Friday, July 1, 2011

Dianna Agron Baby

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  • ponnuswamyp
    09-09 01:56 AM
    I gave FP 2 weeks ahead of the scheduled date. They only checked whether I have a FP notice.

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  • valuablehurdle
    06-27 06:22 PM
    Hello Folks:

    This long wait for Green Card has made me think about a number of things...

    A few days back a couple of my friends have recieved notices from USCIS are sending notices 'Intent to Deny their I-485' w/o any rhyme or reason. Employer says they have not withdrawn their I-140. They said they will appeal but if nothing happens they will go back to India.

    Just worried...if this happens to me and I am forced to go out of the country in 30 days, what happens to my US loans. I do not think I would be able to repay back my home & car loans with an Indian salary if I return. In this market I can only sell at a huge loss. I also used US Line of credit for education purposes. Do I need to file bankruptcy? I am on a EAD right now...

    Any thoughts on this... greatly appreciate

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  • Ectheo
    05-09 10:36 PM
    I was actually thinking of changing the Mothers Day to a diff font....Lemme get that up...

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  • lahiribaba
    01-22 02:50 AM

    The purchase of a piece of property in America, a single-family house, a PUD (planned unit development) or a condo (flat within a condominium) will guarantee you and your family a green card. This is one of the extreme measures implemented to help stall the meteoric fall of the United States economy in light of the economic crisis, Bulgarian weekly Stroitelstvo Gradut reported on January 15.

    Thirty-five accredited investors will have the opportunity to acquire real estate in the south-eastern state of Florida � by purchasing a house � they will be granted a green card for permanent residence and right of employment for the buyer himself and his/her entire family.

    Additional conditions are that the prospective buyer must have a clean criminal record, a good credit record, the ability to present and prove a decent monthly income, and no outstanding financial obligations or credit liabilities. The purchase itself can be done either with cash, bank transfer or monthly instalments, but the financial resource must be proven legitimate.

    The US government has allocated 10 000 such visas nation-wide for potential investors in real esate, under a programme approved by the US Congress. Florida's is the first such programme that has actively been given the green light to commence. Specialists in the field argue that this is the best time to invest and purchase property in America, as prices in some states have been slashed by as much as 25 per cent. Experts argue that within three years' time, however, the market will stabilise and prices will rise.


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  • EndlessWait
    01-13 12:01 PM

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  • kart2007
    06-02 06:43 PM
    Hey I got the same status update for my wife and me today. I think it means we can expect an interview or be called for FP soon. Any more info would be useful.


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  • glus
    06-29 08:11 AM
    Post date is NOT Important. What's important is the "delivered" date. Think about. USCIS can't and is not responsible for postal delays. If one sends a package and somehow it does not get delivered for 14 days, USCIS cannot mark the application received until and when it receives it, period.
    Please check before posting untrue statements. So even if your application reaches the uscis on the July 3rd, but uscis enters your application to the system on August 1st, your filed date will be July 3rd. So don't worry. Make sure your package reaches USCIS in July and you will be OK.

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  • kshitijnt
    01-22 03:37 PM
    Hi Ravi - My wife also got 221(g) while stamping in Mumbai. It looks like they are issuing it to all people with AP. Yesterday we entered US back using AP and did not inform the consulate. If the consulate clears 221(g), you can use it anytime upto next 1 yr. Since you have already paid them the money, why you want to say NO thanks so soon? You can enter US using AP and later inform the consulate or not inform them at all. does it make a difference? Who knows you might have to travel to India and may want to try your luck one more time.


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  • grinch
    06-25 06:13 PM
    Thanks a lot man, apprecitate it! We had a fun battle, definetly again sometime!

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  • solaris27
    06-05 04:41 PM
    Just want to know that is there any law
    which help to get overtime for full time employee.

    I know if you consultant you get paid by hours but not when you become full time employee.


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  • SpookyH1Alien
    10-24 03:13 PM

    I have my I140 approved from a reputed company. My priority date is Nov 30th 2007. I have not been able to file I485 because of the priority date not being current. I am planning to move back to India next year. In the future, if I do wish to come back through family based immigration because my brother is a US citizen, will I be able to use the Nov 30th 2007 priority date toward my family based immigration case.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • aamchimumbai
    02-04 09:40 AM

    This message is for people who left US before AP was approved.

    My wife left for India in Nov'08. Although, we received letter from USCIS that her AP application was approved there was a glitch in their system because we received a RFE after she left. Anyways. We responded to her RFE for photos and we received her approved AP in Dec'08. I left US after I received her AP.

    At the POE (Newark, NJ) the IO did ask us questions about my work, her visa status, etc. nothing major. The IO only requested for my passport/AP and for my wife her H4/AP/passport. We were then taken to a separate area and asked to wait. There were two IOs looking at our passport/AP. BTW, we both don't have H1 and H4 visas stamped in our passport. To his satisfaction, he stamped AOS on our I94 cards. The I94 expiration was one year from the date of entry. To my surprise, he gave both AP copies to me. Anyways.

    I wanted to share this experience because there are ton of people wondering what to do if they need to travel and they don't have approved AP in hand.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


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  • eilsoe
    10-22 03:59 PM
    The best way to learn filters is to just throw them around a bit :)

    One can make a million different effects starting with the render->clouds filter.. :)

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  • immigration_confused
    07-26 07:35 PM
    My brother is in Toronto, Canada for a conference. He has an H1B extension which is not stamped. At the US airport before boarding the toronto flight they took his old expired I-94 (from previous H1B). He currently has his I-797 (H1B) petition that has the I-94 at the end.

    1) Can he use that I-94 to enter the US (his new H1B extension is not stamped). His stay is only for 4 days in Toronto.
    2) If not then what are his other options (except for H1B stamping as there are no dates in toronto)

    Would appreciate any advice as soon as possible.



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  • saimrathi
    03-08 02:47 PM
    My PD is Mar 2005, and a status check reveals that my application is "IN Process". When can I expect to clear Labor Certification? What is the current PD they are processing?:confused:

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  • thakkarbhav
    08-10 04:19 PM
    Looks like it is mistake. Is it your second FP appt? It is possible that they already have FP with them and I 140 and I 485 both approved on the same date - within an hour difference.


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  • pod1
    10-21 12:42 AM
    I am in 6th year of my H1B. It is expiring in Aug 2011.

    Here are some details:
    - My I-140 is approved with a priority date of Aug 2006 under EB2-India.
    - I did not apply for I-485 so I do not have a EAD.
    - My wife is also on H1B which expires in Aug 2012.

    Here are my questions:
    1) If I apply for H1B extension in July 2011 under regular processing and assuming it takes 4-5 months for USCIS to process the application, can I still continue to work? For how many days can I work if visa renewal is still in processing after the visa has expired.
    2) If I get a denial of H1B extension do I become out of status from the date of denial or from the day H1B got expired?
    3) If I get a denial of H1B extension can I immediately apply for H4 as a dependent to my wife's visa without any issues?
    4) If I get a denial of H1B extension, what happens to my I-140? Is it automatically invalid?
    5) If I do convert to H4 status and my priority date becomes current can I apply for I-485?

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  • gcslave
    07-08 05:30 PM
    I didn't get an email, but I checked my case status online and it has changed to Decision today. Waiting to get the snail mail. Hopefully, it will move to card production ordered soon. My wife has a FP appt on Jul 15, so I wasn't expecting to get approval before that, but I guess sometimes the surprises are pleasant.
    PD - Mar 21, 2005

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  • knowDOL
    05-22 05:12 PM
    1. YES
    2. Your employer not only should not revoke your I140 but should not be using the LC for someone else. If he chooses use it for some one else the originla beneficiary will no longer get its benefits.
    3. The condition for three years extension is you are not able to get to I485 because of retrogression so they will give you three years,
    It is possible with a different employer only if the new LC and I140 is approved and you are waiting to file I485.

    This is what I know, but I am not an attorney so better to talk to your (new) company attorney before making the move.

    04-09 07:15 AM
    OFF TOPIC: Ya3, i just found out that i'm two days older than you :to:

    08-19 06:02 AM
    Those who can afford to go to an USCIS office, if you have proper evidence, they issue AP and give it to you right there.

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