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  • vsoni
    05-04 12:25 PM
    Today I got I-140 approval and I am eligible for apply for I-485.
    Case successfully transfer from EB3 to EB2
    I am also anticipating international travel on business.
    My lawyer told, just applies for I-485. As I have H1 approval till 2009 and current visa sampled on my passport.
    I am thinking to apply for I-485, EAD and AP at the same time.
    Is it good to apply I-485, EAD and AP all at the same time?

    I was told, once I-485 applied I can�t travel unit received the notice of receipt of I-485. Is this true?

    Today�s contribution $40

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  • pbuckeye
    04-07 11:02 AM
    :D Why am I not surprised??? :rolleyes:

    And then people will argue about how many arms does an octopus have :D

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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 12:57 PM
    I definitely will. But first I have to mobilize enough people to support this.
    I appreciate that.

    May I ask to share your legal defense for this point, when you have one?


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  • amis121
    07-13 09:06 PM
    Dear Mr. Dobbs,

    Today you have proved how low you can get. You have criticized H1/L1 numerous times before and today your show criticized O1 visa, which is popularly, know as elite visa. This visa category is created for persons with international fame such as Nobel laureate, international fame athletes, musicians and entertainers. Today your show criticized none other than famous soccer player David Beckham. David is a highly successful international soccer player and his stature is often compared with top ten soccer player in the history of soccer. such as Pele, Maradona, Becanbaire, Platini, Ronaldo, Zidan and others. He is coming to play for LA team not to snatch your American middle class job. On the contrary he is going to help local economy grow when fans will completely fill the seats of soccer stadiums all over the USA. Unlike football soccer is not a mainstream American sports and most of the match organizers face hard finical decision to organize large soccer events. Wherever David Beckham goes fans follow him and all those empty seats will be filled within no time. WHEN STADIAMS ARE COMPLETELY FILLED FOR A MAJOR SPORTING EVENT, IT IS THE LOCAL ECONOMY THAT GETS THE MAXIMUM BENEFIT. So in other words Mr. David Beckham is coming here not to snatch middle class American jobs but to create jobs for them. IT�S THE ECONOMY STUPID.

    If you really care for middle class Americans why don�t you run for the President post? Can you make public statement of your annual income from your myopic shows, books sale and public appearances. If you really care so much for American middle class, let me ask you a very basic question. Can you show us one example where you have contributed to some organization that helps inner city kids (mostly blacks) improve job skills? Can you show us one example that you have motivated and convinced one high school drop out to go back to school and that kid followed your advice and went back to school?

    There are people like Governor Swaznegar (an immigrant), Magic Johnson you are silently doing exactly just that. These fine gentlemen created and funded (still continuing) organizations that provide on going job related training to inner city kids in Chicago, New York and many large cities so that they become productive American citizens.

    Come on Mr. Dobbs, show some character. Don�t just make publicity stances. Change America and provide equal opportunity for all. As a first step just become a mentor of Big Bother & Big Sister organization ( it won�t cost you a penny) and motivate a high school drop out (you may pick up a white kid because everybody knows you do not like other color) to go back to school. Present him on your show and make him as an example of how America is changing to face the challenges of globalization. The Americans are eager to see some character here. Come on Mr. Dobbs what are you waiting for!


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  • saturnring11
    08-16 01:23 PM
    Today, I got a phone call from an IO at 7:45 am waking me up from my sleep. She said she was following-up on my request to the Senator to get a case update. She told me that my case is in transit to an officer from the holding facility.

    This is the same status I got from my Infopass almost 10 days ago. How long does the case go from in-transit to assigned to an officer?

    Is this common to get phone calls like this? She did give me her phone number and asked me to follow-up if I don't hear back in two weeks. Anyone experienced a similar situation?

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  • pappu
    06-22 08:42 AM
    I have direct responses from Murthy and Rajiv Khanna now . Plus 2 other american lawyers I know. The answers have variations. I'm going to do my own research and would encourage others to do the same before coming to a conclusion on this.

    If you have asked this question to your own lawyers about multiple I485 filing, please post them here.

    Members can then look at all the information and make their own decisions.


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  • eastindia
    04-01 09:45 AM
    Guys do not feed the freeloaders by telling anything you are reading in the donor forum. Let these people help themselves by signing up for recurring contributions if they want helpful nformation about their EB2 PD movemement. We are still not meeting of our advocacy day amount. It is all because most people want free lunches. This needs to stop. The 200 people going to DC tomorrow are going to speak for you and me for yours and mine greencard. They are taking time off and spending own money for you and me. Nothing is free in this world. IV is also doing this for you and me and we are taking it for granted. Let people do some good deed today if they want to know good information

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  • mheggade
    10-29 11:45 AM


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  • grupak
    03-26 06:08 PM
    You still did not get it. Without evidence of discrimination it would be difficult to fight against...

    I think we can continue arguing this till we are blue in the face. We already have like 8 pages of discussion on this. I never had an employer pre-screen me on immigration status, doesn't mean it never happens.

    We have immigrationvoice1, chandu, BharatPremi who feels they have been discriminated against based on EAD. We can collect more stories and bring it to the notice of the govt. Everyone who have been discriminated can and should also go ahead and file a complaint individually.

    Let the govt decide if they can pursue based on what evidence we have. Lets not keep on discussing what the outcome will be. Lets try to do what we can.

    If anyone (and I am not pointing a finger at BharatPremi) doesn't feel anything can be done, fine move on. Other who see hope, lets take the first step and inform the govt.

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  • acecupid
    06-16 10:42 AM
    Thanks for your reply.
    what is the meaning of staff augmentation case? He work at client place and client is administered project.The s/w tool is copyright by client.The reason for asking him to come back is that prior to this company he worked for another company for two years. He left his old company before 5 year. when he joined his current company he has provided all the document mentioned in checklist such as offer letter, exp and releiving letter and last two month pay stub and they did BG for same document.During 5 years career he worked for diff client and everytime they did BG for him before putting him in project and there was no problem happen in his BG. recently his current employer find something wrong about his prior company and they asked him to provide more evidance for prior he don't have any contact of his prior employer and he does not have any more evidnace for showing their company.
    Because of this reason they are asking him to come back home country from last two week.He told his company that he tryed to connect his prior employer but he can not make out and he don't have anything more to show the company.

    Please suggest what he can do in this situation.
    If anyone come across in this situation then please reply to my question.
    Appericiate your help in advacne

    The way I look at your story is that you want to get back at your company in some way. You were employed as L1 by your company all this while and you did not care about fraud at that time ? You were enjoying the benefits so you did not care. Now since your company is going to send you back to India anyways, you want to do everything possible to get them in trouble.

    I dont support fraud in any way and I do think such companies should be punished. But you dont have my sympathy either since you think fraud is ok as long as you are benefitting from it.


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  • karthiknv143
    06-29 06:43 PM
    Can anyone having access post what is there?

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  • EB3_SEP04
    08-25 08:25 PM
    I've been using Lingo for 3+ years, I called them to ask if they are aware(of course they are), rep said within a week they are coming up with a plan that's better than Vonage. unlimited calling to india and 100+ countries for $22.95. Plus i think they are going to include some free minutes every month that you can use to call india from your work or cell phone using a toll free or access # (just like you use Reliance).

    Rep said you will receive an email in a week or so about the new offer/plan.

    If you are already a Lingo customer I'd wait a week, Lingo has history of beating any competing plan.


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  • belmontboy
    03-30 04:54 PM
    This is good news indeed !

    12,000 extra visas available to EB2 at the end of second Fisc qtr would be excellent !!

    Worst case I think they'll have to match EB2 India with the EB2 China date before they take it even further in the coming months for the both the countries.

    VB for May will be a precursor to the movement that can be expected in the spill over quarter.

    I hope May VB advances by 4-6months, that may give good chances for spillover season to hit end of 07

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  • simple1
    06-14 02:54 PM
    One of my friend (H1b) got into a job ( after passing labor market test - LCA - that no USC/GC could be found). in fortune 500 as direct employee after the job was vacant for more than a year.

    However the same job was sent offshore after 8 months his tenure in that job. He was ok as he retained shares, signon bonus and severance.

    All we see here is Indians competing against Indians in one form or other.

    This is not affecting USC/GC.

    How many times in this thread I have mentioned that I am getting replaced by one of these L-1B resource, I am a poor Oracle/DB developer who fortunately cannot be replaced by L-1B visa resources (as my skills is a common technical one). So once these violations impact your day to day life you look around for ways to stop this fraud. Its true that if I was a Nuero Surgeon in Phily or a Astro Scientist in Houston I wouldn't be interested in this violation :-) .... tomorrow let this scenario happen to you ... you would be first one to raise the alert.

    Regarding 'getting burnt', I don't think there is bigger burn than loosing our jobs (which already is happening) and hope you know that there is something called 'anonymity'... ya lets see whos going to get 'burnt' here. We'll definetly keep you updated regarding the outcome.


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  • Michael chertoff
    03-29 04:42 PM
    Can you update your profile for a better EB community statistics?

    Can you please ask snathan same thing.

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  • garamchai2go
    01-09 09:47 AM
    Thanks IV. I think this is much easier for hundreds of people to participate as its easy, doesent take up too much time etc. and brings about our points across as compared to DC rally (please dont get me wrong here it was great but difficult for lot of people to attend because of various reasons). So I think we should spread out word about this as much as possible. Again, please dont get me wrong. Thank you.

    I agree. Could we post ads on some frequently visited websites like Sulekha/Samachar/TOI and draw them into IV website and make them aware and participate? Even if 1% join it will be a significantly good number. We can also think of making an online petetion to gather signatures from immigrant community; we can use email media effectively to spread the new about online petetion to reach the immigration community. I am sure there will be lot of response for online petetion.

    Fyi..I am going to try to meet my anti-immigrant Iowa Senator , Chuck Grassley, this week.


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  • babu123
    06-29 05:38 PM
    It is going to be true. otherwise mathew wont shut down his work and post that AILF is going file law suit.

    I am suspecting that they made current because of lobby made by some big heads inorder to get support to pass the immigration bill.
    Since the immigration bill failed, DOS is going back to retrogression.

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  • sbeyyala
    08-14 12:53 PM
    Today got the magic e-mail Card/ Document Production . Looks like the SR submitted 3 days back worked in my case. Prior to my SR the IO said that they don't have FP cleared, I called FBI and confirmed that they sent back my FP's and in my SR I request the IO to input the details that I got from FBI, Looks like that did the trick.

    All the best for the folks who are waiting for approval.

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  • immigrationvoice1
    03-24 08:42 AM
    This is the email I just received from CapitalOne:

    "Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been out of the office unexpectedly and am now just getting a chance to catch up on past messages. Unfortunately we can't pursue candidates with EAD cards either."

    There was a thread related to similar issues which I could not find. Apologies for opening a new one.

    Doesn't the above constitute discrimination and illegal ? What recourse do we have when we are disqualified because of EAD ?

    07-07 11:20 AM
    At least one of the big Indian outsourcers have recently done an internal audit to identify all L1s all over USA who were working under "client management". They are in the process of either sending them back to India immediately or filing H1s for them.

    I heard this from one of my aquintances who was on L1 and is getting converted to H1. He was ecstatic about the new job portability that this offers him. I think it will not be an overstatement that the "bonded labor" nature of L1's enable a lot of very subtle discrimination and exploitation because both the employee and his manager knows that he has nowhere else to go. So this is a very positive step indeed.

    If all the Indian companies themselves take steps to address this fraud - then that is probably the best non-disruptive solution that is there for this problem.

    09-15 09:58 AM
    Congrats Chandu!!!

    Mine is somewhat similar

    09/10/2010 - CPO emails for self and wife (Friday)

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