Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • coolvigo
    11-03 11:35 PM
    For NRE account, you can easily send money to india and then repatriate it back. But in my case I have money to my NRE and bought an apartment. Now since i have sold that apartment, that money is in NRO account which is a one way account. You can only send money to NRO but you cannot get that money back in dollars from it.

    Talking about getting money thru travellers check, you can do that only if you go to india and come back here in US with it....since you have to sign it at both places. Also there is a limit of $1500 for TC's when you come from India. Limitations....limitations....limitations.

    If we send money to India for investment purposes.....all you will get is LOSS.

    I started a business in India....lost lot of money in India becoz ppl in India do not want to trade honestly......bottomline......if you want to stay in US,,,,dont send your money anywhere....use in US and enjoy that money !!!

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  • ita
    09-22 04:06 PM
    Called all of them. Thank you.

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  • gcformeornot
    02-15 11:00 AM
    I really wish all the desi companies,who get people from India,and put them on bench to find a project ,be banned. They screwed H1B, and in turn all the deserving H1B candidates.

    here also they process so many H1s..... for various many people.... skills/no skills... keep them on bench.... inflate resumes....

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  • ragz4u
    03-27 11:07 AM
    Dish, this is for someone who has contributed to the US economy and is currently stuck.

    Cabal, we will get to you soon.

    Maverick, would you happen to know if the firm's folks are stuck or were they stuck earlier? We need someone who is affected by the red tape currently!


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  • gk_2000
    06-18 07:23 PM

    Here is new link (HR 2709, Jun 4):

    H.R. 2709: Reuniting Families Act ( (

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  • pappu
    02-25 09:52 AM
    has anyone noticed lately, ever since the July 07 fiasco... there hasn't been anything on radar from IV..what's happening..not trying to belittle efforts from IV..but guys most of us are waiting to hear from you..

    Incorrect. Please go back and see old threads for action items. Just because you do not see any action item right now, you cannot flush down all our hard work in the last 2 years. You are enjoying your 2 year EAD because of the hard work of our Admin fix campaign in 2008. Please stop blaming the organization. If you wish to lead it, come forward and take charge of your state chapter as a start, lead and deliver results. IV is everyone and each member's responsibility.


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  • valuablehurdle
    09-05 04:19 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    I am back again. This forum is outstanding when it comes to reliable information....

    I work for a reputed US Consulting firm. They under-pay you and make you over work. They market fake resumes in a polished way. YES... IT is TRUE. Don't just blame the desi consultants.

    I am on a EAD. I wanted to switch to hourly basis and wanted to see if there are any direct vendors who would be ready to pay better rates. Desi Consulting Co. is out of question. From my experience, Robert Half is bad too. Is there a better way to market the employer?

    Any help will be appreciated. !!

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  • BharatPremi
    10-05 10:31 AM
    Those are lolipop to kids. Do not keep much hopes. It seems to be the strategy to cover more election fund from corporate America.. I see this as political game for funding. On first link only honest statement I could locate was from Ms Lofgren "Some names on there have never been allies on immigration reform," Lofgren said. "I'm glad to be surprised."


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  • srisra
    01-21 02:22 PM
    i am getting frustrated to see the bulletin everymonth and it never moves.
    people applied in 2006 got their GCs. one of collegue ROW got when applied in 2007.

    dont know whom to blame. why cant they understand our problems.
    r they least bothered.

    my PD is oct 2003-EB3

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  • s416504
    02-10 04:26 PM
    Do you mean 30 credits with 3 year degree from India to complete MS?
    $15K for 30 credits means $500 for 1 credit?

    I did online MS degree and it took 3 years, although I could have completed it in 2.5 years. First year I completed only 1 course per sem, then I started doing 2 per sem. I took non-thesis option and the total cost was aprx 15K from ISU. Thye charge flat rate fee per subject ( aprx 3 credits) irrespective of residency requirements (you can actually do this course from anywhere in the world and it would cost the same) . This degree requires 30 total credits (one of them must be a project, so technically only 9 subjects/courses to take).


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  • chanduv23
    07-09 12:03 PM
    We will have to wait and see how effective this will be, going forward.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-18 12:26 PM
    Was there a bill to create this category or this was decision taken by the USCIS.

    Its a good move, I know that this initiative was started by an Officer from US Army whose interpreter was getting death threats for helping the US. When he saw that it was not an isolated incidence he started lobbying the state department to create a separate category. I have been following that story for a couple of months, but was not aware that a bill was passed to create a new category or visas. (i am sure, that USCIS cannot take a unilateral decision to add more visas or else why would we be begging for recapture bills)


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  • mugwump
    10-05 11:59 AM
    The Republican Party is reffered as the GOP

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  • desi3933
    06-18 03:06 PM
    I am planning to file EAD/AP for my wife who is on H4 along with adjustment of status application. Will she continue on her H4 status till she gets EAD/AP?

    There are 2 ways in which current H4 status changes to AOS Pending status:
    1. By working on employment using EAD
    2. The primary applicant loses H1-B status for ANY reason

    Please check and verify details with your attorney/lawyer. This is NOT a legal advice.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002


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  • 485Mbe4001
    10-12 06:58 PM
    I tried the following a couple of days ago.
    i got a letter from my company about my status and issue with retrogression, I took a printout of the webfax from the IV site and sent a certified mail to our state senators (i am from CA). I think this is better than a web fax, i am not sure if they even read the web fax. I havent received a response from them as yet, but i am sure i will. Others can try it too and see if they get a response.
    I did this because a senior manager from my company got fed up with his visa process and returned to Canada last month. He was ROW EB3 when he started his process.

    good response. we are all in this together and need to work together in order to get things done. IV is not just IV core but each and every member. each member should try to do something positive in order to help IV in whatever way theycan. - contributing money, help increase members, contact their local lawmakers and also contacting media. we need to raise awareness andevery small positive action done by an iv member helps in the overall scheme of things.

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  • GCKaMaara
    04-07 10:57 AM

    One irrelevant question: Why did you wait till Aug 15th, 2007 to file your 485 when your date was current in June and you could file in June 2007?


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  • stldude
    07-20 03:53 PM
    Guys - Most of the banks have notifications service.Once u login to u'r account you can provide the cheque no.and request to be notified by e-mail once the check is cleared.. That way u don'thv. to check u'r bank a/c a million times in a day... :)

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  • chanduv23
    10-02 04:07 PM
    Come on folks - lets keep the momentum going. Just do it, all you have to do is show up and greet your friends

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  • GCwaitforever
    03-01 05:01 PM
    One of my friends in DC is going to guys with pending labor/485 and planning to get some funds. I will keep you posted.

    02-15 11:01 PM
    well i dont know if they actually said that or its your own conclusions

    It is important to note that for this particular sample size of 246 cases, the percentages listed above represent statistically valid figures based on generally accepted statistical reporting guidelines.

    without the number of student intake doubling/trembling up to make it one

    The number of foreign students has definitely increased since then. The quota is not that
    big, so even a small increase like say 10% in the number of foreign students is enough to
    swamp the quota.

    These numbers are truly historic," says Goli Ameri, assistant secretary of State for educational and cultural affairs. "We haven't just covered lost ground � we have now surpassed" previous records.

    Plus more than enrollment, it is the economy that governs how soon the quota is reached. In my experience, the economy
    showed good growth after 2005, which understandably led to increased hiring.

    again i dont know if thats what the anti-immi's complain

    The employers will still be paying only the official prevailing wage, which is far
    below the real market wage, and it will be business as usual. Again, this is the
    loopholes at work, in this case in the legal definition of prevailing wage. Most
    employers who are using H-1Bs as cheap labor are doing so FULLY LEGALLY.

    The true rate of abuse of the H-1B program is near 100%.


    01-15 01:22 PM
    Please never ever try to argue or act smart in front of a thug/carjacker/burglar. Most of the time these guys are high on weeds and stuff like that and they will not hesistate to shoot at the slightest resistance. It is better to part with whatever cash, jewellery you have then get shot and die or suffer disability for life.

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