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  • meg_z
    11-06 03:16 PM
    More info

    Have not heard anybody being stuck there. Appreciate any comments there. Thanks.

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  • jungalee43
    09-14 05:20 PM
    Following is my draft. Any and all suggestions welcome.
    I still need a link to the testimony of USCIS director confirming wastage of green cards. I would greatly appreciate if someone compiles list of e-mail addresses of judiciary committee members. Please note I would be making calls myself. E-mail is only for colleauges as I can't ask for their time on telephone calls. Here is my dreaft: -

    Dear Member of Congress:
    Congress has an opportunity before it adjourns to help advance U.S. innovation leadership by
    enacting H.R. 5882, a modest, bipartisan bill that would simply “recapture” employment-based
    immigrant visas numbers that Congress authorized in prior fiscal years, but that went unused due
    to government processing delays. H.R. 5882 is a common sense measure that should be enacted
    without delay this year.
    H.R. 5882, which Representative Zoe Lofgren introduced with Representative Jim
    Sensenbrenner, would help reduce visa backlogs by recapturing Congressionally authorized EB green cards from prior fiscal years that went unused due to bureaucratic delays.

    What is H.R. 5882?
    By recapturing unused green cards H.R. 5882 would address the issues of justice, equality, fairness and efficiency; at least temporarily.
    H.R. 5882 addresses a very important issue of discrimination of high skilled immigrants in the US immigration system on the basis of their country of birth. As per the current law the quota of employment based green card is equally distributed to applicants on the basis of their country of birth. No single country can take more than 7% of the annual quota of 140,000 green cards. Thus the applicants born in two countries India and China, who contribute more than 50% of the high skilled immigrants, have to wait lot longer than applicants born in other country. Simply put an applicant born in XYZ country gets green card in six months and applicants born in India or China with exact same skill sets & exact same contribution to US economy has to wait for years and years indefinitely for his/her green card.
    In addition to this, due to bureaucratic delays, a lot of green cards go unused from the annual quota of 140,000 every year resulting in processing backlog stretching up to decades.

    What H.R. 5882 is not?
    H.R. 5882 is not an amnesty. It does not legalize any illegal immigrant. It does not provide any waiver to any unlawful stay or unlawful activity in the US.
    It does not increase congressionally authorized immigration limits. It does not authorize even one extra green card than what is authorized by congress.
    It does not take jobs away from US, rather helps keep the job in US.

    It is very important to note that the overflow of visa numbers in the family based immigration system is transferred to employment based system but NEVER vice versa.

    All the high skilled immigrants who are in green card limbo are in this country for many years now and contributing to economy, paying taxes. They have steady jobs and during the three stages process of green card it has been established multiple times that a US citizen or permanent resident is not available for that job. Close to million applicants are limbo due to bureaucratic delays and country based quota system. If they get green cards they are in position to buy new house, car, start new business etc. there by making significant contribution to economy.

    I request you to support the passage of the bill through US congress.

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  • abuddyz
    01-17 04:01 PM
    here is some information I found at many places... i have mentioned one URL as a reference..

    DOS (Department of State) states that KCC is responding to consular posts within 48 hours and usually within hours, but occasionally the wait is two or more days. Thus, a visa applicant should prepare for additional delays in the issuance of a visa at a U.S. Consulate abroad.

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  • rpat1968
    10-26 03:19 PM
    @ fatjoe

    I am not getting through. It just keeps ringing. Has anyone called Ombudsman number and got to speak to anyone?


    Send Email Inquiry to CIS-Ombudsman @ referring to your case include your Full Name, A# and ask them the status. You will get response with in 1 hour.


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  • arunkotte
    06-28 11:58 PM
    Which address are you guys using? Coz FedEx won`t ship to PO box. I am confused??

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  • lazycis
    01-24 01:18 PM
    I have send emails to my credit card company and the people who processed the payment and none of them have been able to help me.

    You should just fill a dispute form and send it to your credit card issuer. It's probably not too late. The bank can and should refund you the overpay.


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  • Winner
    09-10 12:04 PM
    Got CPO email around 10.45 am today for both me and my wife. Big thanks to IV. Big thanks to Pappu, Jay, Aman, Anu ad all my wonderful IV friends. I will also continue supporting Iv and activities time to time.

    Congratulations! You deserve it!

    Thanks for all your efforts.

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  • jasmin45
    07-11 12:31 PM

    This is same as Reuters piece though! but would suggest to include and bump the count on medias


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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-07 12:51 PM
    The letter campaign resulted in 5000 odd letters from the entire EB community. This included efforts from some very hardworking IV people who did not spend time on the forums but went out and collected 100s of letters, one collected more than a thousand letters. So i am guessing that not more than 2000 EB folks got their collective butts to participate in the letter campaign.

    if you expect EB2 I and the so call US educated (i am too, hence i can use 'so called') folks to stop chatting on the forums and send money and letters in the tens of thousands, then please tell me want you smoke --- i would like to inhale some of that magic too.

    good luck towards your efforts. if you make it happen then, in all honesty, i would also like to nominate you to the core team, if you dont then i have a bridge in brooklyn that i want to sell.

    Good for you...

    People if you don't wake up now it will be too late. There are thousands of cases like this...

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  • gandu_no1
    07-13 10:56 AM
    Good idea kumar1, once this rollercoaster ride is over and settled.. we should start an anti-Lou Dobbs Youtube session. I will definately contribute in whatever way I can.. uploading videos, editing etc.

    Lou Dobbs and CNN runs an hour long "Hate Immigrants" Program every night Monday to Friday. He repeatedly calls US immigration as a failed system, H1-B and cheap labor and stealing American jobs, he has big problem with China and China's developing economy, He blames foreigners for bad economic condition of California. He proudly uses the word "Illegal Alien". His program "Lou Dobbs Tonight" is nothing less that someone in Iran running a hate show against America. Lou Dobb always called CIR as "So Called Grand Amnesy"! Once this July visa bulletin fiasco settles down, we need to get together and attack this guy, every night so that he can stop his hate propoganda.


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  • msadiqali
    09-15 02:43 PM
    Got Card Production Ordered today..

    Priority Date - Nov 2005, EB2

    Got an RFE last month, approved after RFE was responded..

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  • aruny5
    09-09 01:49 PM
    Elton Gallegly (R-CA) 202-225-5811
    Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) 202-225-5431
    Dan Lungren (R-CA) 202-225-5716
    J. Randy Forbes (R-VA) 202-225-6365
    Louie Gohmert (R-TX) 202-225-3035

    called these 5 representative during lunch time. Operator who picks the phone is taking messages by him / her self. I think they are getting lots of calls (most probably from NumbersUSA). These operators won't let you speak for more than 1 min.


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  • h1techSlave
    01-07 12:58 PM
    Kerry said he will consider citizenship for >5 years. So there was some support for the idea in the political circles. We will just have to dust off those things.

    Just the other day I was dreaming that Obama will pass a rule that all those who are here in US legally for 10 years + will get citizenship....:):) Maybe I was dreaming too much...

    Hope that dream becomes true for many of us.....Keep this thread alive, maybe we can motivate the Congress to pass this rule.

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  • DesiGuy
    09-11 11:31 AM
    ok, thanks

    check this out, i posted a 101 on 'how bill becomes a law'

    created a seperate thread so this one can stay focussed call campaign.


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  • alias
    08-07 12:15 PM
    No thats not what I am saying. Let me repeat what I am saying and this comes out of the draft I am working with a lawyer
    The interpretation of the intent of the law by USCIS is flawed and should be reconsidered given the enormous backlogs in various categories.

    1. If the people are allowed to move between the categories it will just move the backlog from one line to another penalizing the ones already in that line.
    2. It does not provides an equal opportunity to the people already in that line to move to other category who are patiently waiting for their turn.
    3. The porting is subject to gaming and the people who know how to work the system will be the most benefitted by this.
    4. It will also eleminate any potential for the spill of visa numbers from Eb2 to Eb3 category as Eb2 itself will be backlogged

    It should be noted that the immigration benefits are associated with a job requirements and not a person's qualifications. Changing a GC category should not be allowed except in certain extraordinary circumstances and through appropriate changes in the law.

    Mpadap, your arguments are valid but not pertinent to what I am trying to do. If a person becomes elligible , he/she must be allowed to apply for the positions matching his qualifications. Only thing is that he should not benefit from the portability of PD.

    your gramar buddy, This thread is getting funny ...

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  • 485Mbe4001
    05-17 04:08 PM
    Thanks, i will send them and email.
    No, It is not for 140 and i wasnt asked for it when i appliedway back in 2002.

    I didn't experience getting a duplicate certificate, but I think you can try the following service to get such certificate.


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  • needhelp!
    01-11 02:35 PM
    Yeah.. weird right? The only conclusion can be that they DO have a hidden agenda.

    I Unless they have a hidden agenda, they should be supporting IV's letter campaign.

    How is this in conflict? Am I missing something?

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  • GCWorries100
    10-05 02:38 PM
    Let me say congrats first.

    Why it took upto October in your case?

    Mine is April 06- EB2 india. Got RFE. and answered on 29 sep( Received by uscis - 30 Sep) .
    When we can I expect approval?

    Do you can suggest any thing?

    Primary Applicant:
    Priority Date: March 2006
    Got RFE : April 2009
    Got Another RFE : September 1 2010
    Responded to RFE on : September 22 2010
    I-485 Approval : September 28 2010
    Received welcome letter: Oct 4 2010
    Still waiting for the card.

    Applied for wife's 485 - Sept 07 2010
    Got receipt numbers - Oct 4 2010
    Waiting for further process

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  • arnab221
    04-06 07:12 PM

    We rode the same wave even last year with many of the same Guru;s predicting the same movement to 2007 and what we saw 2 weeks movement . There was one person called QSHEMK who after that went completely out of the picture or has rejoined with a new name .

    Also I have analyzed that people who have a date in 2008 somehow predict that the dates might move to 2008 and people who have a PD of July predict that dates will move to August . This is just an observation and nothing more , and if you go through the threads thats exactly what you will see.

    I will be equally benefited as you all will if the predictions come true , but be well prepared for a major heartbreak also like last year .

    While it takes a lot of effort from some of the members to crunch such numbers I would be first to extend my sincere gratitude to them for doing this , I would also recommend you all to take the analysis and predictions with a grain of salt and not to raise your hopes too much on these predictions.

    It has seldom worked for the last 6 years at least . Hope it does this time . I speak from experience in IV since 2006.

    06-26 10:48 AM
    Both me and my wife are here on H1-B visas. I am filing 485 on my own without a lawyer. My wife is going to be my dependent. I have 2 questions:

    Do we both need to fill out I-485s or should I attach a copy of my I-485 alongwith my wife's documents?
    Also, does anyone have a sample covering letter for I-485 application?

    Please reply ASAP.

    06-13 01:25 PM
    gc26...., It seems that you have missed the point again. Any logical person will have the capability to comprehend that this thread is against visa abuse in L1 category.. If you still didn't get it, objective is to explore the options to report abuse of L1. Benefits are: genuine people still get the opportunity, reduce over supply in market, not bring wages down etc.

    Its that simple. If you can give me 1 good reason to not bring this issue up, I can definitely discuss the issue. But, stop giving me this crap about raising voice and being right...

    Totally, non baseless argument by you and Ganguteli...

    I never said raising this issue is illegal. BTW I was not replying to "l1fraud". My comment was directed at "dilipcr" who is of the opinion that Grassley's bill is good and IV core and the forum should support it so that he can have a secure job.

    BTW is l1fraud or others raising this issue out of love for law ? no way. That was my point.

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