Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • crazyghoda
    01-14 08:47 PM
    I agree, you will be competing with all the illegals. But.....

    1. How likely are they to file their apps on the first allowable day that USCIS will accept the applications? Not very. Most of us know what's going on and will be ready to send in our apps first. Ofcourse if some EB based guy is pottering around instead of moving fast, thats his problem.

    2. How many illegals can afford the high priced attorneys? Most of these poor guys dont know to speak, read or write english, forget about filing out USCIS forms.

    3. How many illegals maintain perfect records of their time and can recreate a paper trail of the time they spent in the US. I certainly can and most legal wannabe immigrants can definitely prove the time they have been here (paystubs, utility bills, credit card statements, bank statements, etc.)

    The point I am making is - this is the best option I have seen in a long time. Even the stupid point based system had its drawbacks. This is unconditional. It will get vast support from the hispanic community also. The UK has the same thing. Be on a work permit for 5 years and then you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency. I believe there is also some clause in the UK system that states that you have to have been in the UK illegally for 10 years as against 5 years for a legal immigrant. I'm sure setting the illegal bar at 10 years and legal bar at 5 would be acceptable for most people.

    If we reapply under this section, we will be competing with the massive illegal-to-AOS guys based on our Receipt date for adjudication.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-06 11:04 AM
    These are not going to fix the issue at large about limited GC numbers.

    We need to make sure bills like HR5882 get passed. So we need to focus on how to make this a central issue in current politics.
    We need to do much bigger than a single day news ... something for which main stream media pays attention in +ve light.

    I second this. It will take 1 more year for USCIS just to come out of 2001 for EB3 I unless 5882 passes!

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  • natrajs
    09-29 04:59 PM
    There are 3 work categories,
    at least 3 queues each for three stages.
    the first queue had at one time, rir, regular and then bec, perm added to the mix.
    EB portings.
    07/07 havoc
    name check delays.

    a single queue at the end.

    bottomline, PD monthly graph is arbitrary.
    if your PD remains current for at least three months in a row and everything else is clear, there is good chance you are out of the pipeline.

    I wish but my assumption is that One's PD have to be current atleast 6+ more months then there is a good chance for an approval, other than that we have to depend on our Luck ( I think we can predict the Powerball or Megamillion winner much easier than USCIS process)

    I wish your case would have been approved long ago, Your signature tells me that - EB2- I PD Dec 2003, and your PD was current for a while but still no luck.

    Let us hope the best

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  • crystal
    08-15 11:38 AM
    It would give some idea I think

    In order to determine whether the alien truthfully represented his or her intent to remain with his or her petitioning U.S. employer after receiving the green card, the USCIS uses the standard created by Seihoon v. Levy. That is, USCIS examines the “rapid course of events” following the alien’s receipt of his or her green card. The Department of State has reduced this rule to a 30-60-90 day formula which USCIS generally follows. If an alien ends employment with the petitioning employer within 30 days of receiving his/her green card, then it is highly likely that USCIS will decide that the alien’s intent at the Consulate interview was not, as he/she stated, to remain with the petitioning employer indefinitely. After 60 days have passed, it is less likely (but still risky) that USCIS will determine that the alien lied about his/her intent at the Consulate interview. And after 90 days, it is highly unlikely that USCIS will have a problem with the alien’s change of employment


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  • willigetgc?
    06-30 01:06 PM
    Low Expectations for Obama’s Immigration Speech � The Washington Independent (

    President Obama�s planned speech on immigration reform tomorrow has been lauded as indication of a renewed commitment to immigration reform, as have his meetings early this week with advocates and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. So what will the president say? Unfortunately for reform advocates, not much that�s new: Obama is expected mostly to retread familiar ground on the importance of passing comprehensive immigration reform, rather than offering specific provisions he�d like to see in the law.

    States aren�t waiting for reform � NPR reports that 45 states have introduced more than 1,000 bills and resolutions relating to immigrants so far this year � and polls indicate that most Americans support Arizona-style laws to curb illegal immigration. In theory, the issue should be resolved at a nationwide level to prevent harsh laws from driving illegal immigrants into other states. (There�s some concern that the Arizona law is already having that effect.) But no Republican senator has emerged to back a comprehensive bill, and with midterm elections in sight, rounding up votes for a controversial topic might be difficult before a potential lame-duck session

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  • ivar
    08-11 09:46 AM
    You were the first one to report this bulletin which brought good news to me as i am now able to file I-485. Give you green.

    Dont know if is authentic

    Pederson Immigration Law Group, P.C. - Priority Dates Progress - September Visa Bulletin Announced! (


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  • Openarms
    04-02 01:08 PM
    Dear All,
    Can we determine to pool in at least 200,000.00 (each to contribute at least 300 dollars) so that we can at least hope for GC in few months and not years.

    Please help yourself.

    My contribution for April:
    Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: Caliber)
    $50.00 USD for one month
    Effective Date: Apr. 1, 2009 $50.00 USD

    Is it a guaranty or just assumption that we get GC in few months if we pool $300 ??? sounds to me is a guaranty.. can you back this up with reasonable explanation????

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  • scorpion00
    06-03 11:23 AM
    Guess what....Our friend Roy Beck is giving his side of the story.


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  • LostInGCProcess
    01-15 02:34 PM
    Dude, with all due respect, I am serious about all the precautionary measures I told. In fact it was one of my American colleague who sent out a similar list some time ago( I believe a year ago, when a similar incident happened to one lady at a parking lot), to all the team members.

    It was claimed based on some statistics, if a person who hijacks a car, more often (about 90%) the perpetrator kills the driver. Its a fact.

    Its not paranoia, its something if you keep in mind, then there is very good chance to come out alive form that dreadful predicament. God forbid, it could happen to anybody.

    [QUOTE]Most of these incidents are straight forward. The bag guy asks for money, the good guy refuses or tries to put up a fight and gets shot. When you’re faced with a mugger/carjacker, always comply with their demands and leave quickly. That’s it.
    Really??!!! I totally disagree with you on this. I have seen in Detroit, where poor Indians got killed "execution" style, in a dunkin donut store, they didn't put up a fight or refused. They could barely speak proper english. They were all bound, face down, and shot in the head. Now don't tell me its an isolated incident and it would not happen again...time and time again these things happen. So, if you think if we dont resist and head to all the demands of the robbers, they would let you go, then you are wrong, my friend. You got 50-50 chance they would let you go.

    I agree, we need to be cautious of the surroundings. But no to the paranoid level of checking out every hiding place or hitting a wall/pillar
    There is no paranoia here...just a mild glance in the back window is a good practice before getting in once car.

    And your assertion that only psycho's kill, is wrong. Common robbers too kill people after robbing.

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  • hopefulgc
    01-13 03:39 PM
    are logic life ko nahi jaante aap?

    logiclife is a bhagwan .... he is sabka baap .. sabse bada saab.... aaj kal chup chaap :D:D

    (translation: ramblings in hindi language ... the crawling vb has made me sick & delirious)

    Who is logiclife?


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  • glus
    07-09 12:23 PM
    bump. i sent my flowers today. Guys, it is only few minutes of work and can have a TREMENDOUS meaning for us and our families. Please do the same and send the flowers with IV message. Thank You.

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  • franklin
    08-23 01:15 AM
    Check this out.....

    There are people from India with PD 2005 whose I-485's have been approved lately.

    I don't mean to sound dismissive, but I don't count as being a reliable source of information, since it is a tiny minority of total cases, and all information relies on user input - not the most reliable set of data, imho.

    On the 1st page of "Country = india" and "case approved" there is 1 case that applied this year (feb eb2 with a PD of 02) - they were lucky. Everyone else applied before retrogression hit in 05 with the exception of a couple of eb2 with very old PD (00,01). 2 cases out of how many? 100s of thousands?

    sanjeev_2004 - I respectfully disagree with your statement that the "pending visa number" situation will no longer occur. It will happen MUCH more. The number of available visas has not increased, the number of people that have applied for AOS has dramatically increased (either old or new PD). The visa numbers will be QUICKLY used up by those with old PDs, so those with newer ones will sit for a long time waiting for visa numbers to become available for their PD - they will become "pending visa availability" cases.


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  • chanduv23
    11-08 05:07 PM
    ...and that religious war is going to be brutal !!! :) :)

    LOL and the woman wins ehhh - which happens in all our homes everyday :D:D:D:D

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  • gc4vk
    05-06 10:24 AM
    Please go and take some english writting classes first. Your english is very poor. Taking some classes will help you in longterm. MBA in US is taught in english not telgu. An MBA from a shady univ is not going to help you anyway and USCIS is cracking down hard on bogus porting these days.

    Hai, If you want to suggest some thing, do it. why do you have to get region in between and sincere advice you definitely need english class before suggesting some one else as you make spelling mistakes.


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  • qplearn
    11-19 04:24 PM
    Do we have any statistics on people who have moved back because of retrogression? That might come in handy when we write letters or meet ppl in lawmakers' offices.

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  • uniqueuser
    05-02 01:01 PM
    I'm sorry for posting my question here. I know its not a right thread for my posting but I don't find any link for new thread.

    I'm a July 2007, I-485 filer with PD dec 2004 EB3. I have been working as sr.project engineer for the past 4 years with an MI based company. At present my company is not doing good business started downsizing. i don't know when I'll be victimized. So, I have started searching for new jobs vigorously and got an offer for Designer position ( Permanent position with all benefits) with slight increase of pay. I don't have to use my EAD as employer is willing to transfer my H1B which is valid till 2010. Friends my question is -

    There is a degrade in position, Does it effect my Gc process? I know, no one will be in this type of situation. my heart bleeds to accept the lower level position but, the fear of going out of job with wife and two kids is forcing me to accept the offer... If it doesn't effect my GC process..


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  • ivslave
    09-11 06:26 PM
    Yes.. I own the house since 2003.. Some time love it some time ... don't know..


    what you are talking about...... in winter when there a ton of snow on drive way...:D or when your grass grows too fast... :D

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  • docwa
    08-05 01:41 PM
    Yes, Its the same number, but at one of the prompts, you need to put a different number for LIN.

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  • amitjoey
    05-25 02:10 PM
    Thanks for spreading the word. Appreciate your efforts. Please mention that it is important to arrive on the 6th for training. It is important to fill out the form to let IV Core and admins know you are arriving.
    This event is not just "Show up and support" . Because it is not a rally, It is an advocacy event. - IV has been working on who gets assigned what offices to go do presentations.

    06-18 11:43 AM
    Another important question is: Will USCIS allow AC21 without an approved EAD?

    11-15 05:31 PM
    If you were not told the correct bill rate, you can recover that money. Simply ask them in writing to show you the contract since you are on 70/30 basis. The written contracts, oral contracts, emails all stand in the court but how will you prove an oral contract? If you have found an offer that meets your expectations just quit. We all make the same mistakes. We spend our time on working out things where they are not working. Just "quietly" without your employer getting a hint, find a job and quit.

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