Monday, July 4, 2011

Clip Art School House

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  • Didiusthegreat
    09-25 01:31 PM
    I've been sending it throug!

    Hope you'ved recieved it

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  • newbie2020
    10-13 02:43 PM
    You can count me in...

    By the way it makes more sense to meet Senator Arlen Specter since he is also on Senate Judiciary committee...

    Committee Members (

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  • yabadaba
    03-25 02:45 PM
    hey guys they are also asking for itenary details. so does that mean i need to book my ticket before that? can i not get my visa and then book my tix?

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  • greencard_fever
    07-17 06:15 PM
    Hi,My I-140 was approved on 07/02/2008.I recieved an email update and online status also showing Approval notice sent.This monday my attroney send me a copy of Approval notice.
    Receipt Date :01/07/2008
    Notice Date :01/09/2008
    Approval Date:07/02/2008
    Center :TSC
    Category :EB2.
    PD :Dec'2006.
    No concurrent filing.
    Waiting to file I-485.


    Congrats Rajesh!! But what your are trying to make a point here?


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  • [uber]
    04-22 09:27 PM
    cause no one would pay money for MSN.... lol....

    nice work ya3

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  • hpandey
    11-26 01:57 PM
    Just wondering if anybody is giving up hopes of GC and switching from H1B to E3D (Dependent of Australian spouse) to take advantage of 2-yr renewable EADs...? How long does it take to get the initial EAD...Continue working without pay (or is there a workaround) while waiting for EAD?....any problems getting visa stamped with a 'yes' for past immigrant petition filed...
    7yrs in this country...EB2 PD of 10/07 due to job 140 yet, no 485...6yrs in same job? no promotions? with 3yr extensions...frustration beyond words...E3D seems to a ray of hope but no idea of complications involved.

    Yeah its frustrating everyone waiting for a GC .. I think doing something is better than nothing. Go with your spouse. Who knows things might take a turn for the better.


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  • gc_chahiye
    07-26 10:56 AM
    this is a little bit off topic, but does anyway know what are the requirements for practicing immigration law in the US? What kind of formal training and bar exam passing etc are needed?

    With the extensive practice that USCIS has provided us, atleast in EB matters I think for most of us it will be a cakewalk. Having gone through the process ourselves we also understand how to treat the immigrant (frequent updates, clear answers, be accessible, provide all options and information) and some of us could make very good immi lawyers (once we get our EADs).

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  • Steve Mitchell
    February 11th, 2004, 11:35 AM
    As of right now, retailers have no knowledge of this happening. Does not mean it's true or false, just the fact is retailers are not aware. As of the time of this posting.

    I-485 - AOS - Urgent Please provide input [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : I-485 - AOS - Urgent Please provide input


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  • bestofall
    03-25 05:13 PM
    Just want to share the info that i got from my immigration firm news letter

    Under Section 265 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), all non-U.S. citizens who change their residential address are required to notify the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) within 10 days of the change. This applies to all adults and children (of any age) who are non-U.S. citizens, including U.S. green card holders.

    A person who fails to notify the USCIS of a change of address within 10 days of the change is guilty of a misdemeanor under Section 266 of the INA. The penalty for failing to notify the government of the new address within 10 days is a fine of up to $200.00 or possible imprisonment for a period not to exceed 30 days, or both. However, the government has not enforced this section of the law that rigorously to date, and many notify the USCIS of their change of address well after the 10 day reporting period without an issue, but this could change. Since we have seen an increase in USCIS enforcement activities with respect to H-1B employers and H-1B workers, and since many H-1B employers place H-1B employees at client locations around the country for short-term assignments, it is very important that H-1B employees notify the USCIS each time they move within the 10 day reporting period.

    In order to report a change of address to the USCIS you may download, complete, and mail a Form AR-11 or Form AR-11SR (Special Registrants Only) to the USCIS, or you may report your change of address, electronically, by visiting the USCIS web site (, and following the procedures provided by the USCIS

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  • gc_dream07
    01-30 09:59 AM
    I have similar situation.

    I changed my employer last year and used AC21 / EAD. Now I want to return back to old employer who sponsored my Greencard. Is there a way to withdraw AC21?



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  • voldemar
    04-18 01:52 PM
    I know but if it is implemented how would it affect my situation?You will have 45 days after enacting the rule.

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  • anurakt
    01-15 08:35 PM


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  • pappu
    01-03 07:07 AM
    could someone send a scanned copy of this artcle by email so that it can be posted?

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  • AB1275
    09-25 04:42 PM
    Yes both are my posts.....

    My concern is what kind of an RFE is this? Is it serious?


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  • BMS1
    11-08 12:34 PM
    New H1-B is a possibility but you cannot join D until the application is approved and you go to a consulate, get the visa stamp and re-enter. All these need to be done in premium processing to reduce possible out-of-status conditions. Better you talk to an attorney.

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  • BNB326
    08-21 01:06 PM
    What are the changes of getting approval by changing H1 to F1 and H4 to F1? Do i need to be in status during their review period of COS (H1to F1) or i can start scholl after filling COS.



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  • martinvisalaw
    01-26 10:37 AM
    He is out of status if the L-1 employer no longer exists or he is not working for that company. If the position still existed, he would be maintaining status even though the L-1 I-94 has expired, if the extension was filed before the I-94 expired. However, the issue isn't the late filing of the extension, it's the fact that he is not working for the company and really had no basis for filing an extension.

    Having the extension pending means that he is not accruing unlawful presence (something that could subject him to a bar from the US), however he needs to rectify his status rather than rely on an inappropriate L-1. If he trusts his immigration lawyer, he should discuss the options with her/him.

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  • Aura M.
    01-23 08:44 AM
    Good morning all of you:
    If you had the experience of renewing your H1B visa could you please advise how is the process?
    Thank you for any feedback .

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  • kirupa
    04-13 12:00 AM
    The reason this doesn't work is because WebClient works asynchronously. Your for loop runs to completion, spawning the appropriate WebClient instances independently without making sure the WebClient instance it spawned gets the data.

    My quick advice would be to use something recursive where the function gets called only when a WebClient's completed event fires. You can use a counter that increments before the function gets called to simulate the index value as well.

    Kirupa :nat:

    07-19 02:53 PM
    Anybody out there recieved reciepts for filing I-485 on July 2nd '07 from NSC ?


    02-11 11:39 AM
    Hey Alabaman,

    First of all thanks for your reply.

    No I haven't filed a tax return before, because there was no need. I started studying in August 2008 and remained most of 2009 in the US.

    2 points:

    1. So therefore I guess I'm a nonresident for 2009 (because I wasn't a lot in the US in 2008).

    But I'm a resident for 2010 (because I was in the US almost all of 2009). With 2010 I mean the tax filling I'll have to do next year.

    Am I correct with this reasoning? Does the substantial presence test only count for the next year?

    2. Is it correct, that they took 25% of my sign up bonus away? I was an F-1 all of 2009.


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