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bruce springsteen born to run cover

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  • chanduv23
    06-18 10:52 AM
    I cannot believe you are saying this. Are you actually saying that you will let stuff like this happen just because you think your company might get rid of you if you complain? If your wife or daughter has a boss who is flashing her everyday, will you actually tell your wife or daughter to 'suck it up' and put up with it just because you fear she may not get a reference??

    Laws are designed to prevent this exact kind of thing. I personally would, to quote a Hindi movie dialog, take a sledge-hammer and change the geography of the abuser's face. On a more practical note, I would lawyer up, collect evidence, spin up a multi-million dollar lawsuit, and use settlement money to sip MaiTai on some beach in Lanai, while the harasser gets to suck on cock-meat sandwiches in the nearest penitentiary.

    Sense of guilt... the guy who is breaking the law should have that. Not the victim who wants a reference. C'mon grow a penis!

    Not sure if it is a desi mentality, but I have seen people from my own community who always advise to "suck it up", "take life as it comes" "Look at it from their POV" "It is not their fault it is your fault" "You always look at things in a negative way" "You are not capable of handling the situation" "If you are very good at work such things won't happen to you" "No one talks about these things except you" .......... and it goes on. When something really wrong happens to you - instead of standingby you, people rather say "See did I not warn you???"

    This is how things are - very few people are bold and stand up and thats why you always see the victim getting politicized by the society.

    A quote from Albert Einstein
    "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

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  • bikram_das_in
    09-23 11:02 PM
    Has anybody calculated how many spill over visa numbers will available from 2009?

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  • helpisontheway
    01-07 10:20 AM
    Hello every one,
    I am starting this thread for all of us not to just think about the GC process. If any one is residing here for 10 years without GC, think about making a law which can lead us to Citizenship. My thoughts on this:
    Many of our colleagues who landed with us during the late 90s (1998, 1999) and early 2000, who got their GC without any issues are now Citizens or waiting to become Citizen soon.
    What is our status?. Just think. Still we are strugling to get the GC. Even by law change, if we are getting the GC this year (by GOD's Grace), then we need to wait for another 5 years from now (approximately 2014). Many persons like me who have come to this Country in their later career will be very much affected due to this delay (we have lot of other issues like the dependents reaching the age of 21 etc., College, University fees etc.,).
    Core team and every one, please consider this and try to lobby for getting the citizenship without further wait if the persons satisfy the folowing conditions:
    1. If they are legally here for 10 years (With approved I-140 and waiting for Adjustment of Status without current date).
    2. If they have earned full 40 points in Social Security
    3. If they have paid the tax continuously for 10 years
    4. If they own a house and paying Mortgage (adding weightage to the Economy boost)
    5. If they do not have any criminal records in these 10 years.
    Please again do not just concentrate on the GC issues. Consider this and if any one can come with a letter draft with legal openion, we can send it to all Congress members, State Governers etc.,
    Hope the members and the Core team consider this issue. I have one more thread on this, which I started some months back but the response was not that good. If every one of us unite on this and raise this to the Congress, I think the new Government may consider as this is very genuine.

    I fully support this...

    People who meet the conditions above can benefit the US Economy in a long run because...
    1)Deficits are going to be high for a long trillions, and if we are allowed to apply for naturalization directly, there is a better chance for us to pay taxes to reduce the burden.
    2)If we are asked to leave now, the US is committed to Social Security payments(with the minimum 40 points) even if we are outside.
    3)By now, we already have kids who are American citizens... which means that when they become 18, they can always sponsor us as citizens. All that we are asking is for the congress to do the same a few years earlier. It is better we are here in our earning years than when we are in our older years.

    If this Bill is introduced in congress, people will listen because...
    1)People waiting for 10 years... and done all the right things, no one can simply ignore. Also, there will be a sense of guilt on the US Government to have let the situation deteriorate. They will think of ways to make the transition smoother... remember they created a special green card category for Iraqis since there was a sense of guilt.

    2) Whether this passes congress or not, there is a legitimate argument of asking for the congress to rectify the situation. That is the best we can do.

    3) We need to give more and more options to the congress. Not everything sticks, but even if one or two get passed, it goes a long way to help all of us.

    I personally will contribute bigtime if IV core want to take this up!

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  • yagw
    08-16 01:13 PM
    Landed in this country on Aug-16-1997 for Masters. Today myself and my wife both got CPO mail/text message. Thanks IV community and good luck to all. I will be doing my part to make this system better!!!


    PD: 04 Jan 2006, EB2 I
    RD: 07 Jul 2007, TSC (I-140 was with NSC, but the attorney sent it to TSC in the july 2007 fiasco)
    ND: 27 Aug 2007, NSC

    Didn't do anything in 2008 and decided to do everything possible this time around.
    Aug 3 - Primary I-485 SR,
    Aug 5- Primary EAD SR,
    Contacted Congress Woman on Aug 9 - Didn't get any useful info. I think, being in bay area, they might have been flooded with these requests.
    Aug 10 - Opened an Infopass for Aug 18
    Aug 16, 8:30 am - Dependent SR
    Aug 16, 9:30 am - Called the customer service for primary's status - got the standard response that they sent a mail (which i didn't get) asking me to wait for 60 days.
    Aug 16, 10:15 am - Wife called me to inform the good news, the online status change.
    Aug 16, 10:18 am - got the text message (which just said "check your status online").
    Aug 16: Got the CPO mail (time stamped 10:18am)

    Guys (and Gals), Hang in there and you will have your independence soon.

    Yet Another Greencard Wait (not anymore :)


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  • caliguy
    10-23 02:45 PM
    @ fatjoe

    I am not getting through. It just keeps ringing. Has anyone called Ombudsman number and got to speak to anyone?

    Did you send 7001 to Ombudsman? So, Ombudsman is also hopeless?
    Did you call them to find out the status? Here is Om's #, in case you don't know: 202-282-8000. Call them and update us as well.

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  • little_willy
    11-20 02:16 PM
    Correct me if I am wrong. If a person has a good paying job and if he decides to foreclose, isn't he responsible for the loss incurred by the bank. It is a different case if you have no income, but just because you lost money because of a wrong decision, how could you walk away free with just a dent in your credit history. Maybe I am missing something here.

    BTW, I am not judging OP in any way, just curious with how foreclosures work as they make headlines everyday now.


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  • diptam
    08-07 12:44 PM
    These 2 folks SunnySurya and Rolling_flood attacked me with RED points because i said the truth on the other thread of "Lawsuit for Porting/Interfiling". Though i least care if someone anonymous gives me Red points but i'm worried about them.....

    This is what i wrote in that post which was attacked , what's wrong in it ... Try to digest the truth SunnySurya and Rolling_flood - you can't scare folks like by words of Lawsuit....

    Lot of our case was exactly like that - i was eligible for EB2 when my Eb3 labor was filed. Employer took advantage of my compromising situation ( H was having 390 days juice left)

    If Porting/Interfiling is taken off folks like me will be terribly victimized. I'm here for 9 years - my 1st labor was substituted , 2nd labor ( which should be Eb2 but filed in Eb3) took a round trip from Phily backlog elimination center and now i'm stuck in the Eb3-140 mess at NSC


    Lets do another flower campaign to wish get well soon to SunnySurya and Rooling_flood. Get well soon Mamu...

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  • needhelp!
    01-16 02:29 PM
    Voted for 2 of the entries..


    Are we trying to vote on any others?


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  • gc_buddy
    09-15 02:13 PM
    Will call each and everyone of them.

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  • gc28262
    09-04 03:26 PM
    Here is the taxes for Lingo service for VA.

    Federal Taxes & Fees: 0.36
    Universal Services: 4.64
    State Taxes & Surcharges: 3.37
    County/Local Taxes: 0.00
    Presubscribed Inter-exchange Carrier Chrg: 0.00
    Regulatory Recovery Fee for XXXXX 1.99
    Emergency Services Fee for XXXXXX 1.99
    Total Fees, Taxes & Surcharges: 12.35

    Talked to lingo Customer Service now.
    When existing customers change to the new Max plan, they have to sign up for a new 2 year contract.
    Also have to wait till the next billing cycle for the plan to take effect.


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  • rb_248
    10-01 03:32 PM

    How come there is pending cases in 2007, 2008 and 2009 for EB2 and EB3 India?

    From the PDF I see the following

    2007 after july fiasco - 559
    2008 - 178
    2009 - 9


    2007 after july fiasco - 466
    2008 - 88
    2009 - 5

    My understanding is that the visa bulletin were never open for priorty dates from Aug 2007 to till date....EVER..

    I may be missing something..

    I think it is because of cross chargeability. If your spouse's country of birth is not India then you can get charged to your spouses birth country. And therefore can apply for 485 when your spouse's PD is current even when your PD is not current.

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  • anura
    03-30 12:10 PM
    That sounds about right and realistic. On the other hand I think the movement will be more. I mean if DOS just moves the dates by 4 months after making such a big announcement ...WTH??
    And I thought DOS is gonna move the dates by ONE year into June 2007...ha ha ha...

    Absolutely, the chances for movement to June 2007 is bright but not in May. One of the old models did predict August 2007 by Sep 2011. And then it was noticed that EB3 porting was not properly accounted for in the equation (only 150 per month was accounted). Thereafter, it was stated that Eb3 -> 2 porting is at least 500/m (which I thought was quite a bit). This burden in the model dragged Aug'07 predicted movement date to Nov'06. Now that 12000 EB1 spillover is being claimed, this would account for and balance even 1000/m Eb3->2 porting. Therefore an August 2007 PD by Sep'11 is a good possibility. But the visa bulletin has it's own brains.



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  • MahaBharatGC
    01-30 04:53 PM
    it was very clear they were willing to hire me if I had a GC in hand

    If that is the case you have legitimate reason to take this matter with your local congress man if their legal cannot clear them.
    Follow the suggestions of experts in this thread. I suggest you to contact your local congressmen. They would definitely help as in my case they did to expedite EAD renewal.

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-01 07:33 AM
    Somebody please comment on this.

    In order to utilize all visas under given category , NVC will start preparing application and forward to consulate. NVC is rarely wrong in their prediction, sometime they do start processing app in case USCIS fails act on enough cases in last quarter and in case if they have to forward date ahead they want to make sure consulates are ready with file to close.

    Since this is June 2007 case , they might be expecting real GC allocation upto April 2007 but they want to keep buffer of 2 months.If person who posted this info is not making april fool joke then PD in last quarter will be defiantly up to June 2007.


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  • saileshdude
    09-16 11:04 AM
    You could be stuck because of background/name check. Check my previous postings where I sent a link to one of the documents someone posted when they got is using FOIA. At the time of final approval also some checks are initiated and that could cause delays also.

    I got the SLUD on 9/3, 9/4, 9/7 2010. Showing the same message under review.waited all these days hoping for good news.No good news.called c/s(customer service),got response that they only "touched your file on 9/3,but don't have idea what IO did."
    Came to US more than 10 Yrs before.still waiting.
    PD Jan 2006 EB2 I.
    Mine is self labor without any complication,except filed AC21 in 2008 from a good client.
    No cheating in the whole process,still not getting GC.
    Anyone in the same boat, please share your experiences.

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  • pappu
    08-20 12:00 PM
    I remember 11 years ago calls to India were 75 cents per minute.
    Now they are 1 cents a minute if you use Airtel.
    This Vonage offer is truly revolutionary for international calling to the 60 countries listed. I suspect soon other VOP services in USA will start providing free calls to India once they see customers switching over to Vonage. This should include VOIP service providers that also provide internet and cable services. If they do not catch up, cable companies will lose customers in the phone sector. If ooma: Free home phone service. Call anywhere in the US with no monthly fees. ( , MagicJack or Skype provides this, it will be much for cost effective to customers.

    Such services will help bridge the communication gap between immigrants in USA and their home countries. It will feel like making a local call to family and friends anywhere in the world.


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  • spdy_mn
    06-29 04:27 PM
    How about, they are expecting so many application 140 plus 485...that THEY DO NOT WANT TO PROCESS ANY always - THEY WILL SIT and EAT BURGERS and dont WANT TO DO ANY WORK...nothing new here folks...

    I understand your frustration, but easy there Jonty. To blindly accuse of someone of not doing their work is not good. Again I understand the frustration but we need to go easy on the criticisim.

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  • ashishgour
    09-15 09:58 PM
    The markup is scheduled for 9/17 Wednesday..

    Thanks a lot for the call call!!!!!!

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  • Michael chertoff
    03-29 10:10 AM
    I read the news too at The Oh Law Firm (

    Hope this hold and comes true. All the best to my brothers and me.

    The Department of State announced that the Indian EB2 category is expected to advance one week in the May Visa Bulletin. The demand for EB1visa numbers has decreased by 50 percent this fiscal year. Last year from October 2009 to February 2010, 22,000 EB1 numbers were used. During the same period this year, only 10,000 to 11,000 have been used. EB1 will be current worldwide all fiscal year. This will free up an estimated 12,000 visa numbers to fall down from EB1 to EB2 this year

    11-09 12:22 PM
    I do received RD as July 2nd and ND: Oct 10 on RN. I am not planning to bug IO@NSC for EAD or NC untill Jan 2008 or I see my PD current per VB.

    Good to hear that USCIS did something right for someone. Atleast they recognised your Receipt date as July 2.

    On my case they moved my file from NSC to TSC on 4 August and they used that date on my notice date as recp. date.. instead of 2 July.
    I didnt get any response from my attorney yet.. but Shd I worry about getting my recp. dates corrected to 2 July.. I have PD of July 2003 EB3-India.
    BTW I thought you are current with PD of 2001. Isnt it?

    Pls. correct me if I am wrong. txs

    08-23 02:52 PM
    It�s a very good idea.

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