Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • GCBy3000
    06-18 02:44 PM
    When you started the process, you might have authorized your attoreny to represent you. I am not sure what the form you signed, but it should be similar to G28. Revoke this authrorization in writing with anothor from( Dunno what itis called)

    Otherwise, he could revoke your 140 or labor etc as he represents on your behalf. I read this somewhere.

    I doubt that the lawyer would purposely hurt a former client. Its not just unethical, its really malpractice. And its not like lawyers done get fired and they cant handle getting fired.

    However, please do make sure that you have all documents that you need to do your own 485 filing. If there are some documents like 140 approval or other stuff that only he has, then you will have to get it out of him, which he just might delay (a little) in case if he is an absolute nut job.

    For me, I dont care what the lawyer thinks of immigrants as long as the job is done in a TIMELY manner without mistakes. If he hates immigrants and votes for Jeff Sessions, I dont care about it. All I want is TIMELINESS and ERROR FREE job. After that, he can hate anyone he wants and stick pins in voodoo dolls of immigrants.

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  • grupak
    03-27 04:34 PM
    The Federal government has a whole agency to protect people against such discrimination, and we are here speculating on nuances. If somebody denied you employment on EAD, just talk to them and see what they say. You don't need anything in writing.

    Agree. Most of us are not lawyers. Why add another job duty? The only legal document that I ever sign concerning employment is the I-9. It say discriminating EAD is illegal, and should be reported. Just go with that to the govt. As it is we are spending so much time to just maintain legal status. Let DOJ, DHS do their job, and not worry about every single detail.

    Tell me whats the point of IV fighting for multi-year EAD (maybe good news is around the corner) if employers won't take it.

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  • h1techSlave
    04-23 06:52 PM
    In Grassley's home page there is an article captioned "Grassley Works to Eliminate Fraud and Abuse from H-1B Visa Program".

    There is a very easy but effective method to stop H1B abuses. Just make EB based immigration an integral part of the H1B visa. Meaning, as soon as the employee starts to work on H1B for any employer the below two things should happen:

    1. H1B should like an EAD. As soon as your H1B gets approved thru one employer, then the employee should be able to take that same H1B visa and work for another employee in a similar role.
    2. The employee's GC clock should start as soon as the H1B starts. After 5 years into H1B with any employer, the GC should come in the mail, with out any additional processing or application required by anybody.

    Implement these above things, then H1B abuse will be a thing of the past.

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  • Hassan11
    05-23 02:35 PM
    I have a question regarding the I-693 Medical exam. it was mentioned that you will need to take a vaccine for MMR, Varicella, Tetanus and Hapatitis B. it was also mentioned that they will do a tb test and a blood test for HIV and syphilis. are these all the vaccinations and blood tests required or are there aother blood test required in addition to these??

    please advise. Thanks

    Below are the list that I have from my lawyer to prepare my I-485 :

    1. for Evidence of status you need a Copy of Last Entry I-94
    non immigrant arrival/departure record, showing your admission
    to the US and current status. (Front and back, make sure the date is
    clear to see)

    2. To show that you are always in status while you are in US you will need
    Copies of all immigration related documents from USCIS
    (such as I-20, OPT, H1B, H4 approval notice, or other status)

    3. Copy of Birth Certificate
    (need translate & notarize if not in English)

    4. Copy of Marriage Certificate if you are married
    (need translate & notarize if not in English)

    5. Copy of Passport pages with non immigrant visa
    (including all passports you have used since the last entry you need to
    copy all the stamp you had on the passport. Again this is to show the
    last time your in you US and to make sure you are always in status)

    6. I-693 (Medical Exam)
    (You can dial 1-800-375-5283 to choose the physician list)
    you will required to show a proof that you have take MMR, Varicella, Tetanus and hepatitis B
    if you can't show any proof they will required you to take it on their office and it will cause you quite a lot money ( you can take
    the vaccine earlier on your family/ regular dr. office and could get covered by you insurance) it could save you $300 per person.
    the mandatory test you have to take at their office is tb test, blood test
    for HIV and syphilis and regular phisical test. once you have all vaccine
    and the mandatory test they should gave you the seal envelope to send to USCIS along with your other document and they will give you a copy as well.

    7. If you apply for your family member you will need
    I-134 (Affidavit of Support) stamp by Notary for each family member

    8. Employment Verification Letter
    Employement letter on the letter head of the petitioning employer
    which confirms that the job on which visa petition is based is still
    available to you. The letter must also state the salary that will be paid.

    9 . Photos (2*2 color front-view passport photos)
    *2 for each I-485, additional 2 for each I-131,
    additional 2 for each I-765

    10 Fee Payment made to USCIS (1 per applicant)
    $325 for each I-485 filing fee
    $70 for each Fingerprint fee
    $170 for each I-131 filing fee (if apply for Advance Parole)
    $180 for each I-765 filing fee (if apply for Employment Authorization) .

    Hope this list is help for those who is ready preparing their document.


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  • Leo07
    09-10 10:07 AM

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-01 03:59 PM
    When you say "according the our calculations", and you can only come up with years (& not 1 year, 2 year), you have obviously not done a very accurate calculation/guestimation.

    I wouldn't put too much stock into it.

    There are two years (2006 and 2007 ) from 2006 to 2007 and you know language of all lawyers, so he is not wrong here too. I bet you if you can convince him to say 1-2 or 3 years.


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  • indianabacklog
    06-19 12:01 PM
    Everyone seems to indicate that the checks for fees payment to the INS need to be made out to USCIS, however, all the forms that I've downloaded from their website instruct that the payments be made out to Department of Homeland Security - which one is correct?
    I have already filed my AOS for self and spouse, and made checks payable to Department of Homeland Security, written out in full. They were cashed more than a month ago which suggests I got it right.

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  • vxg
    08-24 03:20 PM
    Am using vonage for lnadline for long as well used their European calling service in past - voice quality is very good - and now to India as well (to land line and cell) - quality is very good ....

    Does it work well with Home security systems Like BRINKS? How good is the call quality if you have DSL at home. I have DSL with 1.5 MBPS download. Thus the voice garbles when you are actively downloading on Internet.


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 10:45 AM
    Its sad to see this policy is working. Divide on EB3/EB2 bases etc. We are fighting a common cause to eliminate employment based country quota system. I'm surprised that IV is allowing such threads to be posted. If it so, its a v sad day for IV.

    Read your post again, we are already divided. Why would ROW candidate want to eleminate country quota and let you be in front of him...

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  • pcs
    06-16 08:39 PM
    Can some one please confirm if I need to file 3 G-28 one eacg for my wife & two kids?



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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-30 11:38 AM

    This is one of the most critical issue we are facing today. The activity has proper plan defined as endorsed by IV.

    Please don't think that AC21 is not for you. In current market anything can happen to job anytime. Please do participate in the activity and help the group resolving the issue with USCIS in right way.

    Sending mails is first step and has to be done successfully before second step could be taken.

    Sent my mails.

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  • jsb
    09-17 09:27 AM
    Nothing, Zilch, Nada....My lawyer said that of the 40 applications they filed on July 2nd. they got RN for only 5 so..... Seems to be a very long wait

    It is told that most of the July 2 filings are waiting, but July 17 filings have received RN. Perhaps it all depends where USCIS folks put bundles of applications initially meant for rejection/return. I am also one of the July 2 filers still waiting


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 10:28 AM
    Not cutting line my friend, just standing and waiting paitently in line for my number to come.
    Then you will get GC faster though you had cut the GC line. What else...

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  • needhelp!
    01-08 02:29 PM
    gtg506p, please post it there if you are a member so that they can participate.

    I will participate in this wholeheartedly. One suggestion to the admin: perhaps we can post this in other websites also like ? I know a lot of people use that site for posting problems etc and whoever is not in IV might also get to know about it.


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  • spdy_mn
    06-29 05:10 PM
    Heard the same from my lawyer, she has changed her tune completely in 2 days. Now she says that she is hearing the same thing and is possible. They are working through the weekend and has asked me to keep my blackberry on me at all times as they will be providing emails updates every 4 hours or if and when the said bulletin is released.
    What law firm is that looks like a good one. If possible please PM me the details

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  • Googler
    09-25 05:41 PM
    I called FBI yesterday and asked for FP results. I was told they sent it to uscis and I saw LUD. Question is:

    1) Does finger-printing & name check go together?
    2) When FBI sends it to uscis does it mean nc/fp cleared?.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Sheela and others,

    Do take the time to read the posts on this thread (and forum). There are a lot of knowledgeable people around, but do take just a few moments to read what is already available. Your questions are already answered in the first few posts in this thread (see post 3 from pappu). See also, the USCIS Fact Sheet link in the first post in the name check reference docs thread. (

    Good luck,


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  • nrk
    08-16 01:24 PM
    good to see approvals coming in today.

    I got the CPO email today for both my wife and I.

    Here is my info:

    PD - Oct, 2005
    Sent email to followup address on 8/6 (no response yet), sent again to scopsscata address on 8/13
    Asked my congressman to inquire on 8/12
    Opened SR on 8/13
    Got CPO email on 8/16 (Happy Independence Day!!! Well I am sure they wanted to present this gift on 8/15, but what could they do, it was a Sunday!)

    Hope and pray that the rest of the people waiting get their approvals soon!

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  • Robert Kumar
    04-01 06:07 AM
    If these #s are released, lets say 12K, or whatever:
    How will these affect the processing times.
    I guess these cases that qualify are all propbably pre-adjucated. In that case will it increase the processing time for PERM, I-140 and 485 stages.
    How will EAD and AP extensions get affected.

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  • desi3933
    08-11 09:57 AM
    I am not worried about the three companies I know of , I am worried about other 3000 companies that I don't know of.
    I also believe, it is not the companies that are evil. It is the system that provides the incentive. And I am trying to take away that incentive.

    Any update on lawsuit, SunnySurya?

    Also, would you mind sharing your PD with us? This has been asked by couple other folks as well.

    Thanks and Good Luck.

    01-11 02:22 PM
    Please digg the link in my signature:

    07-09 08:52 PM
    Well said.

    But also understand we are just making a point. Not committing a crime.

    Hello all
    I am a silent visitor of this website.
    Just my 2 cents... Don't think USA is like India where you can do something forcefully. Why don't you guys understand the real problem of USCIS.
    Do you think that by sending flower to USCIS will force them to make EB2/EB3 current for 2005/2006/2007 guys??

    Please try to understand their problem.
    Also India is the great. Why don't you guys just think that India is your home country where you are born and brought up. Why you people can't just wait and watch?? If nothing happens to the so called GC, then why don't you think to pack up and go back to India???????

    My sincere request, please don't do rally, you might be never know what they can do..... Don't you think that, it is better to go back to India rather than being embarrassed here in US???

    Isn't it a shame on us to go for Rally to get GC?????:D

    Just think that you will get it when time comes, otherwise pack up.

    Please don't take much tension as life is very short. I am assuring you all, nothing will happen with law suit and flower campaign.Don't irritate USCIS by doing all this please.

    EB2 India
    I140 approved-Sept 2006

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