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  • mm1
    10-16 11:20 PM
    Actually how could the employer pay him before his visa status is activated. His visa status is activated only on 1st of october. and his status was changing from h4 to h1.

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  • vxg
    08-22 10:29 AM
    I deal with the lawyers in Morgan Lewis for legal work in my company though not related to immigration but related to Fedral laws in Energy sector, very professional.
    appreciate any feedback or comments on law firm
    for Ac21 and GC etc..

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  • BMWX5
    02-22 10:27 AM
    I have one question about signing the affidavit of support (864) for immigration of a family member.
    (i.e. For petition for Immediate Relative- daughter files for mother)

    If daughter signs an affidavit of support for mother (i.e. form 864) for immigrant visa (Immediate relative) then in that case for daughter is it going to create any problem in getting study loans/home loan in future?

    Just curious, how are they related.
    I'm not seeing any connection between these items.
    Affidavit is for USCIS to show the ability that she can take the financial burden, study loan is for university to decide borrower can able to pay or not and mortgage loan is also the same, in both the cases you have to pay back and in first case it is not.

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  • bobyal
    03-23 08:49 AM
    Bump.. No one with recent experience from new hyderabad consulate...


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-25 08:20 AM
    The Immigration and Nationality Act (Act) provides for the admission of different classes of nonimmigrants who are foreign nationals seeking temporary admission to the United States. The purpose of the nonimmigrant�s intended stay in the United States determines his or her proper nonimmigrant classification. Some classifications permit the nonimmigrant�s spouse and qualifying children to accompany the nonimmigrant to the United States or to join the nonimmigrant here. To qualify, a child must be unmarried and under the age of 21.

    F-1 nonimmigrants, as defined in section 101(a)(15)(F) of the Act, are foreign students coming to the United States to pursue a full course of academic study in SEVP-approved schools. An F-2 nonimmigrant is a foreign national who is the spouse or qualifying child of an F-1 student.

    M-1 nonimmigrants, as defined in section 101(a)(15)(M) of the Act, are foreign nationals pursuing a full course of study at an SEVP-approved vocational or other recognized nonacademic institution (other than in language training programs) in the United States. An M-2 nonimmigrant is a foreign national who is the spouse or qualifying child of an M-1 student.

    SEVP is the DHS program that administers SEVIS. It ensures that government agencies have essential data related to nonimmigrant students and exchange visitors to preserve national security. SEVP provides approval and oversight to schools authorized to enroll F and M nonimmigrant students and gives guidance to both schools and students about the requirements for maintenance of their status.

    ICE SEVP I-17 FAQs provide information for schools about SEVP certification, including background on SEVP and SEVIS, SEVP certification basics, an overview of the SEVP certification process, preparing the petition for SEVP certification, and preparing for a site visit.

    Click here for more info for Schools (

    More... (

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  • edamon
    May 31st, 2004, 02:02 AM
    thanks for the comments guys. I hadn't thought about moving stuff around in photoshop.
    didn't really plan the shot, was just screwing around with the zoom lense up on the deck.

    When do we meet the new senators/congressmen? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : When do we meet the new senators/congressmen?


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  • vicky2008
    11-13 12:37 PM
    I was employed by company A until from 2004 thru May'07 with labor and I140 approved in 2006, I was laid off from Company A in May'07 therefore I joined company B in June (transfered my H1).

    In July , Company A agreed to file my I485 under future employment as all the EB catagories became current but I still work for company B (H1 with company B), now since in Jan'08 it will be past 180 days on my 485 application.

    Can I file AC21 to change my employer to Company B and continue my I485 through to Company B?

    Your suggestions/answers will be appreciated.


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  • vban2007
    04-23 10:34 AM
    Pls Reply


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  • ranand00
    09-11 08:14 PM

    My h1 extension is under process. Once it gets approved can I am thinking of going to canada and get it stamped. My wife has also applied for cos from h1 to h4. It was not applied with my h1 extension but was applied 1 month later.
    My question-
    Can we go for h1 stamping for myself(once approved) and h4 stamping for my wife , even though her h4 is pending.Would I-539 receipt notice would suffice .

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  • p7810456
    02-14 12:24 PM
    can someone please give answer to this?

    I've been waiting since 27th of December. Thats when they (TX) recd. my reply.. and still no news!!!

    Good luck!


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  • dvb123
    09-07 11:58 AM
    Other gurus can answer in a detailed manner. I am going to very short. Chinese Eb3 have filed for an injunction stating that they need to be allocated visa numbers because in 2008 and 2009 they were overlooked because DOS could not count the inventory of EB3 properly.

    DOS replied that this kind of injunction would harm other countries ppl. DOS is allowed by law to make reasonable estimates in progressing and degressing priority dates. If some ppl are left behind they cannot do anything.

    Here is the part of the law which states that DOS has the authority to do reasonable estimates of priority dates and this is what was stated in the DOS response to the injunction

    Congress has expressly
    provided that in allocating visa numbers, the Department of State may “make reasonable
    estimates.” 8 U.S.C. � 1153(g). In relevant part, Section 1153(g) states:
    For purposes of carrying out the Secretary’s responsibilities in the orderly administration
    of this section, the Secretary may make reasonable estimates of the anticipated number of
    visas to be issued during any quarter of any fiscal year . . . and to rely upon such estimates
    in authorizing the issuances of visas.

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  • DallasBlue
    07-31 08:15 PM
    check out this

    question: can I file without employer letter
    For an employment-based petition, in order to proceed and be valid,
    need to still INTEND to be employed by the sponsoring employer if and
    they get their green card. The employer however, does not need to sign
    forms per se with relation to the adjustment petition. If the alien is
    currently working for the sponsoring employer (on H-1B or other) he or
    can port or transfer employers without penalty or without losing the
    card process 180 days after they file the I-485 petition. At that
    they can change employers and work for whomever they wish (provided
    have a valid work permit)


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  • juhis
    06-14 06:11 PM
    My case is a bit different.
    I have a 485 filed by a company for future employment.

    Right now my Priority date became current for my current employer and that labor and I140 are approved.

    So can we file multiple 485's with USCIS or do we need to cancel the other 485 to file new 485 with my current employer.

    Height of Greediness

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  • immiusa
    06-14 12:51 PM
    My understanding is that you can transfer existing H1B. I am not a lawyer.If you have a copy of your H1B approval notice, you should be able to transfer to your new company. However, if you may have to visit US consulate back in your home country for Visa. You may want to double check with immigration gurus.


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  • amitjoey
    01-21 12:33 PM
    Hi guys,

    I know this is Off Topic (OT), but I was wondering if ALL Tax payers including immigrants on H1B will be getting the proposed tax rebates. This had happened in 2001 as well and my citizen co-workers remember getting checks.

    Does anyone who was on an H1B in 2001 remember getting a similar rebate check? I definitely dont remember getting one.

    For tax purposes, you are considered a "US resident" and will get all the breaks or rebates that a US Resident will get.
    I think I did get the 2001 year rebate

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  • mita
    10-15 09:36 AM
    I am applying for my AP and EAD renewal, please help me with few questions:

    For EAD:
    14) Manner of last entry: H4? (I was on H4 when I last entered)
    15) Current Immigration Status: AOS? (My husband received his GC)
    16) Eligibility: ???
    17) Eligibility: None?

    For AP:
    1.3) Class of Admission: H4?
    3.2) Expected length of time: ???

    Last time, my husband's company attorney had filed our papers. Since, my husband received his GC, we have to renew ourselves. Should I send a form to cancel G28? Thanks in advance to all for their time and advise.


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  • waitin_toolong
    07-20 09:32 PM
    true but is you ever want to come again on B1 return as soon as possible.

    you got a stamp of 6 months stamp of 5.5 ..

    to get a longer stamp next time try not to stay even the full 5.5 months

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  • kiran24
    05-18 04:45 PM
    My mother came for a 6 months visit on December 10th of 2010. But she left in April of 2011 (April 9th 2011), two months short of her 6 month's stay. Can she come again in August 2011 for a six month's stay, and stay till Feb 2012? Or will she have to return in 2 months? (return by October 2011)
    My mother has 10 year multiple entry visa.
    I heard that a visitor can stay only 6 months in a year, is it true?
    If yes, is the calendar year counted from January to december?
    Thanks in advance!

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  • darkstarclone
    07-22 06:45 PM
    Arrange the two things how you like. Next go to Edit and click Select All. Then go to Arrange and click Group. Last add your animation. I hope that helps you. :)

    03-21 08:55 PM
    They are asking for Company Tax returns

    October 27th, 2004, 05:28 AM
    The bassist was reeeeealy close to a bright yellow-ish light everytime it came on (hit his arm and bass) it blew everything all to hell. Not quite sure how to compensate for something like that so I started taking shots when that one light turned off.

    I was using a flash with a different band but from a distance. I wasn't too sure if it would bother them or not.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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