Friday, July 1, 2011

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    05-30 10:15 PM
    It is difficult to predict the timeline.
    The house members are not happy with the Senate bill.
    I have read that the conference committee may meet next monday ( all hearsay).

    We can only pray and hope for the best.

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  • tnite
    10-23 09:19 AM

    Any idea how long does it take to get AP approved after a soft LUD on AP?

    I485/AP/EAD - NSC - Notice date 8/16/07.
    FP: Done 09/29
    EAD: Waiting
    AP: Waiting (Soft LUD 10/22)

    Thank you in advance.


    I had a LUD for AP on Oct 11th.No AP so far.
    There is no definite answer.

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  • michael peterson
    01-08 03:07 AM
    after all there is no departure date stamped in my passport? do the airlines inform INS of passenger departure dates? does INS keep a record of departure dates of green card holders in their computers?

    i know that the immigration officer at the port of entry asks "How long have u been outside the US?" In my case it will be one year and one week so can i just say "about a year"

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  • gc_on_demand
    07-15 04:45 PM
    I reside in NJ. But I did my medical for whole of my family in New York for $185 each.

    What was done under medical ? Vaccination , TB test , XRAY , ..

    Thanks for your help.. also would you let me know doc's name if I PM you ?


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  • sanjeev_2004
    08-13 05:19 PM
    I went to infopass inquiry today. Immigration agent told me on counter that my I485 is in final review stage and you don�t have to worry about I140. You can receive your GC very soon.

    I filed I485 based on pending I140 with PD Jun 2004 and this is still pending. My other I180 that is approved has PD March 2008. Agent also told me that I should forget about I140 and PD. I485 cannot in Final stage if I140 is not clear. He told you should not worry about PD also because I485 cannot be in final review stage if there is PD issue.

    My I485 is in EB2 category and currently USCIS is processing the cases with PD 2005 or less.
    Can some please explain me that what does the Final Review stage means? Is that mean I will get GC pretty soon even my I140 and PD combination is not approved/ current.


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  • Vennilarajan
    02-14 08:53 AM
    Hi Kirupa,

    Can you please provide me with the source code for "Accessing the Parent" in VB .NET? I am in urgent need of it......

    I did the below piece of code ...

    Public NotInheritable Class GetParent
    Public Shared Function FindParent(Of T As DependencyObject)(ByVal child As DependencyObject) As T
    Dim ParentType As Type
    ParentType = GetType(T)
    Dim Parent As DependencyObject
    Parent = VisualTreeHelper.GetParent(child)
    If Not (Parent.GetType() Is ParentType) Then
    FindParent(Of T)(Parent)
    End If
    Return Parent
    End Function
    End Class

    while debugging i find that after the line "Return Parent" the control is again going to FindParent(Of T)(Parent) and ends in a error.
    Can you please help me on this?


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  • crazy_gc
    10-04 11:55 AM
    i am in florida...and a trip to caribbean for stamping wud work out better for me compared to canada or mexico

    anybody who already got the stamping done here...if they could share their wud be of gr8 help

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  • immigrationvoice1
    02-07 04:27 PM
    This requirement has been waived in Nov 2007. Please search Murthy.Com or USCIS.Gov for the memo.


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  • Steve Mitchell
    February 12th, 2004, 10:53 AM
    Minolta is about to enter the fray with a new DSLR. Get the story here (

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  • hopelessGC
    04-15 12:11 PM
    Got mine in November 2008. No issues at all.


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  • amulchandra
    02-05 11:11 PM
    thank you very much for your immediate response. Green card is being taken care by my husband's company. So right now I am not thinking about it.


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  • malet
    06-02 10:33 AM
    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Please don't be tough on me.
    I received the folowing letter from NVC. The case is for my dad. He originally filed under F4, priority date 13Jul2000.

    What does it mean and what we should do?

    Many thanks.


    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Your inquiry has been received at the National Visa Center (NVC).

    A letter was previously mailed to the Agent of Choice or Attorney of
    Record requesting the amendment of previously submitted applicant forms
    and/or required applicant documents that have not been submitted. The
    documents listed on the letter and/or the amended forms must be
    submitted to the assigned US Embassy or Consulate General at the time of

    The applicant's name has been placed on the list of documentarily
    qualified cases awaiting the availability of visa numbers under the
    numerical limitations prescribed by statute. The designated
    representative of this case (applicant, petitioner, or attorney) will be
    notified of an appointment date as soon as the numbers have been
    received. The applicant should NOT make any travel arrangements, sell
    property, or give up employment until the US Embassy or Consulate
    General has issued a visa.

    An immigrant visa is usually valid for six months from the date it is
    issued. It may be used to apply for admission into the United States any
    time during its validity.


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  • achu
    01-17 11:56 PM
    Can wife stay in India for more than 6 months while 485 is pending?

    What she have now is an approved AP till 2009 december.


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  • astudi
    07-19 05:09 PM
    My H1-B was approved in octubre 2008, I would like to go to my home country but i don't have a visa to be able to come back.
    Now my question is:
    Having an approved H1-b is a warranty for me to get a visa to come back to the US.


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  • garybanz
    12-26 05:26 PM

    My company prepared for my PERM filing in EB2 category. They did all recruitement efforts. But at the time of filing, company annouced some lay-offs as "restructuring". Now my lawyer says, it is their policy not to file for PERM before six months of any lay -offs since some lay -offs involve same job title as my labor supposed to be filed. Since this is my lawyer's policy, My question is, is it safe to file PERM right now? What if I use different job title then the one my lawyer used before for recruitement efforts. (I understand he has to do new recruitement efforts for this ne job title, but is it safe?). What choices do I have, I do not want to delay my PERM filing. Please help...


    Most companies don't file any PERM applications within 6 months of any major layoffs.

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  • eilsoe
    10-20 05:07 PM
    I made Anaglyphs some years back with red and blue pens...

    Then I went and lost my red/blue anaglyph glasses... (d*mn)...


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  • simbasimba
    03-26 01:16 PM
    TO HRPRO: Thanks for your advise, going back to do the formalaties wont be an option, but yes she can go back to apply from over there for a H4, we are planning to send our docs to the embassy so that we can get a marriage certificate from her country, will that help?

    Anyone with a second opinion on my case. Thanks!

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  • cooolvick
    08-14 03:23 PM
    Thanks for the reply.

    Is it ok to recapture the old priority date which was in EB3 category in current I140 (EB2 category)?

    Will it affect the I140 approval anyways?


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  • razis123
    01-24 02:53 AM
    what about the july 07 fiasco filers..i know GC will only be given when visa numbers are available but atleast if 485 is approved we know we are half way matter the files will be licking the dust for years..gurus please share.
    Thanks in advance

    06-23 01:56 AM
    may want to change the background colour to match the images background?

    Also this may not be the best place to advertise web design..

    As most people here are capable or already in the business :) but looks good for a starter :) learn and grow in this industry by expierence i spose

    11-26 10:04 AM
    My wife is in the same boat. We filed for H1 amendment in the first week of September and online status tells it's done on 20 November. We still have not received documents in mail from USCIS. This was in Vermont. We were told initially that it might take upto 3 months.

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