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  • u.misc
    01-21 09:58 AM

    My 6 year H1B ends on April 17/2011 with Company A. Company A applied for my PERM on 15th Jan 2010.

    Now I am planning to switch a company B(my interview is next week and I think I will clear that interview) to a Permanent JOB. If I get through that Company B. How soon they have to apply for my H1B transfer?

    If company B apply PERM on June 2010(due to company B policy), is their any issue to get 7th yr of extension on June 2010 PERM? Or is it possible to apply for 7th year of extension Company A PERM application.

    Please respond with your suggestions.

    Thanks a lot in advance!


    I was in the similar situation. i.e. My Labor was applied after I was in 6th year of H1-B. My lawyer told me that I won't be able to get 1 year H1-B extension based on the PERM because PERM had to be filed before 6th year of H1-B period (i.e. at least 1 year before H1-B term is over).

    My lawyer suggested that in case the PERM is not approved in short period of time, he might have to send me abroad (outside US) for certain period of time since the period spend outside US does not count towards H1-B tenure. So basically if your PERM is filed on 01 June 2010, then you might have to spend "X" number of days (counting from April 17,2010 through 01 June 2010) outside US to be able to apply for 7th year H1-B extension based on pending PERM application.

    I my case, things turned out in my favor and I was lucky to get PERM approved in 3 months and then I-140 approved in a week. I was able to get 3 year H1-B extension.

    Please work with a lawyer and he would suggest you a way around. Its worth it to spend some money and get consultation from a expert lawyer on this matter. Good Luck with you new job.

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  • ssdtm
    12-12 08:43 PM
    Did you ever used EAD? Just getting an EAD does not mean you were on EAD.
    Also AP does not invilidate your H1. If you are working with the H1 sponsoring employer and never used EAD, then you need not worry.

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  • itkris
    12-10 04:29 PM
    Thanks a bunch for your response. I'm not planning on getting my GC. - will be leaving this country when my H1 term ends. my passport is expiring and i would really like a renewed passport with a valid correct name - just dont want to keep making mistakes over and over again. How difficult is it getting an I-797 after changing the name on the passport. should i file the "action on a petition (I-824?)" or amendment to H1?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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  • pom
    10-04 07:40 PM
    Ouh, neato! But I don't like the Kirupaforum thing at the bottom :-\


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  • laborpains
    10-15 12:47 PM
    imh1b, lmao you just made my day.!

    Good question.
    I am busy in meetings today and this weekend. But I will have some time on Monday. Please remind me on Monday to ask him your question. Thank you. :D

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  • UKannan
    02-21 08:04 PM
    You can still get a 1 year extension claiming that your PERM application is still pending. It all depends on the officer that the decision has not been made on PERM application.

    How he can claim that "PERM application is still pending" when it's already denied!!! :)


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  • mambarg
    08-03 04:42 PM
    Transferring an Adjustment of Status Application from One Underlying Eligibility Basis to Another

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  • shivakmr
    08-09 03:11 PM
    Jasmin45---------> Dont waste your time by giving this kind of suggestion....we are not looking for this answer at this point of time.

    From the point of BEC this is the right area..........

    Immigration Voice > Labor Certification Stage > Backlog Processing Center

    and if u still have a problem with that..........move it urself.


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  • ysnraju
    12-17 07:30 PM
    My PD also wrong. for almost last 2 months I am trying DOL through My attorney That includes so far 8 fax letters requesting the same but no results sofar

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  • ps57002
    09-30 08:00 AM
    Interesting is they say "you may have trouble coming in" but for valid h1 holders it should not be a problem (wasn't for me..i traveled). They didn't say anything about "it will be considered abondonment of AOS or have negative impact on it"


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  • anilkumar0902
    12-19 05:07 PM
    If your university is outside of USA, then how about you get a Foreign Credential Evaluation done..This will clearly state, if your educational qualifications are considered equivalent to a Masters in the USA..This will enable you to file your application with confidence...Talk to your lawyer.

    Good luck.

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  • willigetagc
    11-13 05:33 AM
    I am sure this may have been asked already but I coudn't find a thread.

    I have an approved and valid extension on my H1 but my EAD expired in august and my AP expired last month. I didn't file for an EAD/AP renewal yet because I was not using them and wanted to delay it for a few months and save some money.

    Will there be any problem with a delayed EAD/AP filing ?


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  • rbashir
    02-16 10:54 AM
    If the labor cert has been filed, approved and the I-140 has been filed, I think you can file for an extension of the H1-b. I was advised the same by my attorney, but by the time we filed for the extention, my I-140 was also approved (rather quickly).

    You should contact your immigration attorney right away.

    But what about extension based on appeal

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  • h1techSlave
    02-24 08:51 AM
    E-verify is not to prevent H1 folks from working or investing. It is against illegals.
    2 weeks ago i closed 30 year fixed ..I didnt face any issue ..Right now my mortgage held by Fannie. I got a good deal though i am on H1B!


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  • justin150377
    06-28 10:03 PM

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  • hope_2007
    03-28 02:50 PM
    Hi all,
    I do not know the timing but you may try calling right now, an automated message asks you to choose between senators(to whom you would like to send your voice) and you are then asked to leave message to the representative stating that you "Support the CIR".

    Thanks ...


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  • sidpri
    08-13 03:25 PM
    My wife has recently converted her H4 to F1 by applying for COS through I-539. We are yet to receive the approval notice by mail, but we have confirmed online through USCIS that its been approved.
    The question is - at what date would she be deemed to be on F1, is it from the date of the F1 approval notice or is it the start date mentioned on I-20.

    What is normally seen as the start date? Can some one who is on F1 respond ?

    Thanks for your responses

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  • ras
    07-19 09:27 AM
    May not be exactly what you are looking but will get some info through the following threads

    follow the links in them as well so that you may find something useful

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  • bayarea07
    07-21 09:30 PM
    A quick question for all you experts out there

    My wife is on H4 right now and I am on H1, though we got our EAD last year, but I am still using my H1 and not used my EAD yet, So is it possible to apply for Social Security for my wife, will applying for Social Security Number, considered as using EAD and H1 becomes void.
    Can anyone please reply.

    Steve Mitchell
    April 23rd, 2004, 10:59 PM
    Adorama has it listed. They don't say whether or not it's in stock.
    I recently made the move to digital by purchasing a D70. I'm interested in purchasing the Nikon SC-29 cord for use with a SB-800 on a Stroboframe quick-flip frame. I like the idea of the added flexibility that the SC-29 gives over the SC-28 because of the additional autofocus lamp.

    However, after I ordered the SC-29 from (who listed this product as being in stock), they contacted me a day later to say that it was actually out of stock. Furthermore, they said that Nikon had discontinued the product, and that though they tried, they were not able to obtain one of these cables through another channel.

    Has anyone heard about Nikon canceling the SC-29? That doesn't make any sense to me. I've seen these for sale on e-bay, but that is through a Japanese reseller, and the shipping takes a couple of weeks (not to mention, it's not an authorized Nikon USA dealer).

    Any other information or input about the SC-29?

    Thanks so much!

    Jonathan Van Antwerp

    Anders �stberg
    April 8th, 2004, 04:12 AM
    Thanks for the suggestions Fred! I applied a bit more sharpening to the head, I think it's not so OOF looking now. I'll have a go at cloning out the twigs later, it looks a bit difficult but it could be fun trying.

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