Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • smisachu
    10-05 04:22 PM
    They are also called, as we were informed in the DC rally as the "NNP"...
    No nothing

    Good Joke :)

    GOP = Grand Old Party (Republican party)

    Although historically Democratic party is much older to RP

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  • admin
    02-24 02:29 PM
    This is my third post regarding this topic. I have made my contibution and urged all my friends to do the same. [B]Can we sell some add space[B]. If we can have more broad immigartion related topics like proceesing times, more people visit and we can probably sell some add space


    Thanks for your suggestion. I did query about the kind of advertising that we can do. It doesn't look like we'll get much money. Since most of the people are viewing the forums and forums typically have low advertising rates because people using them tend to be highly engrossed in the topic.

    Still thanks for your opinion.

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  • hopein07
    02-19 04:24 PM
    What is your understating on money return on whole life ins. plocy?. do you think you can cancel at anytime and get back your premium or withdraw portion of your investment?

    Does anything mentioned on your link about policy surrender or money withdrawal when policy is in force? please search more and post here....

    As far as I know whatever premium you pay is gone when you cancel the policy but if the policy has cash value then you get that amount.

    Here is one link I found about Cash Surrender Value for Whole Life:

    Here is another good reading:

    I think it all depends on how you talk to the agent and how they write your policy

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  • Carlau
    06-18 10:53 AM
    Where have your read that?


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  • aadimanav
    07-14 04:00 PM
    Can you please give the details of people whom to send, their name, email id, fax no .. or any other details

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  • h1techSlave
    06-12 12:15 PM
    One big missing piece in your analysis - Country quota.

    As per your analysis, there are around 125K pending cases. If there is no spill over (that is the case this year and that will be the case for the coming years as per State dept.), then EB3-I or EB2-I gets only 2700 visas per year.

    Now, please redo your math and you can easily see that the current retrogress might look like there is hardly any retrogression.

    This is my thought process (also referred by Ron G):

    July 2007 brought in approximately 500K 485 cases.

    We do not know how many cases were pending as of June 2007.

    Fiscal year 2007-2008 USCIS used over 140K EB VISA numbers (I think it was around 155K).
    Fiscal year 2008-2009 USCIS will use atleast 140K EB VISA numbers

    so, 500K - 300K = 200K.

    Assuming USICS approval rate is 85%; 75K of 500K are denied.

    200K - 75K = 125K EB cases pending from the July 2007 cases.

    Additions: from all current categories - may be 25 K in 2 years?

    So, 150 K plus whatever that was pending as of June 2007.

    So next fiscal year, 2009 if USCIS uses the quota 140 K, most or all of the 2007 filings will be cleared. If not EB3 I, definitely EB2 I and C, EB3 ROW will be cleared.

    Depending on new filings, EB3 I might retrogress but retrogression might come within 3-4 years instead of current 8 years.

    I strongly believe, beginning Jan 2010, dates for EB2 (I and C) will move forward heaps and bounds followed by EB3 ROW.


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  • ragz4u
    04-03 01:02 PM
    Looks like everyone here is on the same boat (getting GC). Why are we wasting time on this when time is of the essence?

    If everyone has so much time to reply to posts, I would really recommend that everyone instead give a phone call to one of the senators mentioned in the other thread and do something constructive. If you are done with that, call your friends and ask them to join. Help us find the emails of CEO/HRs of companies that depend on us!

    If you still have time, PM me and I'll let you know what else you can do.

    Please guys, understand the seriousness of the situation. We need all the help we can right now.

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  • deba
    09-05 04:01 PM
    Sorry to hear about your experience. I personally have used AP three times within one year. Two trips to India were of 6 weeks and 4 weeks duration and one to Canada for 4 days. I have never faced any problem, having used three different entry points. During my latest entry just a couple of weeks back I wasn't even asked any question at all. In fact my GC was approved while I was out of the country. Just your bad luck to run into this officer, I guess.


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  • wa_Saiprasad
    07-23 10:49 AM
    Jul 02, Nsc: Usps 11:30 Am.

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  • vin13
    07-31 02:09 PM

    See for your self what Pre-Adjudication means. Its literally conditional approval......

    Pre-Adjudication is just a work flow method and not a policy. There is a high chance that a pre-adjudicated case may just get an approval when the visa numbers are available. But, who knows, they may have reasons to still issue an RFE requesting employment verification based on certain triggers such as change of address, over a year since case was pre-adjudicated etc.

    So we may not be able to say for certain that all Pre-adjudicated cases will be approved when visa numbers are available.


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  • vin13
    01-13 04:13 PM
    I wish they do the horizontal spill from other countries to India every quarter. This way the work load at the USCIS is steady. Instead they like to wait for the last 3 months. This does not give them enough time to process.

    Is there a 'Dummies" series for effecient management of work which we could present to USCIS :D

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  • ivslave
    09-11 11:04 PM
    votes and replies. I have updated my profile...


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  • mallu
    06-15 08:26 PM
    can i know what ur pd is plz and ur nationality, ur EB cateogry is, just to get a feelign on how long it takes.

    India EB2 PD Nov.2002

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  • sriramkalyan
    05-29 09:10 AM
    Since USA home land Security depends on Legal immigrants bondage and slavery .. ..I mean fees they pay to stay in this country .. Amendment to File I-485 with out Visa being Current should pass easily. That way EAD reneavals will keep USA Govt running ..


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  • hunkuncontrolled
    04-02 11:24 AM
    Not sure why you would generalize all H1b holders as experiencing hell - I for one did not. Anyways if you take the time to browse the forums you will find the answer to your question.

    Malibuguy007 , you seem to me a guy who could save 2-3000 dollars per month and think you are in heaven(Typical GULTI mentality) . These are the points on basis of which i called life of H1 hell

    1. Your spouse can't work . Think about their self esteem and self respect they are loosing.

    2. You don't know about your future if tomorrow you loose your job , you will be kicked from this country.

    Tell me what is hell then ? Don't think its just about counting dollars , think about your life stability and about your family members too. Try to come out of Sambhar-Rice world(thats the way you save money here and call US heaven). Live with pride ,ok . Fight for being treated like H1 ( HIGHLY SKILLED PROFESSIONAL) not slaves.
    I hope now you feel we are in hell.

    PS : I work with one of best semiconductor companies in world and earn decent salary .

    All GULTIs , start giving me red and i don't give a** for that.

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  • cbpds
    05-06 04:33 PM
    Agree on ur second point, however I was surprised with the context that "ok lets see how much we can buy the MS course and how soon can i finish it" as supposed to it will be great to do MS and lets see how I can further my career with an added benefit of getting C in case of GC process.

    Again just my thoughts.

    While what you ask is valid what you need to understand is that these people have a right to get anxious and hence want to better their situation and you should not object to that. Help them if you can and if you dont want to help then dont. Let them figure their way out, Believe me they will figure out a way to do MS for less and online. In any case EB2 getting clogged will not effect these people because EB2 dates might not progress but will not go back and if these people complete their MS and get a job which sponsers them in EB2 they become current according to their EB2 qualification.


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  • jsb
    02-26 11:48 AM
    I don't know how to open a thread to run a poll to track the number of people ready to send flowers to white house/president to highlight our case to buy houses if there is a a provision to approve GCs on a fast-track basis. With a substantial fast track fee (>4000 dollars) and 20% down payment toward house payment, we have a strong case. If we get hundreds of people ready to send to flowers, may be IV can make it an action item.

    In overall picture of the country for housing and financial fix, number of EB's waiting for GC is miniscule. Giving every EB waiting a GC is not going to instantly change the mindset of the rest of the US people. People are not buying homes, because those who would have bought homes in 2008, 09, 10...bought in 2005 and 2006, as they didn't want to be left out, moving demand forward. Now we have a lot more homes and demand for years to come. Home prices will stay soft for at least 5 years.

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  • coopheal
    10-04 11:29 AM

    As I said before
    "EB3 I and in general all EB applicants need a solution now.
    Until this process becomes so painful for us that we either go back or do a mass movement to get some legislative relief there are no better days for us."
    As current bail out clearly points out that for any change to happen in this country situation has to go extreme.
    So unless....
    when new immigrants stop comming because of GC issues and current immigrant leave enmass
    we do a some big enough show for our needs (not a single rally but something all over the country)
    .....there are no better days for us.

    This is indeed a gloomy and (in my view credible) story. The only thing possibly that can help us within the current laws, is the visa overflow from EB1 and EB2 ROW.

    Lets hope for the best. The Nov. Visa bulletin will be confirmatory.

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  • svr_76
    01-14 06:00 PM
    `(e) Inapplicability of Numerical Limitations- When an alien is granted lawful permanent resident status under this subsection, the number of immigrant visas authorized to be issued under any provision of this Act shall not be reduced. The numerical limitations of sections 201 and 202 shall not apply to adjustment of status under this section

    This ia a dangerous clause. So basically, an unlawfull alien residing in US for past 5 years gets change his status to PR, moreover he is not restricted by the per country limit he can go from filing I-485 to get a Visa number allotted to him practically overnight..and not having to wait like folks from India or China ....

    I dont think this bills has anything favourable to legal immigrants... It better to apply as the other category ....

    12-30 09:58 PM
    Thanks SGP. Did I read this correctly ? you switched in 9th yr of h1 ? was ur I-485 pending or did u have EAD to change ? I just have I-140 approved. so if I change to a new job now, can the new employer use this old I-140 for extensions ? can new employer ask USCIS to port old priority date ?

    10-16 12:26 AM
    Everything from immigration to foreign policy to war to world relations etc. is done in the interest of capitalism, not in the interest of immigrants, citizens or other countries.

    This is a country where capitalism is practiced at its extreme....

    The drawbacks of capitalism are also seen here in their extremes....

    Exactly when people get into situations like what 'desibechara' described, the socialist healthcare system of Canada scores big way!

    Through my 3 year stay in Canada, I was made to pay 43% of my income as income tax - a lot of people around me would grumble about that, but I for once, have never felt bad about having to pay such high taxes in the interest of a socialist healthcare system...

    It gives such a peace of mind knowing that one never has to worry about getting medical attention all our life...irrespective of our job situation....stories of people having to sell their houses just to get proper medical treatment are just unheard of...

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