Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • vinmes
    10-23 02:47 PM
    Bono, did you ever visit to offer your voice over services? You can put your demos there and those needing voice actors can find you. Good luck.

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  • ursosweet
    07-17 08:06 PM
    Hi everybody
    My lawyer had filed my 485 eb2 on july 2 (under july bulletin).
    Now that the bulletin has been re-instated, i am getting nervous thinking if my lawyer filed the application complete or in a hurry she missed something. Obviously, i do not think it'll be right to ask her if she filed it properly.
    Under what circumstances can the application be rejected right away even before they have issued the WAC#??

    and my 140 is pending....what happens if my lawyer forgot to attach the 140 reciept? Can they still send it back??


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  • fromnaija
    06-28 03:52 PM

    I am currently using EAD. My I-485 is pending status. I am planning to get married in India soon. She will be in India as I can not bring her on H4 and student visa is difficult. So dilemma is about 485 name addition. Can I add spouse's name in I-485 application whenever Priority Date is current?

    If yes, then how does it work? I mean is it possible at all?

    As long as you get married before your I-485 is approved, you can file a 'follow-to-join' petition for your spouse when your priority date becomes current. You will need to submit I-824 when your PD becomes current. Your spouse will obtain an immigrant visa overseas after the petition is approved.
    You may contact an immigration attorney if you cannot file this on your own and require help.

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  • Berkeleybee
    03-29 02:56 PM
    Once again, I urge people to take discussions of individual cases to Immigration Portal.

    See our posting guidelines ( visible above the forum threads.

    "Please note that the purpose of our forums is to discuss our campaign and agenda. We want to foster a positive, constructive, discussion about our cause. Solutions for individual cases and problems, debates on the benefits of living in different countries etc. are better addressed on forums like Immigration Portal.

    Posts that denigrate members, potential members or even anti-immigrant groups are not welcome - such posts are against Immigration Voice principles."

    When my paperwork was transferred from CSC to TSC I posted on Immigration Portal not IV. We need IV forums to focus on activism.



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  • ameryki
    03-17 04:53 PM
    i have read some place in this forum that as long as you maintain your full time primary job you are entitled to use your ead for other smaller assignments without losing your H1 status. But then again I am not a lawyer just sharing what I have read.

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  • GC Struggle
    04-09 09:23 AM
    NSC is going very tough on A2P issues. I have had a A2P issues on my 140 with Nebraska. Suggest you hire a good attorney and you can resolve this in your favour. PM me if you need any additional information.


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  • kasanski33
    05-03 05:18 PM
    I am a little confused. I just got my H1B extension done recently and my attorney sent me a letter saying that if I go out of the country for stamping I need to make sure my Passport is valid beyond the H1B period.

    My passport expires in May 2008 and my current H1 is valid till July 2010. Does anyone see any issues in going for stamping in India in July 2007 with my current passport and later on some time next year applying for a new Indian passport.

    Appreciate your help

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  • dilbert_cal
    03-09 05:51 PM
    Answer Embedded

    Need your help..

    Post MBA (since Jun'06), I am working with a new employer. My previous employer (bachelor degree), filed for my labor in Nov'04 and I left this company in Jun'06; howevr employer didn't withdrew my labor application. My labor with previous employer was approved in Feb'07. I have good relation with my previous employer and they are ready to file my I-140; I have few questions regarding this:

    Can my previous employer file I-140, even if I am not working with them?

    If I-140 is approved, would I able to transfer the PD to my new employer, when he initiates my labor application.
    YES, you would need a copy of the I-140 and since you have good relations, it should not be an issue
    Once I transfer my PD, can my previous employer use this approved LC for other candidate?
    This is a grey area. Not sure but I believe post-April, approved LC would have a validity of 45 days or so - so it may not be reusable. From your point of view, I'm not sure if the LC does get reused, does it impact your PD or not - my take is it doesnt but I'm not a lawyer.

    Based on my new qualifications (MBA), my job description has changed totally compared to my previous job.

    Thanks in advance..


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  • raviram1980
    03-14 12:48 PM
    Thanks a lot for your replies. I will ask my brother to take a proof from the college before going.

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  • skp71
    04-02 11:58 AM
    Some good thing is going to happen for EB3 category or not? I hope all the efforts we put are not goin to waste...


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  • anilkumar0902
    12-25 09:26 AM
    You are safe. Once you have reached I-485 stage, it is all about you and not your employer. You mentioned that you already changed to a new employer. Technically, your old employer should've revoked your old I-140 after your move. Since, you moved to a new employer you are indicating that your new employer also has a new job that matches your initial Labor application. You have nothing to worry about your old employer closing down.

    Enjoy your EAD/AP and hope you get your GC soon.


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  • wandmaker
    11-07 03:51 PM
    Your receipt notice will show "receipt date" as July 3 - Oct 10 as Notice Date, thats when they entered your case into the system. If you end up with USCIS rep level 1, they say received date as Oct 10 as they don't have vicinity to Receipt Date. when I called to check the status of my AP, rep said, they receipted (noticed date) my case on 10/2 - it will take 3-6 months to get AP as TSC processing application entered on 7/17.

    I got my receipt numbers by calling USCIS on Oct 12.


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  • cool_desi_gc
    06-25 07:00 AM
    I got FP notice inside 2 weeks of submitting my EAD application. I am in TSC. Again FP depends on when you last Finger prints. I dont everyone 'HAS' to get FP.

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  • honge_kamyaab
    10-02 09:13 AM
    Did manager's amendment get approved with Border bill? What the course of action for manger's amendment.
    Can someone throw some light on this.


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  • CADude
    09-28 04:28 PM
    If USCIS are not giving RN in 90 days. How they will give EAD in 90 days or they will give EAD with RN :) All these are to confuse the congress where we are complaining. :mad: D

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  • Dakshini R. Sen
    06-24 11:34 PM
    Enter your employer's name and address in question number 15. The advice you have got from the IO is not correct. You will not be put into deportation the moment you lose your job. You have time to either transfer your H1 or file a petition for a change of status to another classification.

    Dakshini R. Sen, P.C.
    Law Offices of Dakshini R. Sen P.C. , Immigration Lawyer US. (


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  • kishdam
    02-22 10:17 AM

    I know there has been lot of discussions on things to do and not to do after changing jobs - but seems like there is no definitive conclusion. Thought of getting opinion on following:
    (i) Generally people suggest to send G28 to change the lawyer representation - this helps in tracking what is going on without missing any RFE's.
    (ii) Regarding AC21 letter informing USCIS there are contradicting advice even from lawyers - some say that dont do anything until they issue an RFE. Thinking here is that we would attract USCIS attention by sending an AC21 letter that could potentially delay. By not sending the letter they might just approve without any questions.

    Based on this, I initially thought of sending just G28 but not AC21 letter. But once we send G28 to change lawyer representation, my application get USCIS's attention anyway - so I am thinking why not send AC21 letter as well as a back up.

    Any opinions?

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  • tradahoo
    11-05 10:53 PM
    what i mean is i am currently working full time with Company A. But I am thinking of making additional income by working for another company on part time basis. Can I file another concurrent H1? And if this concurrent H1 will be based on annual H1 quota?

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  • moonrah
    07-29 09:31 PM
    Again, any help will be appreciated.

    08-30 10:12 AM
    My current reporting structure with my employer is:
    Client -> Prime Vendor -> Consultant X -> My employer

    Another consultant is ready to transfer my visa and the reporting structure there is

    Client -> Prime Vendor -> My employer

    A prime vendor (not the same client) is also ready to transfer my visa

    Client -> My employer

    I am planning to transfer it to either (or both) of the above two companies. Will there be a problem in those two companies filing for a tranfer at (approx) the same time?

    Is there a way I can ask an attorney directly (I am willing to pay for that service)
    It is not an issue. You can hold/apply for any number of H1s at the same time.

    03-31 08:02 AM

    Need some urgent help here..

    One of my friend is working for X employer on L1 Visa since 2007. He applied for H1B visa through Y company in 2008 quota, luckily he got it but never joined the company. Now his L1 visa is about to expire.

    Question is

    What will happen to his H1B visa after L1 visa renewal ?

    Thanks in advance

    When the H1B was approved if COS was filed and approved, your friend is in trouble. The moment the H1B was approved with COS - means the H1B was coming into effect based on the effective date and L1 was gone. But if your friend did not join the company who sponsored the H1B and still working with L1 - he is out of status. L1 was invalid and he didnot join the H1B sponsor. Effectively he does not have any visa now.

    But if the H1B was not filed as COS - Change of Status, he is fine. Now if you go to renew the L1, he would lose the H1B. Whatever the latest visa became valid. So if he wants to switch over to H1B and if its not expired, he may need to file for COS.

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