Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-09 06:54 PM
    What you guys are talking about ... Walter reed is the best place for the flowers to go, with all what is going on in there ... the media will eat this news . DO not Cancel whatever you Do do not cancel instead call the media and let them know........... This is even better.

    Can we do a blood drive next as protest! seriously. Donate blood as protest and for media attention.

    Sure lets donate our KIDNEYS next!! This whole campaign sounds more and more ridiculous!!

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  • ksircar
    06-29 03:46 PM
    May be trying to increase hits their website.

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  • abhis0
    09-16 06:26 PM
    My I-140 approved by NSC and my I-485 now pending with NSC. No Texas listed. :D

    Good for you buddy...Congrats....

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  • GCwaitforever
    03-26 11:05 AM
    Always complain, even if there is no hard proof. The companies may not tell you on your face that they do not hire EADs. But the hiring manager or recruiter must be acting on a policy made elsewhere in the company, directed by some higher-up officials. It will be written somewhere. In that case, OSC can ask for archived e-mails, and phone conversations for a record of discrimination. If discrimination is proved, company is liable for fines, and the higher-up official is sacked. If there is no official communication, the company can claim that the hiring manager or recruiter is acting on his/her own and it is not the company policy. Then the hiring manager or recruiter is fired and the company pledges to enforce the rules strictly. Always a positive outcome for us.

    Complain to EEOC also in addition to OSC. Double the pressure on the erring company and you would see quick results.


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  • nilcritz
    05-23 03:33 PM

    I do not have medical records to prove that I have taken some of the vaccination that is mandatory for the medical test. However, I do have taken those and my Doctor back in India has those records. Is there a way people know that these records in "any format" / a "specific format" can be faxed or fedexed here and can be used?

    Any help will be highly apprciated.

    - N

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  • hibhagya
    06-25 03:22 PM
    Hi everyone,

    I have 2004 W2 but cant seem to find my tax return. I have 2003, 2005, 2006tax returns but not 2004. What can I do to get that return. Please any advice will be nice.


    Call IRS they will send your return in a week though they say it takes 3 weeks to recieve your return.


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  • TeddyKoochu
    10-06 11:50 AM
    Many Many congratulations SOP, I have been reading and following your case. Your case is one of the best glowing example that persistence to truth always pays, sometimes the path maybe tough but never give up and never say die. All the best to you and your family, must have been a very special feeling that all the effort finally resulted in success.

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  • cbpds
    04-05 04:51 PM
    If I am not wrong, buffering wud be to take in new 485 applications, process them and keep them ready.

    In that context, most of the applications till 07/07 have been preadjudicated, new buffer wud require dates to be pushed to 07/07 or later.

    If they add EB2ROW Fall across numbers(6-8k) from first 6 months it will be 20K towards EB2IC backlog. USCIS may need buffer since all pending cases are not pre-adjudicated and some cases will be denied.

    20k can clear all back log until 01-JAN if they need buffer they can move to 01-MAR-2007( 2 months or 5k) or 01-MAY -2007 (4 months or 10k), worst case can go to 01-AUG-2007(7 months or 15k)! my guesstimate.;)


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  • lutherpaul
    09-29 09:00 AM
    What was the LUD you received on Sep 17th? I got the same msg on 09/09, but nothing after that. Is your online status changed to card production?
    There is no message. Just a soft update on the date. I just called USCIS and no news was disclosed and asked to wait for another 30 days for response.

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  • Macaca
    12-05 04:45 PM
    AMY GOODMAN: Our guest for the hour is Lou Dobbs, well known as the CNN anchor of Lou Dobbs Tonight. In May, the New York Times published a critical article about you, Lou.

    LOU DOBBS: [inaudible]

    AMY GOODMAN: It was called �Truth, Fiction and Lou Dobbs.� Columnist David Leonhardt wrote, �Mr. Dobbs has a somewhat flexible relationship with reality.� Leonhardt highlighted this profile about you that aired on CBS�s 60 Minutes.

    LESLEY STAHL: One of the issues he tackles relentlessly is illegal immigration. And on that, his critics say his advocacy can get in the way of the facts.

    LOU DOBBS: Tuberculosis, leprosy, malaria?

    LESLEY STAHL: Following a report on illegals carrying diseases into the US, one of the correspondents on his show, Christine Romans, told Dobbs that there had been 7,000 cases of leprosy in the US in the past three years.

    CHRISTINE ROMANS: Leprosy, in this country

    LOU DOBBS: Incredible.

    LESLEY STAHL: We checked that and found a report issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services saying 7,000 is the number of leprosy cases over the last thirty years, not the past three, and nobody knows how many of those cases involve illegal immigrants.

    [interviewing Dobbs] Now, went to try and check that number, 7,000�we can�t. Just so you know�

    LOU DOBBS: I can tell you this: if we reported it, it�s a fact.

    LESLEY STAHL: You can�t tell me that. You did report it�

    LOU DOBBS: No, I just did.

    LESLEY STAHL: How can you guarantee that to me?

    LOU DOBBS: Because I�m the managing editor, and that�s the way we do business. We don�t make up numbers, Lesley, do we?

    AMY GOODMAN: A day after the 60 Minutes report aired, Lou Dobbs discussed the issue on his program with his reporter, the CNN reporter Christine Romans.

    LOU DOBBS: Then there was a question about some of your comments, Christine, following one of your reports. I told Lesley Stahl we don�t make up numbers, and I will tell everybody here again tonight, I stand 100% behind what you said.

    CHRISTINE ROMANS: That�s right, Lou. We don�t make up numbers here. This is what we reported. We reported: �It�s interesting, because the woman in our piece told us that there were about 900 cases of leprosy for forty years. There have been 7,000 in the past three years. Leprosy, in this country.� I was quoting Dr. Madeleine Cosman, a respected medical lawyer and medical historian. Writing in The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, she said: �Hansen�s disease��that�s the other modern name, I guess, for leprosy��Hansen�s disease was so rare in America that in forty years only 900 people were afflicted. Suddenly, in the past three years America has more than 7,000 cases of leprosy,� Lou.

    LOU DOBBS: It�s remarkable that this�whatever, confusion or confoundment over 7,000 cases. They actually keep a registry of cases of leprosy. And the fact that it rose was because of�one assumes, because we don�t know for sure�but two basic influences: unscreened illegal immigrants coming into this country, primarily from South Asia, and the�secondly, far better reporting.

    CHRISTINE ROMANS: That�s what Dr. Cosman told us, Lou.

    LOU DOBBS: And, you know, in talking with a number of people, it�s also very clear no one knows, but nearly everyone suspects, there are far more cases of that. It is also, I think, interesting, and I think important to say, one of the reasons we screen people coming into this country is to deal with communicable diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis. The fact is, if we would just screen successfully, all of those diseases can be treated effectively, efficiently and relatively quickly.

    AMY GOODMAN: That�s Lou Dobbs on the show. The source behind the claim that there was a spike of 7,000 new cases of leprosy was a controversial medical attorney named Madeleine Cosman. In 2005, she described undocumented immigrants as �deadly time bombs, because of the diseases they bring into the country.� Cosman, who died last year, has also been criticized for these comments she made about Mexican men.

    MADELEINE COSMAN: Recognize that most of these bastards molest girls under age twelve, some as young as age five, others age three. Although, of course, some specialize in boys, some specialize in nuns, some are exceedingly versatile and rape little girls age eleven and women up to age seventy-nine.

    What is important here is the psychiatric defenses: Why do they do what they do? They do not need a jail; they need a hospital. They are depraved because they were deprived in their home country. But more important is the cultural defense: they suffer from psychiatric cognitive disjuncture, for what does a poor man do if in his home country of Mexico in his jurisdiction if rape is ranked lower than cow stealing? Of course, he will not know how to behave here in strange America. This is thoroughly reprehensible.

    AMY GOODMAN: Madeleine Cosman, that�s her quote. She actually is not a medical doctor. She�s a Renaissance author and scholar of sorts. Lou Dobbs?

    LOU DOBBS: What would you have me say, Amy? Because what�the reality is what you don�t say, is that Leonhardt�s piece was filled with errors. Secondly, Madeleine Cosman, as we learned following that report in Physicians and Surgeons, the publication, is precisely what you styled her: she is a wack�or was a wackjob. But the New York Times didn�t know that, either. If you would read the obituary for Madeleine Cosman in the New York Times�have you done that, by the way? She died a year ago, which was, by the way, a year after we had used her as a source in a report, along with other people. Did you read that obituary? Did you find that the New York Times had come to basically the same conclusion we had, that she was a credible source? Because if you read that obituary, it is glowing and filled with plaudits for Madeleine Cosman. And so�

    JUAN GONZALEZ: Well, but, Lou, I think the issue�

    LOU DOBBS: But I must�no, no. I am going to say this�

    JUAN GONZALEZ: The issue is that we, as journalists�

    LOU DOBBS: To go through a body of

    JUAN GONZALEZ: �all have our own responsibility to�

    LOU DOBBS: No, listen to me, Juan�

    JUAN GONZALEZ: No, no, no, no, no, Listen�

    LOU DOBBS: �because at least we can have some civility�


    LOU DOBBS: �to go through this and try to convey that this is a body of work. I spoke for eight seconds after that report on tuberculosis and the screening of illegal immigrants into this country. For eight seconds. And you�re trying to project this as if it is reflective of a body of work. And that, I think, is�I think�

    JUAN GONZALEZ: No, but, Lou, the issue�

    LOU DOBBS: I would hope that you would be embarrassed by that.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: No, Lou, the issue is�

    AMY GOODMAN: You�re the managing director of your show�

    LOU DOBBS: I am the managing director.

    AMY GOODMAN: �and editor of your show.

    LOU DOBBS: And let me ask you a question: how many�how many people are on the registry for Hansen�s disease in this country?

    JUAN GONZALEZ: 7,000, total.

    LOU DOBBS: It�s over 7,000, correct.

    AMY GOODMAN: For thirty years.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: For thirty years.

    LOU DOBBS: Absolutely.

    AMY GOODMAN: You said over the last three years because of illegal immigration.

    LOU DOBBS: And what did we say? Did I say because of illegal immigration?


    LOU DOBBS: I said no one knows, but one assumes primarily, because they�re not being screened. That�s what the doctors at the Hansen centers were telling us. Secondly, the issue of�if you want to, I mean, explode eight seconds into a whole body of discussion, fine. The reality is, I think you would agree, that if we were screening illegal immigrants, as well as legal immigrants, we would probably have a heck of a lot less in the way of tuberculosis in this country, and Hansen�s disease.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: OK, Lou, I�d like to get into�take this in a much deeper perspective than just the particular fact�

    LOU DOBBS: I hope so.


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  • meg_z
    11-06 03:16 PM
    More info

    Have not heard anybody being stuck there. Appreciate any comments there. Thanks.

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  • gc_on_demand
    08-21 12:48 PM
    Ok, I had hoped not to bite the bait, but I am human, nothing recharges and roils like someone saying "you are EB3, you are worthless compared to US the mighty EB2s".

    The misleading continues

    1) "VDLRAO" (no disrespect to his prediction capabilities) says EB2 will be current soon, so why are you raising this voice.

    Well, if it is going to be current soon enough, then any action to redirect EB1 numbers should not be a cause of concern for EB2s should it? If you are going to become current soon, then it means there aren't many people waiting in the queue.

    2) We should support the visa recapture

    You all are assuming that EB3 does not support it. Unlike me, most EB3s are very active in calling, contributing and supporting those events. I have personal reservations about asking for a change in law when I am the direct beneficiary (I feel like those big oil companies who use their clout to get laws favourable to them, nothing wrong, just that I dont like to do it). Having said that, I have no problems in asking and demanding that the law be applied as written.

    Once I have my GC done with, I intend to write to the representatives that barring progressive experience in the same company rule should be removed, because it is the experience that matters, not where you get it. Why should someone who chooses to be loyal be discriminated against another who has no qualms about his company's future.

    3) You dont have the law on your side, USCIS/DOS only implements the law.

    Some within EB2 concede that the law is fuzzy, while others claim there is no basis for our campaign here. Well, there was no basis for so many things that IV has accomplished, and yet, most people accept that we are better off in some ways compared to pre-IV. If you believe that we have no basis, then why bother dissing us? We will make ourselves look like fools. If you believe the law is fuzzy, then you should realize that current interpretation is your luck, not your right.

    If I am not wrong VDLRAO is predicting Eb2 will be current with in a year if USCIS continue horizontal spillover. What is wrong with you..


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  • funny
    09-09 03:18 PM
    Keep calling guys.. Let beat NumberUSA in short time.

    Just called every on on the list except the co-sponsers and steve King, Was able to get to each office and conveyed the message.

    Keep calling guys..

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  • sri1309
    03-10 12:11 PM
    VERY GOOD START. Thanks. Atlast, I am getting lot of positive comments and thoughts about the Citizenship. Let every one start working on this. Please post your response from your Senetor on your call.


    Good job in creating the thread. Around the time when you started this or little before I too created one more asking Citizenship (I'm sure many more might have, too), but I would like to push your thread just to not divert attention to too many spots.

    We will make next week as a "WEEK OF ACTION". If you see my other thread ("can we send Pizza" thread) and many others, the common routine is to get many good ideas, but not much action.

    We will gather as much support as we can till this weekend and at the same time make sure we consolidate the contact information at one place who to contact, and then starting next week, we can start sending out our message as loud as we can.
    We must push for 5 years GC and 10 years Citizenship. I know how much painful it canbe for someone after 11 years waiting for GC, wheras others with 6-7 years in US applying for Citizenship. Not that they got it, but why we did not get it.
    And we will focus on points how we can contribute in this crisis.

    Others who are directly not benefited by this action:
    Please note all your seniors will be out of the queues and you will get your numbers faster.


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  • vikramy
    09-20 01:34 PM
    I have a doubt, Did any one who sent flowers have got their Reciept No's. It's not a reasonable cause, but Just checking. You never know.

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  • msusa123
    09-15 09:53 AM
    Good news... I got CPO at 9:05AM.

    I raised SR for my case on 9/2 and no response until today morning and raised SR for my wife yesterday night. No changes to my wife application.

    I asked my attorney sending an e-mail for TSC streamline process and I do not know whether he acted on it or not.

    Good luck every one who are waiting for approval


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  • imneedy
    05-19 10:49 AM

    05/17/2007: USCIS Terminates 05/18/2007 PPS for Labor Certification Substitution I-140 Petitions

    USCIS announced today that beginning on Friday, May 18, 2007, it will terminate Premium Processing Service for Form I-140 petitions that request labor certification substitution. USCIS anticipates a substantial increase in the number of petitioning employers that will file Form I-140 petitions requesting Premium Processing Service and seeking labor certification substitution prior to July 16, 2007. The volume of such petitions filed requesting Premium Process Service is expected to exceed USCIS� capacity to provide the Premium Process Service according to the program guidelines. For the announcement, please click here.

    Well, bad news for those looking for labor substitution. But I believe you can still file I-140 with premium processing if you have your own labor.

    EB 3 India PD : 21 July 2003
    I-140 (Premium) Approved : 15 May 2007
    I-485/AP/EAD : Waiting for dates to become current :rolleyes:

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  • letstalklc
    08-27 01:03 PM
    5000 minutes Limit, I did not know that ................... where does it say in fine print, do you have any link for same.

    Thanks a lot for alerting everyone ...........

    Click below link and look for 5.4 for the same

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    08-13 02:34 PM
    I noticed a soft LUD today on my wife's case but no update on mine. Does this mean anything...
    PD - Oct 2005 - still waitin.........

    07-11 12:27 AM
    You are missing the "Support from Bollywood" article from your website! We will keep reporting here. Thanks for doing a great job.

    It has been updated now with that information.

    09-27 12:31 PM
    Canada PR can no longer be backup...since 2002 the new rules have are requiring Canadian PRs to physically stay in Canada for 2 out of 5 years to
    maintain PR.

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