77
    09-10 01:10 PM
    Is this campaign for people with min 50 reputation points? :D

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  • neelu
    10-12 07:42 PM
    Thank you, FatJoe, for sharing your experience.

    Would you mind sharing which state you reside in? I am wondering if anyone contacted Maryland senators/congressmen.

    My attr said that uscis does not follow any chrological order to approve cases. Rather, it takes any 485 application filed before Jan 22, 05. So, your point on "giving more time" won't work here.
    This is what I did. I did not get GC yet though, but got to know where I'm at.
    1. Contacated NCS numerous times and raised two SRs.
    2. Took inforpass a couple of times. Infopass IOs have more detailed info about our cases.
    3. Contact Senator requesting that my appln be assigned to an IO, and it was done so. It is with an IO now. Hoping and praying that my IO picks up application to approve it this week.
    4. Contacted Ombudsman late last week. Hoping to get some good actions taken on my application.
    5. You might consider contacting Janet Napolitino as well.

    All the best.

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  • flygo
    01-06 12:29 AM
    I am not saying we initiate a strike or something like that, just gather together to have some (ideally at the same time) rallies to get media's attention. It even can be done at weekend. Say we can have 1K demonstrators at five big cities each across the nation - it must be something.
    Afetr all, we are legal immigrants and our voices should be able to get delivered LOUDLY.
    The only thing concerns me is the traffic of this web site, I sincerely hope someone can forward my post (not necessarily the original one, a better version) to some immigrant web sites so we can work together.
    For me, I live in NJ, I have no problem driving to NYC on a Saturday morning to tell people what has been haunting us and is going to be haunting us for a long while.
    BTW, imagine such kind of rallies happen three times a month - it's gonna blow!


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  • psaxena
    09-23 06:25 PM
    The numbers are based of the I-485 already filed. Please read the heading of the page 5

    That's exactly what I wrote a few posts above. I think the more basic question is - What does 485 inventory mean? Is it already filed 485 numbers or "can be filed based on approved I-140" numbers?

    To the OP: Can you provide the link from where we can open the PDF instead of just throwing the PDF open. Maybe that will provide a better context to the numbers.

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  • gcpain
    06-25 03:10 PM
    will you guys let me know what is USCIS application fee for following items?

    I485 applicatio fee:
    I-131 applicatio fee:
    I765 applicatio fee:


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  • thomachan72
    03-10 09:07 AM
    somebody with skills in finding out stuff should research on how much money per year is contributed by the working h1b employees and given the numbers that are sent back how much is actually "stolen" from them. I once again say "stolen" from them. If they are sent back they should atleast be entitled to all the money that was "ilegally" taken from them.

    this total amount should be published in some widely read news source as " money stolen for benefit of citizens from hard working legal aliens". or as "Skilled legal aliens returning home leave back their earnings for the hungry and poor in US" or something of that sort!!

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  • walking_dude
    11-03 11:09 AM
    Just 51? Only 51 members used AC21 or what?

    What will it take the rest to participate? USCIS sending denials to your address? If this campaign fails there is no one to help you if this happens.

    Send those letters ASAP


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  • whitecollarslave
    01-11 03:53 PM
    Can somebody comment on the following two things? This has been asked twice before on this thread (once by me and again by somebody else) but has gone unanswered.

    1. How many unused visa numbers can be re-captured? Out of those re-captured, how many can be applied to EB categories? I know this is difficult to estimate this but if we believe that recapturing unused visas would help the retrogression issue, we ought to have some idea (in hundreds? thousands? more?) as to how many visa numbers can be re-captured and used towards EB categories.

    2. Does the President have the authority to implement an administrative relief in this matter, particularly to recapture the unused immigrant visas? Elsewhere I have read that only congress has the authority to do this.

    Please provide links/references or analysis to back up the claims.

    Disclaimer: This is not to discourage anybody, rather just a healthy skepticism.

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  • pappu
    01-08 03:33 PM
    I will participate in this wholeheartedly. One suggestion to the admin: perhaps we can post this in other websites also like ? I know a lot of people use that site for posting problems etc and whoever is not in IV might also get to know about it.

    Good idea. Please feel free to post this information to as many websites, forums and blogs as possible. Please do not restrict yourself to websites in english language. If you know of websites in other languages frequented by EB immigrants, please post this information. The mantra for success in this effort is getting as many letters as we can.


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  • Meghna
    05-16 02:11 PM
    I came here on F1 and i was on F1 when we applied for 485.
    after i got my masters i did not apply for opt and used the EAD card i got through 485 for working.
    I changed my status from F1 to H4 once i graduated.I never traveled after i came here.

    Will i face any problems in future when our pd becomes current.
    Our lawyer says there should not be any problem but i don't know if he is correct.:(

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  • chanduv23
    03-26 12:35 PM
    I had a reqruiter discussing a great job opportunity and finally when it came to the status thing, it was my mistake, i said "I have EAD". She said "That's fine" and never got back to me, she said she will be in touch via email but never did that.

    So this is a pattern now.

    Reqruiters and HR know they can say "Sorry we do not sponser visas" so they say it without any issue but not EAD.

    I am just baffled as to why are some people so fussy about EAD. Isn't EAD holders a piece of cake for the company? People with skills and eligible to work for any employer????

    I am sure the hiring managers would love to bring good people on board. But unfortunately, these reqruiters and HR are creating the mess.

    Looks like for reqruiters, they think they can just apply the filter to lessen their burden on collecting resumes.


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  • nc14
    09-10 08:33 AM
    I did my part yesterday and feeling good about it.

    Called all the congressmen yesterday.

    Come on folks wake up, all our calls can help. Give it a final push. Please call..

    .................................................. ................
    $470 till date.

    GO IV GO!!!!!!!!!

    I called all of them.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-10 10:43 AM
    Still waiting too. :(

    Created InfoPass for week after next.

    still waiting


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 01:53 PM
    First let me state that I need people like you to proceed and hence I will be happy to answer the points you rasied to the best of my ability:

    We all agree that there is severe backlog. Only way the backlog will alleviate is by increasing visa numbers, which not going to happen any time sooner.
    So some people (and I know around 10 of them) what they are doing is the following:
    They got the chance to file their 485 last July , which is pending. They are now contacting several small desi consulting firms to file for their fresh labor in EB2 category. Once their labor is filled and new I-140 is approved, they plan to attach new I-140 to the original 485 and hence effectively convering to Eb2 category but with priority dates in 2002 and 2003 (because original I-140 had that priority). Worst, they would never join that desi consulting firm...

    This how the system is being gamed. If I know 10 such cases, I am sure there must be thousand like that.Now you tell me , isn't that unfair to the people already in Eb2 line as well as the ones who do not know how to game the system

    By the way: If any one is interested, I know of three such consulting firms that can do for you for a fee.

    I am not arguing or obstinately stating my view. I am genuinely confused.

    I am not sure how it is unfair on EB2. Didn't these folks apply for GC before us legally and stand in line sincerely (no labor subs) AND gather pertinent work exp and education?

    I understand you are working on getting the numbers. I would wait to hear from you with those numbers.

    It is one thing to feel wronged seeing a few examples of people abusing the porting but quite another to have a lawsuit alleging that this is a widespread activity and it is causing grievous delays for the ones waiting in EB2. I really don't believe it and feel it is insulting to a large majority of highly skilled and hard working immigrants who have/will legally port their EB3 PDs to EB2.


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  • ivar
    08-20 10:47 AM
    Dear IV friends,

    One news, call to india free for 24.99 from vonage plan starts today.



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  • pappu
    01-07 07:12 PM
    "Letter Template #1":


    The Honorable George W. Bush
    President of the United States
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    Dear Mr. President:

    I write today to urge you to fix America’s broken legal employment-based immigration system. Currently, more than 500,000 skilled individuals who contribute to the American economy through their hard work in high technology, scientific research, medicine and other fields find themselves trapped in a process that is hopelessly backlogged. If nothing is done, hundreds of thousands of immigrants will wait years or even decades in a process that was never intended to take so long. While comprehensive change will require legislative action, your administration can implement administrative remedies to improve America’s competitiveness, eliminate bureaucratic inefficiencies, and improve the quality of life for these legal, highly-skilled immigrants.

    Attracting and retaining the best and brightest minds from around the world is in America’s best interest. In February 2006, your Domestic Policy Council issued a report on the American Competitiveness Initiative that recognized the importance of employment-based immigration. The report stated:

    “The President also recognizes that enabling the world's most talented and hardest-working individuals to put their skills to work for America will increase our entrepreneurship and our international competitiveness, and will net many high-paying jobs for all Americans. The United States benefits from our ability to attract and retain needed immigrant and non-immigrant students and workers, and it is important that America remains competitive in attracting talented foreign nationals.”

    You can advance your stated objective by making common-sense administrative reforms to fix a system that is clearly broken.

    Implementing much-needed reforms will also free government resources to focus on pressing national security matters. For example, current rules require the Department of Homeland Security to renew the Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) of hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants each year as those immigrants wait for green cards and permanent residency in the U.S. Rather than renew these EADs annually, the government could renew these documents every three years, freeing countless hours that could be better spent serving the Department’s mission.

    The greatest impact of the broken green card process is borne by the legal immigrants and their families. The more than half million highly-skilled legal immigrants already working productively in the United States find themselves trapped in a system that is taking years longer than intended. During this wait for a green card, these immigrants remain trapped in a legal maze, unable to change jobs – even within the same employer – without starting the arduous immigration process over again, and subject to waits that grow longer and longer.

    We implore you to exercise your authority to implement administratively these much-needed reforms.

    • Recapture administratively the unused visas for permanent residency to fulfill the congressional mandate of 140,000 green cards per year.

    • Revise the administrative definition of “same or similar” to allow slight additional job flexibility for legal immigrants awaiting adjudication of adjustment of status (I-485) petitions.

    • Allow filing of Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) when a visa number is not available.

    • Implement the existing interim rule to allow issuance of multi-year Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) and Advance Parole.

    • Allow visa revalidation in the United States.

    • Reinstate premium processing of Immigrant Petitions.

    I urge you to implement these administrative remedies without delay. Action is urgently needed to fulfill your stated goal of attracting and retaining highly-skilled legal immigrants from around the world, eliminating bureaucratic inefficiency, and improving the lives of future Americans already living and working legally in the United States.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.


    <<Phone Number>>

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  • subh21
    10-01 12:23 PM
    Received the CPO email on the 30th :). Here is my details:
    Category: EB2
    Country: India
    Priority Date: 28th March 2006
    Interviewed last September (2009), when I was told that my case is approved and waiting for visa number.
    Second fingerprint on September 20th 2010
    Lawyer was told that my case is being "held" since there was no visa number available after my 2nd fingerprint cleared, so I wasn't expecting anything until Oct 1st, so was obviously pleasantly surprised.

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  • 123456mg
    10-05 03:08 AM
    Today I called USCIS and finally got my wife's and mine I-485 receipt numbers. My attorney has not received anything. I am looking forward to seeing some action for others pretty soon. Guys, I wish you very best luck!!

    07-11 10:01 PM
    The whole idea of this campaign was to get media attention and publicize this issue as much as possible, which we all know that it did just that quite effectively despite all the apprehensions and reservations expressed.

    This campaing was never thought of as a panacea for all our problems, whether it will lead to a fruitful or POSITIVE result that is still unknown. What is known is that this drive has provided some much needed traction and attraction to our cause, which is the important RESULT at this point in my opinion.

    All I am trying to say is that we should give some thought and imagination before discounting or discarding an idea even if it appears to be far fetched at first. Any idea proposed which is out of the ordinary will be meted with reservations and oppositions, after all its nature's law that there is always resistance to change,:rolleyes: good or bad.

    I don't want you to be eating your words :D , I know for sure that you want this problem resolved as much as anyone else on the forum.:D

    Everyone has right to be SKEPTICAL and even I am SKEPTICAL about the final outcome of our over all struggle, but I wasn't SKEPTICAL about the outcome of this campaign.

    May the force be with you.:D

    Green_Print, I agree we got a lot of media attention. However most of it was hidden beneath the depths of other more important news to the average american. Yes we got attention from the press and I hope we get even more. However if nothing comes out of this campaign, then is it not heart breaking to everyone who sent these flowers? :)

    If you guys think this was a success, how about sending the same flowers to the Congressmen and Senators in thier DC offices?

    01-09 03:42 PM
    banners and posters are here
    Maybe you or others can take a lead in this campaign and have everyone use IV posters and banners..

    Hello Pappu,

    I feel we should have some banners up in different Indian stores, specially targeting some selfish EAD holders, who already feel they got their green cards irrespective of the current visa bulletin

    1. Setting up banners will not only attract new members, but will make these EAD holders think from a rational perspective.

    2.Also IV administration should send out a personal email to all it members, informing them about the importance of coming together, this way the EAD members who have stopped coming to IV will get the message.

    3. We should contact the Indian newspaper editors, to print about our rally on March1st 2009, I believe more awareness we spread a better result we get.

    Thank you

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