Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-10 09:55 AM
    I am sure Mrs Emillo will get lot of flowers tonight :)

    YEP courtesy of a thousand screwed immigrants;)

    You know what lets donate blood, kidneys, brains, hair, other miscallaneous body fluids as well. Lets keep on giving and giving until they get the message that "hey these people cant give any more. Lets kick them out and get a fresh new batch of idiots".

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  • abuddyz
    01-07 09:37 AM
    H1 Visa renewal (with a new employer)...earlier H1 visa was stamped in Toronto.
    I-140 pending at NSC since March 07
    Category is Schedule A (now EB3)
    I-485 pending at TSC, EAD and AP approved.
    There was no communication between the consulate and my employer. I guess it was just luck.

    wanted to check one more thing with you.. before how many days you submitted your documents to VFS center in mumbai? (they might have processed PMIS check earlier, after your document submission)

    thanks for taking time to post your details here..

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  • gc4me
    01-09 10:13 AM
    I think we should not mention the bellow point in the letter which we are going send to the president.
    Implement the existing interim rule to allow issuance of multi-year Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) and Advance Parole.

    According to Mr. Aytes, USCIS is already working on it. Why to mention it in the letter?
    That will rather give anti-skill-immigration crying babies one more thing to cry about.

    Now what? Under the new filing fee schedule which took effect after July 29, 2007, issuance of EAD and Advance Parole for the post August 27, 2007 is "free, free, free" for the I-485 filers. Allegedly, the cost is incorporated in the I-485 filing fee of $1,020. The new regulation uses the term of "fee waiver" for EAD and Advance Parole for these I-485 filers. Now, you guessed it! Lo and Behold, the business calculation on EAD and Advance Parole has reversed. The DHS will lose a huge money by issuing single-year EAD and a separate Advance Prole document on a yearly basis over and over since they are free and they will have to keep producing it at no charge every year, which creates a huge workloads consuming its huge human resources and other production costs. This is particularly unacceptable to the agency under the predicted State Department Visa Bulletin for FY 2008 and in the future. Now, from the business standpoint, the DHS may make a huge money by issuing a multi-year EAD which will also function as a travel document. Ahah! No wonder why they are finally coming forward revealing their hidden agenda behind the new fee rule-making and EAD/Advance Parole reform business. Reportedly, Mr. Aytes of USCIS disclosed in a New York AILA conference that the USCIS was currently working on a single multi-year EAD card that will also replace the Advance Parole document. What a smart calculation it was in the new fee rule-making action

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  • BharatPremi
    09-24 01:47 PM

    Thanks for the excellent analysis. One question, your analysis assumes category excess visas goto next category on a per country basis, is this correct ?

    Ans: Yes. In reality nobody is sure how USCIS is spilling over, vertical way, the way which I have assumed here OR horizontal way as per your belief OR combination of both.
    Example, EB-1 china number goto EB-2 China ? I thought all EB-1 China numbers are added to the excess pool and then given to most retrogressed EB2 category ?

    Thanks for anyone who clarifies this.

    No matter how the data is sliced and diced, being EB3-I certainly means a wait time ... :) yes , agreed. No matter how you slice or dice, EB3-I is and will always be "Sautan Ke Chhore" (Step Sons/daughters):)


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  • simple1
    06-10 01:47 PM
    Sorry to hear it.

    Quick question:
    Aren’t intra company transfers supposed to work primarily in sponsor company locations?

    I heard they can serve and visit clients, but can they be based primarily in client’s location ?

    Hi Guys,

    I am pretty new to the forum (as a member), I have been browsing the same for quite some time and found it a good source of information regarding immigration related activities. Right now I am getting removed from my project as one of the top 3 Indian outsourcing firm is dumping their L1 resources at my client site and replacing all the citizens, GCs, EADs, H1 etc. These resources are used in projects managed and controlled by my client (most of them are consulting assignments) and these resources are used on java/.net/oracle projects, these two are violations of L1 visa restrictions set by USCIS, I want to know how and where to complain against this violation and we have all evidence to prove the same (project documents, time sheets, work assignments etc). Please let me know exactly and to which agencies we should complain.

    Thanks in Advance,


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  • jbr
    03-10 01:21 PM
    I have been a reader on this site for years and have contributed to many of the fund raising campaigns. I agree with many of the comments on this thread. Brothers and sisters we need to team up and clamour for fair treatment; let us all contribute with dollars and sweat. I assume most of us on this site can afford to contribute a lot more than we have in the past and the potential rewards (fair opportunity to Immigration) are immense.

    I have personally been in the US for ten years and believe I have contributed to the society a lot - while being a law abiding tax payer (I wish I could use the word citizen). And my story is not any different from any of yours. Why then we haven't gotten what we deserve at this point, afterall we have earned it by our sweat. The reason is we haven't realized our strength: in numbers, in dollars and in our contribution to the American society. No one is going to listen until we make our plight known to the public at large and to the law makers.

    Some thoughts on how to go about doing it. We need a detailed plan with names of volunteers who can contribute their time. The plan should also include a list of key law-makers we are going to contact and how. All of this will cost money - so the first thing to do is support the fund-raising efforts. I also think we need to increase the fund-raising target by a lot; because the stakes are so high.

    I apologize if I have wasted anyone's time with a long post. And I thank all of you for caring for one another and by sharing so much info with all the silent readers of this site. I have learned more about immigration from this site than my employer or immigration attroneys could ever share with me.

    I will now put my money where my mouth is by making a contribution to Immigration Voice.


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  • royus77
    06-29 06:08 PM
    To make it look politically correct, I guess the new revised buletin won't be out till the end of 1st week july. They will make it look natural and stop taking new applications from 9th. :D

    let hope for that

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  • Lasantha
    05-17 10:25 AM
    Hey Guys,
    Can you please tell me in what form you get your advance parole (AP)? Is it like a Visa stamp on your passport or is it a temperory card like the EAD?


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  • veni001
    04-05 04:58 PM
    If I am not wrong, buffering wud be to take in new 485 applications, process them and keep them ready.

    In that context, most of the applications till 07/07 have been preadjudicated, new buffer wud require dates to be pushed to 07/07 or later.

    I would think they move to 07/07 first to see any missing demand to appear in the next month or two and then move significantly, if needed, in the final quarter!

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  • gc_chahiye
    01-25 04:46 PM
    I have flown lot of airlines ..I was in merchant navy before.

    are'nt you supposed to go in boats and ships when you are in the navy? :D


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  • needhelp!
    01-10 12:47 PM
    I thought pappu said these points have already been discussed with administration, and we are running this campaign because there have been positive signals.

    Lets rest our fears and trust the fixes and do our parts in this.

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  • pani_6
    08-21 04:58 PM
    As per your profile
    Labor Approval Date: 04/21/2003 I140 Mailed Date: 05/05/2007

    May I ask you the reason for 4 year gap for I-140 filing? Are you using Labor Substitution?

    One more -
    Since you are waiting for decade, I assume your PD is 1998 or 1999. Is that correct?

    03 is my pd..not approval date..mine was bec'ed.yes from about 01..


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  • kaisersose
    03-26 12:52 PM
    I had a reqruiter discussing a great job opportunity and finally when it came to the status thing, it was my mistake, i said "I have EAD". She said "That's fine" and never got back to me, she said she will be in touch via email but never did that.

    So this is a pattern now.

    Reqruiters and HR know they can say "Sorry we do not sponser visas" so they say it without any issue but not EAD.

    I am just baffled as to why are some people so fussy about EAD. Isn't EAD holders a piece of cake for the company? People with skills and eligible to work for any employer????

    I am sure the hiring managers would love to bring good people on board. But unfortunately, these reqruiters and HR are creating the mess.

    Looks like for reqruiters, they think they can just apply the filter to lessen their burden on collecting resumes.

    The problem here is, she may not have responded back for some other reason. We cannot assume the EAD is always the reason. We cannot know unless they explicity say so, as I experienced yesterday.

    My wife had her resume on monster under the GC cateogry (they do not have an EAD category as far as I know). She was interviewed and selected and when submitting her I-9, she put in her EAD details and attached a copy. No one raised a hoot at any point.

    There are only some sections rejecting EADs either because of ignorance or due to the additional work required in screening EAD candidates as the recruiter explained to me.

    It may also be a good idea for people who recently had success with EADs to post their cases here or people will begin to get anxious about their work status as no one really knows how long they will be stuck with EADs.

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  • HV000
    08-10 09:45 AM
    These are stupid quotes that will only make the situation worse. The real solution is to make the fingerprinting independent of the green card process. There is no point in trying to push for a faster name check in the post 9-11 world, it will be shot down legitimately. We need to make sensible suggestions not demands.



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  • bestofall
    08-21 12:40 PM
    I dont think it's true, I saw these rates are under international calling plan, so we are not signing up to that plan, so I would strongly believe that all cell phone calls are included to India, the same thing you can see when we click on the 60 countires find out with the tech support guys and keep update here to get the accurate answer on this...

    I just spoke to customer service .they mentioned all cell calls to india are free under this WORLD plan.who ever is signing up , can proceed , can call customer service to confirm this as well to avoid any surprise charges

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  • walking_dude
    10-29 10:55 AM
    First and foremost thing we have to understand is that these Memos (Yates and Aytes Memos on AC21) are not legally binding on either USCIS, or the IO issuing denials. They are mere "internal" USCIS guidelines that have no legal standing. There is no option available to us right now, other than requesting (pleading) with USCIS that they follow these guidelines as it's hurting the applicants and their families. And that's what we are doing now, by sending these letters to USCIS top honchos.

    I have posted a detailed blog entry on this matter


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  • cse_us
    03-25 04:53 PM
    I knew friends in Kaiser who were hired on H1 and got GC through Kaiser..
    How the hell can they justify filing new GCs, but not accepting EAD!?

    Kaiser stopped hiring on H1 since 2003. They used to hire on EADs until last week.

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  • rajpatelemail
    01-06 04:22 PM
    Vivek Ahuja

    These people are aggressive but with out reality based thoughts...
    What you guys are thinking....

    Do anybody care for this type of issues...

    Working towards getting GC and related things make sense..But not this one.

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  • needhelp!
    01-14 03:59 PM
    Please check out first few posts on this thread. New templates have been added. Please start using the new ones as well.

    08-07 02:11 PM
    What is you PD?

    I asked this earlier, may be you missed it, so, let me ask you again...
    What is your PD.



    Sunnysurya is busy trying to get people for the lawsuit. He will not reply to you.

    According to IV Tracker, his EB2 PD is Nov 2005. He has filed in Nebraska.


    06-23 06:00 PM

    My company's attorney filed for my PERM and I-140. After I-140 approval the attorney kept the original I-140 and sent me the courtesy copy of the approval. I am now going to file for my I-485 on my own.

    My question is -

    Can I make a photocopy of the courtesy copy of this I-140 approval and use it to file my I-485?

    P.S: Courtesy copy is NOT the photocopy of the original I-140. It is a copy that USCIS sends in addition to the orinial approval.

    I am in the same situation, and I plan to include photocopy of my courtesy copy of my I-140 with other docs, as I am filing AOS by myself. If anyone else had the same issue, please share your exp.

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