Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • docker
    06-04 03:33 PM
    My current job desc requires an MS + 3 or BS + 5 years experience, with special certification like six sigma required. When my labor was filed, I had exactly 3 years of experience. The above was what I filed for my PERM application. I am planning on moving to another job where the job description is similar ( my i-140 is approved and my i-485 has been pending for more than 6 months) , but the new job requires an MS + 6 years or a BS + 8 and no special requirements. I gained 3 more years of experience with my current job description, but does that count since I gained it after my PERM was filed? Also, do educational requirements matter in order to port? any help is greatly appreciated..

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  • karan2004m
    10-26 02:07 PM
    Is anyone in same BOAT?
    I got EAD cards at my new address, but no FP notice yet. Have I missed that or USCIS might not have sent it yet?
    How can i check, Can i check the status online for FP ?
    Is there any way ?

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  • tnite
    09-27 09:30 AM
    I'm a Jul 2nd filer at NSC and got my receipts on Aug 12 with a notice date of Aug 8th.I'm yet to receive my FP notice.

    Is anyone here in the same situation?


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  • sr123
    12-07 01:41 PM
    Can someone from core team update with exact title and number. I was able to find the following

    H.R.5744: Securing Knowledge, Innovation, and Leadership Act of 2006
    S.2691: Securing Knowledge, Innovation, and Leadership Act of 2006

    Can someone clarify if I got them right?


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  • casinoroyale
    08-16 12:03 PM
    Anyone going to Ottawa on Sept 22nd? Please let me know.

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  • sonu9
    07-30 12:56 PM
    Hello Attorneys/ known guys, ( first of all sorry for reposting new thread , i ddidnt get anyanswers but ead and ap expire time is coming soon )

    How are you doing ? i am new to here. i will fill all details soon. sorry for that.

    Before i stayed in place "X " which comes under nebrasaka centre, applied for 485, ead and ap. my company also in " X " only.

    Right now i am in place " Y " which comes under Texas centre ( because of my job i moved recently) . Now i want to renew my ead and ap my self . my job, payroll and living is in place " Y " only.

    But my pemanent address is " X " only. I want to continue that for my full GC process.

    what my question is what i have to mention the address for my ead and ap renewal ?

    1) is it "X " address as it is my permanent address and applied my 485 also from there and wish to continue or my "Y " address as i am working , living and payroll are here ?

    2) If i mention " X " address is there any problem ? , dont think wrongly as i really dont know

    3) if i put " Y " address is my case ead and ap along with 485 will move to Texas centre ?
    i really want to avoid it if chances are there in good way as my case before everything in Nebrasca centre compared to Texas centre procesing time is good

    4) If i put " Y " address i will get any RFE ?
    I really dont want that as my 485 was applied from " X " place.

    please answer . Thankyou in advance.


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  • JunRN
    10-05 04:54 AM
    YES! EAD is your license to work for any company, even for those not sponsoring you. It doesn't matter if your i140 is approved or not, you can work with EAD and that is legal.

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  • houston2005
    02-10 06:18 PM
    u don't need any attorney..DIY


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  • kiran8376
    09-08 11:51 AM
    My employer did it himself, he did not use the lawyer.

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  • byragani
    10-08 06:56 PM
    SpotAnAnti - Seems like some of the people love to spend life in slavary. Whole world knows about these body shoppers. I am sharing the info so that the people who wants to live freely can get the inspiration. I myself is the victim of these so called "bodyshoppers".


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  • saketkapur
    03-10 12:54 PM
    Its at the discretion of the officer at POE.......I was asked for my EAD even when I had a valid H1B and last time when I had travelled on AP I was asked for my EAD......

    why don't you apply for duplicate documents with the USCIS?

    above is just my experience.......

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  • sekasi
    04-06 01:30 AM
    If this doesn't win there's something fundamentally wrong with the world ; )

    Total monkey island 2 mixed with Day of the tentacle feel

    : )


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  • cs.0
    01-29 09:31 AM

    In one of the recording, Attronery Rajeev kahana mentioned that we can work on H1B with Current employer and Part time job on EAD and also my attronery mentioned the same thing.
    Pls let me know if anybody using both H1B and EAD.


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  • EAD
    03-01 08:18 AM
    Thanks for the reply. What I understand even there is no position for EB2 currently, EB2 can be filed for future employment.

    Do you know anybody who was in the same situation and converted from EB3 to EB2.



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  • shana04
    03-08 10:36 PM
    Please share the information with everybody. I am also in same situation.


    Moved from GC sponsoring company A to a different employer B using H1B transfer (expenses paid by me).

    Now I see that the market is so bad and there are no contracting calls. The only calls that I get is for full time. And I do not know if they would give me a offer letter that is specified in my labor (which is different than what I work).

    I am trying to asses the risk of using EAD compared to staying on h1(after spending so much money for transferring).

    Please provide your thoughts of using EAD.

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  • piyu7444
    03-16 12:05 AM
    Myself(Husband) & mywife both came on H1B from same employer.
    My son got H4 visa through my wife H1B visa.
    I (Husband) applied for green card and got EAD for myself & mywife , got Advance parole for myself, mywife & myson and are in 485 pending AOS status,
    My Wife is taking permanent job with EAD (EAD is through my Greencard process)
    If employer cancels my wife H1B she will come to EAD status.
    I am not sure what will be the status of my son who is currently on H4 visa through my wife H1B visa.
    My son got Advance Parole and 485 pending status through my green card.
    Do I need to apply for H4 visa for my son or will my son be ok on pending AOS status ?

    His status is AOS. Unless a decision is made on your GC he needs no other visa or documentation to be in USA. If your GC application gets denied (Should not happen ever) then you lose AOS and you will have to talk to an attorney to see how long you can be in US - for the sake of filing an MTR etc.

    Once a person files for 485 and application is pending a decision they can be in US without a VISA. If you travel outta US and needs re-entry that could be done useing AP. Hope this helps........


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  • kisana
    06-06 06:53 PM
    Please any help

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  • chantu
    02-05 03:15 PM
    Thats ok even if she doesn't have AP. That is perfectly fine. Don't worry her H4 is already stamped and she has time till next year. She is totally safe even if she does not have AP.

    Thanks chantu, She doesn't have AP, Do you think it is Safe only if she has AP ?

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  • nat23
    03-27 02:53 PM

    My wife is a Canadian citizen, what is the process of getting a H4 for her? (I am on an H1-140 approved).

    1)Do I file an app with USCIS?
    2)Can she go apply at the US consulate in Canada?

    What type of documents, forms are involved ?

    The reason for this post is I was given conflicting info by my old lawyer.


    Your wife should take an appointment at the closest US Consulate. She and you should then look up the list of documents needed on the website of that US Consulate.

    thats how I did it for my wife but she was from India.

    hope this helps.


    03-22 05:32 PM
    Check out the Thomas Friedman's Op-Ed on New york times
    Op-Ed Columnist - America’s Real Dream Team - NYTimes.com (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/21/opinion/21friedman.html)

    I don't know what other proof the law makers need to prove how vital we(immigrants) are in America's future.

    May be next time when you hear an anti-immigrant rant shove this link to their throat.

    09-30 10:20 PM
    Unfortunately , it is true. I personally know a friend whose I-485 was denied even without issuing any NOID or RFE. Reason, well its very obvious, the underlying I-140 was revoked, even though it was past 180 days. By law, your supposed to get NOID or RFE. but some IOs are ignorant and do not know the AC21 laws properly. So they issue straight denial. The number of cases are few because not many companies revoke I-140 past 180 days. But few companies do and some have to do it. So in these situation yes, chances are that you will get a straight denial and that is why there is thread to lobby efforts to raise some concerns to Ombudsman about these erroneous denials.

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