Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • chandrajp
    06-18 11:52 AM
    Another important question is: Will USCIS allow AC21 without an approved EAD?
    When you send all the relevant documents to invoke AC21, there is every possibility for the officer to check whether you have an approved EAD or not. In that case there might be a problem. I may not be correct. But to switch to a new employer, you definitely need a EAD card. I switched employers. My new employer asked for work permit(EAD in this case)

    Note : Please check with your attorney, I'm just one like you and this is my experience

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  • swaroopmukka
    07-19 01:09 PM
    As somebody said above, if we r getting married after Aug 17, and if we decide not to file my 485 now. My PD is May 2007 and my 140 would be approved before my H1B is expired for the second term, and if I didn't file my 485 by then, what kind of H1B extensions would I get ?? 1 year or 3 years.

    To be simple : PD May 2007
    140 approved by May 2010
    H1B expires Nov 2010.
    485 not filed.

    From Nov 2010, what kind of H1B extension I'd get (1 year or 3 years) ??


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  • eb2dec2005
    09-22 02:49 PM
    Invoking AC21 is easy, but you need to know what you can expect and how to resolve it

    (1) If you decided to change to new employer using EAD - there is nothing you need to do. Just join and work.
    (2) As employer is asking what they need to do - tell them they need to provide an AC21 letter of support - you can find various formats on the web.
    (3) Your new job must be in same or similar category.
    (4) Call customer service to verify your address on file - also hire a personal attorney and make sure they file g 28 and have them on file too for USCIS communication
    (5) Your AC21 letter may/may not reach your file depending on the service center, officer and a lot of other factors.
    (6) Usually most AC21 cases go through just fine unless your ex employer requests a revoke on i 140 - in such a situation you may get an RFE, NOID or a straight denial on 485 - nothing to worry about - you can resolve all these and you will find yourself back on track.

    Hope this helps

    Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions,chanduv23 and Superdoc

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  • sledge_hammer
    08-15 03:10 PM
    I'm went to the infopass website to make an appointment for interim EAD; I chose the "Washington Field Office" since I live in the DC Metro area. There are no appointments available in Aug and Sep!

    This is unbelievable! What other options do I have?

    Please advise. Thanks!


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  • Slowhand
    08-16 01:57 PM
    People who left employer early or want to leave early will say it is ok; because it suits their needs.

    People who plan on staying later or don't have any intention of leaving early will say to stay.

    Bottom line is it is upto everyones own risk tolerance. I have just seen some of the biggest cowards in terms of immigration all of a sudden get so brave after they got the greencard.

    If people are waiting years and playing it safe then what is the possible harm to wait a little longer and not get riled up by every small story of someone who got questioned at citizenship time, etc.

    Immigration laws don't change very often; however, uscis interpretations and memos do change quite frequently. When you have to start hiring lawyers, go to court, face uncertainty then we'll see how brave people are.

    As I see it, hiring a lawyer is still cheaper than losing 20K per year because you are working for a exploitative consulting company. But if the company is treating you well, there is no reason to leave.

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  • Openarms
    04-02 01:08 PM
    Dear All,
    Can we determine to pool in at least 200,000.00 (each to contribute at least 300 dollars) so that we can at least hope for GC in few months and not years.

    Please help yourself.

    My contribution for April:
    Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: Caliber)
    $50.00 USD for one month
    Effective Date: Apr. 1, 2009 $50.00 USD

    Is it a guaranty or just assumption that we get GC in few months if we pool $300 ??? sounds to me is a guaranty.. can you back this up with reasonable explanation????


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  • ramus
    06-28 05:13 PM
    If 140 is approved and dates are current most likely you will get one year extension...But sure you will get H1B extension.

    I think its If pending...and labor approved 365 days before start date. I still need to check with my attorney. Also even if 140 is approved and dates are current i would not be able to extend.

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  • hindichinibhaibhai
    03-28 08:45 PM
    Isn't it about time?


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  • caydee
    05-24 10:35 AM
    Let us discuss all our views in Latest CIR bill discussion threadrather than opening a new thread. I am not forcing you but I feel that it would benefit all of us to be in one thread becuase every member can get the latest views and news.

    My intention is not to offend you in any way, It is a suggestion..

    Agreed. Wondering if the moderators can merge this tread with the CIR bill discussion thread.

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  • rameshvaid
    03-15 10:23 PM
    [QUOTE=belmontboy;326916]sure prove me wrong.

    If you are telling me that VO or IO has access to all criminal records from all 51 states, i can't stop laughing here.

    If they have access, why do they even have a section for declaring voluntarily?? to test honesty of the applicant??[/QUOTe..

    I do not want to argue with you but can prove you wrong .. Give me your info and I will let u know if u have any records or not. Afet 9/11 all immigration systems are interconnected with the state and federal court records and minute one is arrested his name is there.. 100%...Talk to an attorney in the morning and pm me.. I will explain you how it works..

    Let us not shift the focus from the original question and if we do not have any answer let's sit back and let the guy face the consequences and make it an argument to prove who is wrong and right between us..

    I pray for you and hope you learn from your mistakes(not you belmont).. May God Bless you..



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  • nlssubbu
    08-22 07:21 PM
    Not quite, as I understand it, if your PD is not current, your AOS will continue processing and will eventually get to a "approved, pending visa number" state. You can pretty much be in this state for some time, and then when PD does become current (as happened from May through July this year with the significant shift in PDs in the bulletins) there will be a massive approval rate of all those pending applications.

    USCIS doesn't stop the application process just because your PD is no longer current

    This is how USCIS got through 60k unused visas in a staggeringly short time. There were a LOT of applications that were ready to go, they were just waiting for those numbers. USCIS didn't all of a suddenly quadruple their efficiency in processing :)

    I think that they did it one time mainly to use all the unused visas. I do not know whether they will continue in the same fashion of such pre-processing in future too. If not, then that is going to be a bigger wait considering the number of applications received at their end after the July visa bulletin.

    Do you think that they have enough resources available to process all?

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  • wahwah
    11-14 10:31 PM
    you argued with me prediction of severe retrogression in 2 months was not incorrect.


    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 01JAN03 01JAN02 C C
    3rd 01SEP02 15OCT01 01MAY01 22APR01 01SEP02
    Workers 01OCT01 01OCT01 01OCT01 01OCT01 01OCT01
    4th C C C C C
    Certain Religious Workers C C C C C
    5th C C C C C
    Targeted Employ-ment Areas/
    Regional Centers C C C C C

    You are just repeating yourself. Show me the logic why entering all apps will retrogress the PD?

    Let me give a concrete example. For India EB2, why would the PD not move from, say, April 2004 to January 2005, even if, say, 20 million people with priority date at 2006 apply for I485?

    Understand the procedure first. With a better idea of applications in pipeline, you will see the PD movement to be better predicted, not retrogression.

    Why is it obvious? Show me the logic man!! Instead of just stating it. If ROW was current till now on some category, everybody who were supposed to file would have filed. Why would it get retrogressed. You understand that only the unused ROW numbers trickle over ot India/China etc.

    So, you are saying you don't have a logic. You are speculating and saying only time will prove you right? Eh?


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  • Ruta
    07-20 12:13 PM
    Ours was filed in NSC - July 2nd (hand delivered is what lawyers say.)

    I had 1 question.
    How long should we wait for receipt to be issued? I am concerned if USCIS misplaces package or something happens, we would miss window of opportunity to file.

    Also since lawyers say its personally delivered, how do we track/keep proof that ur package was delivered?

    Should we just go ahead and re-file if we dotn hear from CIS in 10 days?

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  • gg_ny
    04-25 09:07 PM
    on the contrary, the point based system completely eliminates the need of a lawyer, with the canadian and australian system u just need to do the work urself online and the balls starts rolling then, it'll be interesting how they react to this

    Maybe for the educated few (in the crowd of thousands with different eligibilities). And imagine a few millions with no or dubious papers getting on the line in next few years. Just because one can apply for PR with Canada and Australia easily, it cannot be assumed that the process would be similar for US. I do not know about Australia, but comparted to Canada, I am pretty sure there would be more people wanting to come to US and the restrictions are going to be more. Three things are inescapable here for anything to do with the feds: tax, lawyers and lawyers. Any immigration reform in which the lion's share does not go to the lawyers will not reach even the banks of Potomac.


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  • dassumi
    06-03 12:42 PM
    One of the primary things that you are missing here is that these competitions are just competitions - meaning - it brings the kids together in a national forum, lets them compete with one another and helps build this competitive spirit - which they may repeatedly in their lifetime.

    Being able to participate in a national competition boosts confidence - the sense of competition and wanting to excel is totally a transferable skill - it rekindles the parts in you (or a kid) that they are not aware existed before they competed.

    As for whether this is a right forum to post this, I have seen worst things posted here on IV.

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  • chanduv23
    10-05 11:20 AM
    Who is GOP?

    Government of Power?


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  • pappu
    01-13 02:08 PM
    Slow movement as expected. Hope dates move faster in the months ahead.

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  • ragz4u
    04-03 10:34 AM
    Looks like the guy we engage for our cause gets a shot to speak about immigration on WSJ and guess what he forgets us all together. Great job for picking QGA core team.

    I am just reposting my post from yesterday just so that the people on core can read my thoughts…

    I don’t mean to insult your intelligence, but who ever came up with ideas to ask, celebrities, a noble laurite and other accomplished folks from the immigration community to send faxes does not have the slightest plan on how to make this succeed.

    If this is the kind of ideas the “lobbyists” QGA is giving us, may we need some fresh blood in helping us out. I completely agree “eb3retro” in working with in helping us get our message across. PLEASE STOP THIS INSANE IDEA OF SENDING FAXES all the time either from members of IV or asking other people to do it on our behalf. We are hurting ourselves and don’t even know it. As I have said in my earlier posts “We need the Erin Brockovich of immigration to help us on this, and I am the AILA or similar organization can do this for us.”

    Good Luck.

    Quite frankly, I did not want to reply to your post, but your repitition above forces me to!

    1) You have NO idea what it was like to find a lobbyist ready to work with us given a) We are dealing with a very sensitive issue b) We had only 10K in cash (5K raised by core members) and another 10K promised again by the core team. Do a real exercise and get a lobbyist to sign a contract with you for after revealing to them that you have only 20K. Try it now with even 50K and see how many lobbyists are ready to tow your line

    2) Regarding your talk of Erin Brockovich and all, you do not even seem to grasp the fact that AILA is interested in the 11 million undocument workers. 500,000 skilled workers are nothing but a drop in the ocean compared to them.

    In any case, have you done your part in contacting AILA? We have! Its easy to sit on the fence and complain but it takes conviction to actually DO something

    3) Do you have any idea how difficult the task is to get amendments in? Do you know how much a fine balance the Republicans and Democrats achieved and are not ready to take on anything that might disturb the balance? Also do not forget that 500K people is not even 1% of the US population but 11 Million illegal immigrants make a sizeable chunk and alsong with Hispanics make more than 13% of the population. Now given this, who would you as a politician try to appease? 13% of the population or 0.1% of it?

    4) And what made you think that faxing celebrities is an idea of the core team or QGA? Please read the posts again. It was an idea by a member!

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  • validIV
    04-08 10:27 AM
    I'm hoping they make all the Family Based current. Don't see why they only made the EB categories current in the July 07 Fiasco. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    12-30 10:12 PM
    You can still get promoted while on H1B just don't give up hope. If you're not getting promoted even if you're performing well, then there's something fishy going on with your employer.

    07-02 02:15 PM
    If this is true, it is really scary for people who are solely on EAD and no longer hold H1 status.

    New Traps for Aliens Filing for a Green Card (

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